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Full Version: Mx13 demandate tuning
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Anyone here know of someone capable of tuning a mix-13 for demandate? Been searching for a while can’t find anyone.
(07-27-2022 )5cylinder Wrote: [ -> ]Anyone here know of someone capable of tuning a mix-13 for demandate? Been searching for a while can’t find anyone.

If it is a re-labeleld cummins, has a cummins ECM on it (some model paccar engines are) then it can be done properly. The typical suspects like 'running rough', 'Mr. Hag', 'rollinCoal' can likely help you with it .. or as an alternative if someone want to do it themselves, ... they can simply copy the file out of it themselves using the CT sftware and e-mail it to me, where just the the program itself can be done/checked, etc. properly.

If it is not a cummins ecm/engine that was re-labelled as a paccar, but has the paccar or bosch controller on it then no one is going to program that thing even remotely correctly. - FIX the emissions system, tune up the EGR system on the engine, replace sensor, clean out piping, etc.. regularly .. keep after things properly, and avoid the repeated engine failures in its future due to s%it-show garbage de-mandate programming instead.
The MX-13 is a tricky beast (the PX-9 is a grey Cummins). 1: they are good engines, 2: they are expensive and hard to get parts for given todays supply issues, and 3: without dealer software technicians are pretty handicapped.

Modifying any ECM programing is doable but I wouldn't recommend, if the engine in question is an EPA17(2018) you cannot do anything with them. Well you can, but anyone who respects themselves and their customers or just humans in general will refuse to do it. It will cause an engine failure without any doubt. The only way to "demandate" the newer engines is to buy a 2013 ECM, perform a vin match and flash with an EPA13 tune and then modify that one. Expensive, doable, and utterly idiotic.

Your now running a flash for a completely different engine, your engine light will always be on or CEL function is removed completely. This is again because they're different engines, for instance the older engine has 6 Jake solenoids and the newer only has two, you will have open circuit faults on the components that don't exists.
You will have head and heat problems.
Due to the way Davie4 works (PACCAR software) work you can no longer use factory software without ruining the programing as it automatically will reflash the ecm.
The list goes on and on.

The older engines it is doable but rarely has there been a stable or reliable product. On the engines that do have good reliability (despite whatever is going on in the ECM making some semblance of operation) due to the amount of components that still need to work and when taking into account the design and cost of replacement components there's very little benefit to any modifications. So many items are sold as complete assemblies and there still a fair amount of product updates coming making old part obsolete and requiring more be changed or unfitted to work.

I would say your better off to maintain the engine as needed and perform the required preventative item to ensure the engine is running efficiently to help the aftertreatment do its job. There's too many things going wrong everyday with tuned MX13s to be worth risking your livelihood out of frustration for an issue. The only winner is the guy pocketing your money to send you toward engine failure.
We have two demandated Mx 13s, a 2012 and 2013. I do not know who did them as we bought them as they were . After getting my isx 2350 tuned up correctly, it is easy to tell that the mx-13s portray many symptoms of bad programming…high oil and coolant temps, goofy egt temps, less than desirable power. They haven’t given us trouble yet but they are farm trucks that don’t make many miles. I am not even going to bother going on a wild goose chase trying to get them reviewed, no one has the answer, it is what it is they were cheap trucks. The new paccar motors(and Cummins for that matter) run good and reliable in fully mandated form from what I’ve been hearing. It’s all coming down to maintenance.
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