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Full Version: When FedEx and UPS are too slow
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Two crates 2000 lb 575 MI. $1550. I'll take it. Except for the fact of alley docking in a spot made for straight trucks. my nose was literally in the parking spot for the straight trucks on the other building on the other side of the alley.
Am I counting black marks correctly? 3 tries and you got it in the dock? With the truck that straight? Pretty impressive. I usually leave the truck at close to a 90 when hitting hard to get at docks.
i think it was more like 6 tries the damn asphalt leans in to the center so when at an angle it kept changing which axle it was turning on and screwing me up till i got pissed and went to back and blew all the air in the bags then i goter in 1 shot damn spread axles.

i had about 6-8ft infront of truck once against dock.
Sharp truck.
all show and no go haha.
(04-01-2019 )Lonestar10 Wrote: [ -> ]all show and no go haha.
So fix it.
(04-01-2019 )Lonestar10 Wrote: [ -> ]all show and no go haha.

Welcome to EPA trucking...
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