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Full Version: Loving North Dakota...
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Well, parked the ProStar, took a job back out in the oil fields, Chemoil.com, Dickinson North Dakota... Me and a buddy... Going on our second month... We are hauling diesel to frac sites, so far so good. Money is what they stated, six figures, $46 an hour gross, or roughly $33 an hour NET, for all hours after all of the expenses. And here is the kicker, I only drive and work maybe 7 or 8 hours a night, and it is no stress, just drive the truck, stop and take my break, watch the stars in the night sky, no drama, and no pressure... Fantastic health insurance, brand new equipment (2019-20 Freightliner Coronado day cabs with 500 HP Detroits, mix of 10 and 13 speeds, 3:70 gears), new and newer tankers, plenty of time off, etc. Very happy!

I'm working nights, 1500 to 0300, my buddy works the day shift... We take diesel to frac sites, fill the gravity tank, head back to the Marathon refinery and reload the trailer for the following day, refuel the truck, back to yard, go home. Easy peasy. And they guarantee/pay 12 hours a day, work or no work here in North Dakota.

Great bunch of guys here too, just my speed, very laid back, no drama, no one sticking their nose in your shorts. They train you and cut you loose, you are on your own to a great extent, which I appreciate.

Housing... We found a very nice newer townhome, garage, two bedroom, each with a private bath, 1/2 bath downstairs, huge kitchen, all new appliances, 8 inch thick walls, balcony for my BBQ, real wood flooring, carpet, washer and dryer, just gorgeous, $650 a month each... Reminds me of the place I lived up in Alaska when I was on the pipeline in the 80's, only thing different is the balcony, I had a deck up there. I swear it was the same builder, quality construction, tight and solid, central air and heat, this is not some run of the mill apartment. Dickinson Meadows, look it up, very very nice. We have a western view off the balcony, nothing back there, just open prairie, and it is gorgeous at sunrise and sunset. I'm in HEAVEN!

So glad I parked the truck, I now have a steady and solid paycheck from a solid outfit that has worldwide operations. The health insurance is some of the best I have had in years, BCBS, Cadillac Plan, that covers just about anything and everything you can imagine, low co-pay ($1200 a year), pharmacy, chiropractor, vision and dental... Costs me $20 a week.

The weather here has been fantastic, very little snow, 50's all this next coming week, clean well lit streets, cool neighbors, everything is within 2 miles of the house, work, shopping, restaurants, etc. I have spent $30 for gasoline in the past month and a half, and still have enough in the tank for another week.

I am feeling much better, eating better, aches and pains are going away, on a real schedule, no worries about the truck breaking down or making repairs when I should be relaxing, and making more money than I have since my company out of Canada shut us down.

Good times, praying this job lasts a bit more than normal, but if not, there are plenty of similar paying non oil field jobs up here. This is the oil field, I am not stupid. Got a line on a 5 year DOT construction project that cuts through the Teddy Roosevelt National park. Same pay and benefits, hauling gravel, government work. This ain't my first rodeo, and yes, I put an application in. :-)
Glad to know that you are enjoying it
Life saving change in my book. ;-)
No longer a Owner Op and your driving a Detroit now....... .

Your dead to us Waterloo lol
(03-01-2020 )Brock Wrote: [ -> ]No longer a Owner Op and your driving a Detroit now....... .

Your dead to us Waterloo lol

Hop into a Volvo and really make us ashamed...
Good to hear you are doing well. Sounds like you have found you a nice place/area to work.
Girlfriend in the future, or perhap's already have one?
(03-01-2020 )hhow55 Wrote: [ -> ]Girlfriend in the future, or perhap's already have one?

Girlfriend?!? whatta bout’ boyfriend?
heh go figure the inclusive guy has to have volvo in his name ;p lol
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