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For those truck owners that have any type of custom(or delete) engine programming...

Being able to copy the program out of your ecm is important. Any time you have custom programming done inside in your trucks computer, it should never be taken lightly. Your truck becomes 100% reliant on the quality of what someone else did, and more than 90% of all custom programming will shorten engine life by half or less.

It can mean the difference in spending $25,000 dollars every 10 years for an inframe/rebuild vs. having to spend this kind of money in half that time or less, and it is nothing to take for granted or make any assumptions on at all, even if the truck "seems to run fine". These engines are more than capable of eating their own guts out all while the typical truck owner swears it runs smooth, and that there seems to be nothing wrong, and it has nothing to do with any added power/torque.

Custom programming means that your whole business becomes reliant on it. Having a backup of that program is also extremely important. Anyone who would program a vehicle that contains a rather expensive $40,000 commercial engine in it with a custom program should offer freely and openly a copy of what they did to your equipment, plain and simple, but if you ask the bulk of anyone who does this stuffs, they would get mad at you for even asking. This is because the the bulk of the people who do this stuffs are mostly nothing but crooks who do not want you to find out that what they sold you is nothing but 'jail-break' garbage that is not worth putting in a lawn mower, nonetheless a commercial engine.!.

Unfortunately, since most people do not do nearly enough research before jumping onto the whole "custom tuning/delete" scene,.. they, in the end find themselves caught up into the nightmare of it all after finding my website. At first, they always assume that they had done something good, but in fact, what they had really done was trade DPF issues away a bit in exchange for repeating engine failures every so few years or so (depending on how hard the truck is worked) that are far more expensive by the time a few more years go by.

IT IS ABSOLUTELY PARAMOUNT that truck owners have 100% control of this situation. Not only should they have a backup of any custom programming that their business model now relies on.. in case the ecm ever dies, etc. ... but simply so that they can have a comprehensive review done to ensure there is absolutely nothing in that program that is going to shorten engine life.

Backing up the program in your ecm cannot be done using the Insite engine software. The software needed is called 'Calterm', and that software is NOT available from the engine maker for sale to anyone. It has to be obtained by any given nefarious means off the interwebs.
I am not about to get into detail on how to obtain that software but is definitely can be had for free if someone looks in the right places for it.

In the mean time, here are a couple of instruction files that came up in a search, as sort of how-to's that I have found on the web that show how to get the program copied out of your ecm yourself once you have the Calterm software, so I though I would share them...

(I am by no means, endorsing this website, it only is what came up in a search)...



and for restoring the program..



Once someone has a copy of their engine programming, they can always e-mail it to me for a proper review of what someone did in there... good, bad, or down right ugly. I stay unbiased about it, as there is no incentive for me to tell someone that a program is harmful or bad .. as I do everything for free any ways. I just try to provide a direct look into the health of what someone has done and what its outcomes will be. sure enough though, more than 90% of everything I review every year really is quite bad, as most people who do this stuffs have no clue how a modern diesel engine (or the engine computer itself) actually works. It is a sad state of affairs indeed.

Programs should be sent to 'Rawze' '@' 'protonmail.com' where someone should also PM me and let me know they have sent me a program for review, etc.

I can also translate someone's program into plain English if and send it back to them if they want me to, so that they can see/study it/check for themselves, what is in there or what someone has done. I use software that I wrote myself to do this. ref: http://rawze.com/forums/showthread.php?t...9#pid72359


There are also a few forum members who help others get the program copied form their ecm's. these people, in no specific order, would include ...

forum members 'Bengy88', 'running rough', 'Mr. Hag', or perhaps 'rollinCoal'.
^------ This is awesome info...thank you for the write up!
Anyone need help with it hit me up
Is your mailbox still full ?? Lol
^----- This - 100% lol
“Running rough” took care of me per Rawse’s recommendation (cm870). I’m very thankful!
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