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Full Version: Really cool Tool Box for us anal guys...
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Check out this tool box...


The kid at the dealer had one of these, it was the bomb! The INCREDIBLE Montezuma XL450B 36-Inch Black Portable Toolbox (Weather Resistant)

I just ordered one.

Amazon, big selection here, multiple boxes of varying sizes with reviews...... https://amzn.to/2LfAmrU

I have a two tool chests, but organizing everything is annoying. I don't like to just throw crap in a box, I like to know where everything is... I'm anal, just ask Rawze... Right now, everything is in its own blow case, which is cool, but yet annoying, as those cases take up a ton of room and you have to hunt for them, take them out, etc...

It would be nice to just have everything there like in this chest... And yes, I know Harbor Freight has all sorts of organizer socket racks, etc... BUT, this chest, it ticks off ALL of the boxes. Everything, the commonly used sockets, and the bulk of the wrenches, can go into one spot, totally organized, the rest of the chests can hold the rest. This box solves all of my sleepless nights... LOL!

The kid at the dealer has had this chest for 5 or 6 years, and it still looked like new. Really solid, will sit right on top of a tool chest or cabinet, very small footprint for what it does. The little rods that hold the sockets were still straight in his toolbox, which was really impressive, very solid construction. Same with the wrench holders... Incredibly impressed. So, if you are in the market for a relatively small, but incredibly useable tool box, you really need to look at this box. Would be fantastic on a mobile unit... ;-)

This is what I got for 200 I think home depot. U may get 40 more off if u get their credit card they offer at the register but I'm not into getting one.
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