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Full Version: Magnum LoneStar bumper
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Got my new bumper to replace my deer smashed one. Magnum from the Yoopers in Canada.
SWEET! Looks like a work of art... Don't hit nothing. ;-)
shhhh dont jinx me lol! needs some polishing my dad, one guy at shop, and I put it on in a couple hours and would wrather not repeat the process ;p
Dude, that is why you bought it, or am I wrong? LOL! Seriously, that bumper is gorgeous. Me, I wanted the ugliest beefiest chunk of metal I could get to protect that $100,000 motor under my hood. Just ordered two new tires for the lift axle to support mine, LOL!
lol yeah any other bumper for the lonestar made it look like a monster truck with a huge distance from road to bumper and at 4600 after tax vs 4000 for OEM it was a no brainer.
That is really impressive. I've never seen one on a Lonestar before.
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