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Full Version: My rials and Tribulations
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I Probably should have started one of these along time ago so my story line isnt all over the board all random but we will start here and go from there
I have had 2 trucks during my carrier as a truck driver and as I started to early in my game I have learned and continue to do so daily . Here I will try my best to keep up with the ups and downs I endure throughout my time .
1st truck was a 2010 Kenworth T660 with the CM871 that
I didnt have many problems with this truck from May 2013 till the end of December 2017
when I ended up trading in on my current truck .
Looking back I should have worked and focused more and bought the one before that I found and purchased for a company I started for a local auto auction . But then again every day is a learning curve and hindsight is always 20/20
That truck was a early 2000's model T600 with CM570 and a 13 speed . My Favorite motor since I started driving

after my T660 I traded in on a 2015 Peterbilt 389 with CM2350 550hp 1850 tq & 18 speed & 3.36 rears
bought in December 2017 404k miles
1st year I finished out local work hauling cotton seed from cotton gins 25-75 miles one way to the oil mill in town
Following cotton season I pulled my flatbed OTR all over leased to a small company back home .Flatbed season went through Oct for me and then I was back to cotton harvest in west Texas ,
I had little to no problems at all the first year and into 2018-2019 cotton season
as I went through cotton season I was regulatory working on things as I could between shifts
I did the proper EGR tune up and replaced all the sensors at the end of the season and I had changed the way i was doing the whole business for the better and more profitable ways . my old man said in a funny , well you've really grown up and doing good .thanks old man ! little did I know my most challenging time of my career and life no doubt was yet to come

At point now looking back I should have also replaced my dpf filters in my prep for OTR 2019 in February. but thought with the tune up and and the way the truck was running and my mpg were still decent for what a Square nose truck could be graded on.

I changed my Transmission fluid and typical PM and left February 11th
One week into my season I started having issues with DPF and regen issues . idling up turbo whistling away when i pulled up to the fuel pumps . all the signs I had missed something in my prep to leave the house .I found my self up by Twin City's and was down for my 34hr. and hell it was still cold cold.Thought maybe truck was having a problem since i had absolutely no equipment for being that far north , fuel line heaters ,battery warmers , apu, . I ahd no winter kit of any sort , just my tire chains and some in cab supply smh dumb ass west Texan hahah
I got back down into Kansas while I was trucking down the road i get the red stop right now light and the oh hell feeling when Ole blue shut down with no delay at all .
called around talked to a few people and
Cummins wanted $4800-5800 to replace my filters so instead and possibly more could come one it was in the shop . not something I had the money for and I started getting nervous and thinking the end of the life of my regen system had came faster than expected so i called a guy back home and ended up spending 2600 bucks with him and took the truck home with a count down timer on the dash to debate and had the truck deleted the next day day.
little did I know my life was about to become a living hell from there on out
I left next morning for Fort Worth excited for the way the truck was running and sounded great
I was off to pick up pipe for Rapid City South Dakota
Trying to make some good time and get ahead of a winter blast i made it to salina KS I believe before i shut it down . I woke up to a cold truck and and deadbatterys . the cold had took the last bit of life . I spent my last 350 bucks and made my way to Rapid city.

I sat there in SD for my 34 hr restart and damnit boy was it cold 30 something below zero long story short
I unloaded and reloaded Monday and made my was out of there and
I started gelling up and I mean gelling I mean worst I have ever seen gell.
even with PS additive in my fuel at those temps I was in I dont think it matters .Im sure it helps and I know it did but only after I got about 1200gals worth of treatment in some where around 150 gallons .
lesson learned was
If you ever get a water in fuel code time and time again , LOOK INTO IT SOMETHINGS NOT RIGHT .
leave it to long and it will develop algae and that there causes enough crap and some basic fuel system care is a must ,
also in quick-serve there are some motors listed in there for a part on some 2350 and possibly the 2250's that goes along with the inline on the fuel filter housing on the block called a thermo reticulation valve .
could have helped but the amount of trash in my tanks on the bottom that i couldn't see was the worst problem child that left me and my dog nearly freezing to death that week as we tried to make our way to MI.
Never did I think about the delete having a hand in this but I now feel it did and that i will explain later in the story and why i feel that way .
Theres a lot more eventful story to that week and the trouble I went through and the person i met along the way that helped me out and the blessing and lessons I started to learn.
SO MUCH MORE TO TELL but I hold that maybe for a another day around the camp fire .

i went on all year fighting like I was over seas for my life line as I seen it in my business battle money to stay afloat at the bank and every time I got ahead something else broke.
I went on all year running pretty hard and a lot of miles
and on a trip to WA I crossed into ID on 95 and my truck shut the F off and i mean OFF just as I started down 4th July pass right by Mullen ID where I spent 11 days on the side of the road trying to find the problem in my fuel system .I had found the fuel pump issues of the 2350's and that is when I started got to know what Kind of guy Mr. Hagg and his Family was. He was There for me on the phone and together we figured it out . Rawze was also in the conversations and knew pretty much what the hell we were dealing with but with out a the tools of insite and hands on it took me a little time as I couldn't get a tow had no money again and I once again learned a lot more about my motor and how it worked and just how much I could put my self through. I had to do the fuel system , on the side of the road took a while cause it was hard to get parts but I got it going good after a fuel pump head having a stuck check valve and the Gear pump had 95% spun off the round gear on the shaft not something anyone i had talked to had seen I will add pictures at the end of the story for ref.

will stop there for now and be back soon to finish my story but I have ended up with out a truck now and Thankful for mine and my dogs life and this story is all I have left due to a terrible night in Jan 2020 left me in a accident only to barley getting out with Zeke to Watch it all burn to the ground leaving nothing but liquid aluminum a frame and a cummins block from the flames .
oh yes stay tuned theres alot more
I'm so sorry to hear of this unfortunate situation.
Wow, thank God you both got out.
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