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Full Version: You get what you pay for with drivers.
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A little funny story here, inexperienced vs experienced.

Driving down the road I saw a big rig hung up on the median by his dolly legs cause he made a wrong turn and hopped the divider. Wasn't mucj holding him there, if only his truck were a little higher.

This is in busy morning rush hour and cops and news are there as this is a busy intersection completely blocked. I looked at this for a minute then approached a cop. He told me they were calling a tow truck and I told him I could have this thing moved in 1 minute if they would permit me, he said please do.

Walked up to the driver and asked how long he's been driving? 6 months he said. It shows I told him. I reached in, lifted the air suspension up and said now back up and don't do stupid shi#t like this again!

When you hear people say you get what you pay for and experienced drivers aren't cheap, cheap drivers aren't experienced..... This story is a prime example!
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