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Full Version: Updated Fuel Mileage Record-9.1 mpg
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All I did was change the EGR Delta-P and the IMAP sensors. This trip is from Tuscaloosa, AL thru Talladega Mountains on I 20, thru Atlanta with delivery in Dublin, GA. Returning empty (usually the case) against a 10 mph headwind. Speed was not a factor due to all the mountains and hills but I kept it as close to 55 mph as much as I could.

(05-09-2018 )Rawze Wrote: [ -> ]Impressive.

Wish I had an aero truck so I could see those kind of numbers...

Must be the Wide Hood catchin all the air...lmao

Seriously, that's impressive!
Driving and operating like that when I ran tandem step decks is how I saved the money to afford to buy a $350,000 trailer. Keep your eye on the prize, the goal is yours alone and don't let anyone deter you...
i have to ask do yall really drive that slow what is the posted speed limit..if it really work ill slow down i run 65 now in get close to 7mph
(05-10-2018 )lonestar16 Wrote: [ -> ]i have to ask do yall really drive that slow what is the posted speed limit..if it really work ill slow down i run 65 now in get close to 7mph

I drive 58 mph. Keep it at around 1500 unless I'm empty or bobtail then I'll split the top gear. Drop a couple gears climbing loaded and use minimal throttle input. More rpm/less boost.

I just got a new turbo and actuator and a couple of new injectors. I smashed my last record...and it wasn't 'topped off'.

Figuring the fuel burn vs mileage and other factors like fuel at idle/apu use, I got a solid 7.3, half of which was hilly (I-85). This was with a fully loaded tanker, all miles.

Fuel definitely disappeared slower once out of the hills. I would also do better if I were running on a low rolling resistance tire, not my knobby 726's that I have on there now (oops). My truck also has a tendency to put an abnormally high amount of weight on the drives because it's a tanker which exaggerates the rolling resistance issue with those tires. I need a fifth wheel that's even higher than the one I have now to shift weight to the tandems, though I doubt they make them(can't get it any better by sliding the FW or making ride height changes within variance).

I think there's a couple more MPG in it. I'm sure my OEM actuators are getting lazy by now with 746k on them and those tires don't help much, at a minimum.

It definitely works, and I'm not all bent out of shape at the end of the day. I have not seen a road yet where I'm violating any minimum speed limits. I'm in TX right now and still do 58.

...I also turn the cb off unless it's needed, some drivers tend to get a bit crotchety over that...they'll live.

On half my loads, my FSC is covering my total cost of fuel. Can't beat it if Michael Jackson was driving.

...to make things better, a buddy of mine is about to let go of his DD-15 cascadia that makes a stunning 3.5mpg. He wants to trade me drive tires as a favor since he just got some new 710's before he gets another truck with an ISX. Hmmm...
(05-10-2018 )lonestar16 Wrote: [ -> ]i have to ask do yall really drive that slow what is the posted speed limit..if it really work ill slow down i run 65 now in get close to 7mph

Most people don't get the whole "slowing down" thing. They try it for a while and don't really see any gains, so they give it up...because they're doing it wrong!

When you drive faster, you drive with your cruise on, and your jakes on...when you go up a hill, the ECM gives fuel, usually full throttle in an attempt to "maintain" the cruise set speed, then when you crest as fast as you can, you pick up speed and break your threashold quickly and the jakes come on.

Let review, your ECM is just a dumb computer, and it only knows what you tell it. By running with your cruise on, you told it "maintain this speed at all cost" and it tries to do exactly that. It gives full throttle pulling the little grade, hint using energy, aka fuel, then as you crest the grade and roll the downside, you exceed the threashold and the ECM once again tries to "maintain this speed at all costs", hint by absorbing free interta energy and transforming it into heat expelled through the stacks that once it's gone, it's gone.

Now try this on for size, kick the cruise off, use the throttle to hold 20psi of boost and crest the hill at say 10mph slower. Now you've burned less fuel going up the hill!
Now pay attention, cause here's the real advantage, now you can kick the tranny into neutral and coast down the hill and not absorb the heat from compression holding yourself back and roll down the hill for free! Slowing down DOESN'T MEAN NEVER BREAKING 55-60mph, just don't use fuel to break 55-60! And don't use your jakes to hold it back to 55 if you can coast for miles for free, take those free energy miles and laugh all the way to the bank
Now repeat this 100 times or more a day, and that is when you'll start to see the results.
I've let mine roll up to 70-75 in WY many times, and I can usually roll for miles at a time! Hit the bottom of a roll at 75, and have enough momentum to roll right back up another small roller and crest at 35-40, and do it all over again! There is one stretch of I-25 that I can roll in neutral for over 17 miles! From 30-72mph. Here's just a little fun math on that stretch of road...I don't work for less that $10/mile (look at the size of my unit above and don't ask, it's just how it is), so that means I generate over $170 of revenue on an ounce of fuel, about $0.18 worth! That stretch takes me about 22 minutes. So at >$169 for 1/3hr that works out to over $500/hr! If I offered you $500/hr to drive 30mph and watch everybody pass you, would you do it?
It takes me 19 minutes to run that same stretch balls to the wall, and I can assure you it takes one hell of a lot more fuel when your 170,000lbs pulling full throttle. I save about $15 of fuel money at a time penalty of 3 minutes...at 1/3 of an hour, that's $45/hr, do you make that?

Slowing down doesn't mean driving 55mph ALL THE TIME, it means changing your mentality and driving style...so you're not WORKING the motor all the time! Master that, and your Profits will be your Master, not the quantity of miles you run...

Look at it this way, I'm your dispatcher and I have two runs to offer and you get to decide:
1)750 miles/day for 3 days, takes 10.5hrs/day, pays $4/mile, gross revenue $3000.00
2)500 miles/day for 3 days, takes 11hrs/day, pays flat rate of $950/day, gross revenue $2850.00
Which one pays more?
i have a 13 speed would it do any harm running it in 12 to keep my rmp up more or should i keep it in 13 rolling down the road..i dont mind slowing down in i try m keep my boost around 20 going up hill in i dont use the cruse at all never did likethe cruseim all about making the most mone i can in will try what i can to reach that goal..
(05-11-2018 )lonestar16 Wrote: [ -> ]i have a 13 speed would it do any harm running it in 12 to keep my rmp up more or should i keep it in 13 rolling down the road..just a new trying to learn howto make the most money i can

The answer to this question is "It depends"
There are so many factors, tire size, gear ratio, GVW, weather, terrain...
The best answer is to ask yourself, "can you maintain your desired road speed at 15psi or less boost?"
If yes, you're probably in the right gear.
If no, then you're probably not.
Listen to your truck, it will tell you if it's happy or not. They don't talk, they sing and tell stories, you just have to listen...
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