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Full Version: Waste Oil Burner.....its easy.
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After the heat exchanger went out in the Lanair I decided to take matters into my own hands. Heats the shop up nicely and gets rid of the used oil. I welded a shelf on it to redirect the air......and to put your can of soup on it for a hot lunch! You can see the furnace blower in the back.
Man, brother and I were just talking of making something like that. We are tired of carting 5 gallon buckets of oil into town to the disposal. We never gain any ground we take two or three in then change both trucks and have 4 more. Plus winters are cold in OK!
Any more info, about your project you would like to share would be appreciated!
Look up some youtube videos. I did a more primitive unit with a brake drum and rotor. I sealed up the drum so it would hold liquid and welded in a couple of bolts in for "glow plugs" in the center of the drum. I put the brake rotor over the top of it and ran the oil feed to the top running into the center of the rotor along with a metal tube blowing air into the same hole. I would start the fire using diesel fuel and a propane blow torch. When the diesel lit up I turned the blower on and the rotor/drum combo would get red hot soon after I started the oil flow. I had to babysit the unit because the oil flow wasnt consistant......but I didnt heat the oil either and I think that was my problem. Lookup some youtube videos on it because I did get my primitive unit to work pretty well.
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