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Full Version: Helped forum member 'T800 cm871' the other day ...
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I got this PM message ...

T800 cm871 Wrote:Hi {personal info removed} I have a 2010 Kenworth T 800 it has a Cummins ISXCM 871 engine it came with a 10 speed Eaton and 355 rear ends the story behind this truck is a friend of mine bought this truck about a 2 years ago and anyways it Had a turbo go down probably from driver neglect I am just speculating. He bought a factory remain turbo and new inter cooler and installed them. Then he started the truck and realized the exhaust filter was completely stopped up. FYI truck has 250k (actual) really low miles. So then he had no more money and was going to lose the truck. I had been saving for a long time to buy a newer nicer truck and he said he would take payoff so I bought it. I could not find anywhere locally that seemed to know what they were talking about and then I talked to a guy that had done a lot of transmission repairs for me in the past who seemed helpful. He said they had a guy that could do a remote tune and delete for me and I would be in good shape. Well I am sure you know we’re this is going. Well they started by taking the exhaust filter out and drilling a bunch of 1” holes in it and reinstalling it then they took off the intake pipe going to the egr and put a medal plate to cap that no new gasket

so I replied ...

yup,. you screwed up.... now you have traded emissions issues with engine failure issues.

it takes a moron to only drill a bunch of 1" holes into a dpf can, and the guy who programmed it?-- if he did not know any better either,.. your truck and its engine life is now royally F$$)Ked.




T800 cm871 Wrote:thank you for your response. is what I can see here of my original message all you can see there was a lot more to it and I don’t know we’re it went or if you got it. Is there any way you could give me a call when convenient {phone# removed} thank you very much for your time.


-- - -- Needless to say, I ended up inviting him to come over. He seems to be a really cool person who is not afraid to turn his own wrenches.

So, he gets over here and I look over this (highly suspicious) only 250k original miles?, 10+ years old truck. -- Sure enough, it actually only has about 11k hours on the engine, and only about 250k miles on the truck, nothing beat to death, looks really good. Everything about the truck point to this. -- This guy got very lucky buying a truck that old with only that little bit of run time in it without being lied to. <- very rare these days indeed.


Some completely clueless repair shop butchered his exhaust cans halfway drilling them among other mistakes. - They also put a bad de-mandate file in it (some remote tuning guy out of rexas), who had to try a couple different programs (big red flag) before he got it running.

-- I pulled the program out of it and went over the file, line by line, showing him exactly what was done to the programming, so that he could see for himself what the guy did ...

* First and foremost, the program that was shoved in the engine did not match the engine components at all. He has a mit-tier (smaller injectors) engine CPL2732, and the file they used was for an austriallian truck with totally different engine (wrong injectors, cams, pistons, etc) and external components to the truck (CAC,exhaust piping, everything), the thing ran like crap.

* Next, those foreign-made factory files, they all require the egr to be active, but this file was edited slightly for the egr to be switched off. <- Only problem is that nothing was re-programmed outside of a weak attempt to make the engine close and ignore the egr valve... setting the engine up to destroy itself because the turbo, injection timing, fuel-air-mix, and all the other stuff that needs to happen when removing egr-gas off it,.. none of it was done. - This engine was over-spooling the turbo badly and I told the truck owner that he will be lucky if he does not loose a piston over it in the near future ... that damage could already be done from driving the truck hard and it over-boosting, and over-spooling the turbo.

- This engine would have died an agonizing death of typical bad-delete woes if he had kept driving it this way.


Inspecting the truck, at least they did not yank off the egr cooler, VG turbo, or other components.. at least they did not butcher the hardware up like a bunch of idiots too.

After the inspection of the program, we let the truck cool off and I showed him how to adjust the overhead valves and injectors. - He had never adjusted the valves on a diesel engine before, but learned quickly. He had also corrected (finished completely hollowing out properly) the incomplete, half-arssed job on the exhaust cans just before coming over, so that was done before hand.

His turbo was slobbering a bit of oil, but not enough to say there was a problem. -- ALSO, The crank case filter was not done (ref: http://rawze.com/forums/showthread.php?t...376#pid376 ) at all, and was mostly clogged up. - We corrected this while doing the overhead valve adjustments.

- It also looked like most of the sensors and things on the truck had never been touched too. I told him what to replace and service, suggested several things along the way.

ALSO---- When the correct file for his engine and truck build was installed back into the engine, it immediately started throwing turbo actuator out-of-calibration codes. - Apparently the turbo was worked on and someone did not do a proper turbo calibration on it when installing the actuator. That incorrect butchered-up version of an Aussie file was also masking the turbo problems too. We had to drain the coolant, remove the actuator, and sure enough it was installed one tooth off, was never installed correctly by the people who put it on. - An inspection revealed that the actuator was in really good shape and the turbo too, so we re-installed it and calibrated it the right way.

All in all, this guy I think got lucky. <- He found a truck with actual low miles (even though it was 10+ years old), rare, found this forum, and then got some help before tearing things up. hopefully, that bad program he had in it did not do any real harm but only time will tell.
yestersday, he PM's me again...

T800 cm871 Wrote:1. What were the sensors that you said I needed to replace
2. What kind of plug on the computer is required to hook up to the inline six box.
3. Can you send me a copy of the tune that is on my truck just to save.
4. Is there anything else on the engine that I should be concerned about doing at the 250k mark.

Also what was the website to be able to get service invo from Cummins. Also we’re was it that is can get INSITE for free going to try and get a pc tomorrow. Thanks again

Thanks again so much for your time really did appreciate it.

1). The same sensors (except for the delta-p) as required for an egr-tune-up. The IMAP and Exhaust back-pressure sensors. Also ensure the exhaust bp sensor feed-pipe circuit is not clogged up.

2). ref: http://rawze.com/forums/showthread.php?t...2#pid49432

3). I just sent you a copy of the corrected programming, so that you have it in case your ecm ever gets wiped out, perhaps someday needs replacing in the future, etc.

4). Read my book (top of forum) -- and Here is an updated example maintenance schedule you can print and do for yourself. http://rawze.com/forums/showthread.php?t...0#pid26680 <- I fill one of these out just about every time my truck comes home, before leaving back out.

AND the website .. here is a reference for that too: http://rawze.com/forums/showthread.php?t...7#pid44967
You saved that man a lot of grief and misfortune.

I just can't figure how shops can recommend someone to mess with your engines computer. Haven't they seen the results of 'their recommended tuner" work before!!
Quote:Some completely clueless repair shop butchered his exhaust cans halfway drilling them among other mistakes. - They also put a bad de-mandate file in it (some remote tuning guy out of rexas), who had to try a couple different programs (big red flag) before he got it running.

Probably on McCarty rd Houston tx
these shops don't care they probably want the bad tuning because its a hedged bet for more business as that truck comes back 6 months later for a head, turbo, inframe, out of frame windowed block, and other issues they create.

this is why i trust my shop they will not recommend nor have tuning done in their shop and will tell you that if you want to tune it you are probably going to wind up back spending more than fixing the issues with the emissions. they will work on them after their tuned of course but will not help getting it done. they don't have the expertise for it nor want it. he always says im a mechanic not a computer programmer and i don't want to become one.
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