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Full Version: ISX 15 Demandate vs fix.
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Looking for some info on a reputable source for de-mandating my isx or getting it properly fixed. I’ve blown my maintenance fund on a toilet drain of repairs. I’ve seen a couple of names pop up in other threads on who to ask for the mandate. Uni levers was one I believe?

Who to get in contact with. Rough cost estimate if possible. I’ve heard a massive range of numbers thus far.

Been trying to get ahold of Jerry at Haggi, but it seems I am destined to play telephone tag. I have spent a stupid amount trying to fix this emissions system over the years and just recently 11k on new components. Yet still it wants to regen ever 300-600 miles. It’s killing my fuel economy.

There appears to be a coolant leak above the doc or the coolant is coming from the 90 degree pipe above it. Yet I don’t know where the coolant could be coming from. Dozer injector has 150k. EGR cooler has less than 3k. DOC and DPF are also brand new.

If it can be fixed for cheap, then great. I’d rather the source of the issue be solved.

I am willing to do all the hard work should someone provide me the guidance. I am not the most mechanically inclined, but I learn quick. So either a helping hand or where to look for a helping hand is greatly appreciated.

I do not have cumins in-site. But I have do have a usb connector capable of plugging into the trucks computer.
Which motor do you have? 871, 2250, 2350? Year, make, model and mileage would help too.
your post so far is pretty vague. Some details?.. SOme history?.. some fault codes?

Maybe a screen shot of the regen history?

As far as a coolant leak goes.. -- WELL. FIX THE DAMN LEAK!.
Rocks & hard places are a hell of a place to be stuck between. Do I or don't I?

I think any of us that have EGR/DPF/DOC engines have been in the same spot, there are plenty of folks on this site that can help you.

Regarding that coolant leak...There isn't any coolant into your DOC, however that 4" pipe coming out of your DPF crossing over and into your DOC, the pipe where you DEF Doser Injector is located does have coolant and even without seeing it I'd bet it's one of those quick-connect fittings that plug into the DEF valve body. Those fittings are about $30 for both, replace them both. Clamp off both of those coolant lines, pull the fittings off and take them with you, otherwise the parts guy at the dealership could be one of those that doesn't have the foggiest idea what in God's name you're even talking about.

Assuming yours is easier to get to than mine are it shouldn't take you more than an hour or so to fix the coolant leak.

Good luck.
Apologies on what is probably the world's longest delay on a reply.

The truck corrected itself for the remainder of December and today it has permanently derated itself. Upon further research I should have taken that as a bad sign and dove into it, instead I now find myself in the position i am in. I have attached a screen shot from cummins powerspec of both the fault code list (its long) and aftertreatment report.

I do not have a copy of cummins insite. Pointers on where to get a copy are appreciated.

I'm at my wits end here with this. I've done an egr tune up before and it helped, but my suspicion is that whatever caused the previous issues i had and now this, is obviously not fixed and resides somewhere up stream. Be it an injector or sensor. There is no way brand new parts should throw these codes this quickly after being replaced.

I would very much like to junk the emissions system at this point and call it a day.

If Unilevers or another reputable source for de-mandating these trucks can give me the run down on what they need for me to do so, that's the option i think i want to go with.

Too expensive to continue to throw thousands of dollars in parts at this thing.
Contact runningrough here on the forum for a demandate.
How do I search a user to private message?
those fault codes point directly to J1939 communications errors.. Likely some corroded wiring?
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