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Full Version: Pays off to inspect everything
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One day after sitting over the weekend go to start my cm870 d-mandated truck, little smoke and a fuel smell, and Tach would bounce while coasting down hills out of gear , so i tested all 4 fuel actuators. 2 of the Metering where at 5 thousands, 2 timing where at almost at 9 thousands out. Go to my nearest Stealer ship they had all 4, open up all the boxes to find out that 3 of the 4 had been returned after signs of being installed. Parts Mgr says that since they are electrical parts you can have them, he couldn't get a credit from cummins because of that !!! I only had to pay for 1, and yes these where oem Cummins remans at $655.00 ea. I have had MR Hagg do injectors already while doing an inframe, i am still waiting on the test tool for the leak down test to come in. Thought i would share, always look at your parts carefully before leaving since everything is so $$$$, and some people are just hacking away at their trucks and profits
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