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Ok guys I have been getting alot of customers through here with exhaust backpressure code faults. What we are finding is the dealerships are selling and installing these aftermarket. Due to the factory ones are on back order and are coming in slowly. The best way to tell is the factory one will have a bar code and part number on the plastic part of sensor. The after market ones are wrote in the brass part. The aftermarket ones only going for about 2 to 3 months before the fail... So far gotten over 8 doing the same thing in the past 2 months...So be careful what we are buying ....
I have seen a lot of failed aftermarket ones recently as well.
To add to the mix I think there are a lot of grey market ones floating around also. Knock offs in cummins packaging. They have the barcode and number on the plastic and also number in the brass.
We been going threw same thing with volvo nox sensors
They will last a couple months at best and we also found they will not take the aftermarkets back for cores either
Anything volvo is back ordered
Cummins parts seems to be in decent supply in this area so If anyone needs some phone numbers for the stealers I mean dealers around here just hit me up.
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