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Full Version: Dyno day Results
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I'm posting this up, if it creates controversy, I'll ask to have it taken down.

After wanting to for quite some time now, I was able to set my truck on the rollers. It's a 2008 389 glider with a CPL 927 isx. Factory rated 600hp. I run this truck everyday from April to at least October usually running 100k plus lbs. it's all stock internals, stock turbo, stock charge air cooler. I do have a Full Tilt manifold on it though, and a 5 inch downpipe off the turbo. These are at the wheel numbers.

Tuning credit goes to Gearhead. Had a cm870 there as well that made 692 hp and a c15 Acert that did 747 that he also tuned. These are to the wheel numbers and have been reliable working in 80k+lb loads.

Those are some impressive numbers, what sort of pyro temps do you see during high torque?
On the Dyno it peaked at 893 degrees post turbo. In the real world, it is sensitive to ambient temps. It will go to 1000+ if you abuse it with a heavy load. At this level though, you seldom use full torque
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