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Full Version: Isx 2350 485hp. Surges has no power
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Hey guys I need help

So it started acting as if the fuel filter was plugged surging when accelerating and cutting off badly.
The turbo kicks in and out on idle.
There is one code that shows but is no help at all. (6263 no lamp description unknown)
More info is needed. Make, model and year of the truck. What have you done so far? Is it demandated (dleted)?
Is 2014 W900
700,000 miles

I haven’t change any sensor because there is no codes.
I did remove exahust pressure sensor to make sure they weren’t plugged
I cleaned the IMAP, replaced the fuel filters and checked the wiring
Open circuit or high voltage detected at the fan control circuit. is what that codes come backs to on quick serve
Now that one makes sense!
A month ago I cut the + wire going to the fan solenoide because the fan would not go off. I fed it with a switch so I could control it.

Like I said I cleaned the sensors and EGR valve I just test drove it and it runs fine but I’m not happy as I really don’t know what was wrong.

I also had force a regen and it was.7 the result the one previous was .6 so I think the DPF is working fine.

I think I need to jailbrake the truck, I used MMM 2.0 for my old cm871 and it worked beautiful
why not just fix the A/C high pressure switch circuit (or whatever else is commanding the fan to be on all the time) instead of butchering up the wiring harness?. Just trying to wrap my head around why someone would cover up a problem instead of properly fix it?
Any input is appreciated thank
Input on what? Fix the wiring, odds are the high pressure switch is bad, replace it too. MM files for the 871 will not work on your truck.
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