<amermextrucker> Fuel pump head removed posted pics and videos
<tree98> 55 gallon drums of Rotella are back in stock at some Sam's club's
<fast69mopar> Calterm
<Disnyder> b6.7 turbo diesel
<Agentspd> is there documentation on the various high pressure fuel pumps and thier recommended service intervals?
<tree98> They are all the same as far as rebuild intervals go. Every 400K miles or 8,000 hours
<Hennessy> at what poin can i stat using the "want to sell" forum. Need to get rid of an ECM
<Rawze> just post whast ur selling into another area and I will move it into the seller area.
<tree98> Are all the newest incals available for free on quickserve?
<Rawze> they have always been free: https://www.cummins.com/parts-and-servic...ices/incal
<boondocker> fault 4156
<tree98> Can those be repacked and used with 8.5 ?
<dericson> Block cutting
<dericson> Sorry, how do I make a post? New member
<tree98> Choose the section you want to post in and hit the "new topic" tab on the right hand side.
<Konstantin> retrofitting cm2350
<pearce trucking> Should there be oil between the compressor and the power steering pump when you remove the power steering pump? Also, when removing the front gear cover, is the oil pump mounted to the block or the gear cover?
<S_Premo06> 477
<Lozt> If someone could recommend a tax professional in FL, I would greatly appreciate it. I keep records of everything, but I do not understand the nuance beyond EZ
<Lozt> PM please! Thanks. Trying to simply my life for next year.
<Rawze> maybe this helps: http://rawze.com/forums/showthread.php?t...99#pid1699
<cubfan77066> Tim’s
<D DUBBS> Cummins ISM PID 166. Engine knocking ans blk smoke anything helps tia
<S_Premo06> cm871 exhaust back pressure
<Moonlit> Cm870
<MRETRANS> Okay please help bear in mind I just went through a rebuild rebuilding I replace the ECM I replace the body control module however they ended up leaving the hood and the windows open for a couple of months and got bad exposure
<MRETRANS>   I got a problem now 2010 international ProStar eagle. This is the same one we discussed in earlier emails and I have followed those previous procedures.   I have cleaned all the battery grounds even the grounds to the chassis and to the firewall of the cab.
<MRETRANS> I think the problem is in the fuse box. I have replaced all of the relays and all of the fuses once again done this several times in the past.    I do not have cruise control, and they cannot activate engine breaks, and AC compressor clutch won’t spin as well as windshield wipers won’t actually no power to the AC clutch
<MRETRANS> used the alternator to fill it so I know the clutch is working.
<MRETRANS> The truck was left at the mechanic with the Hood open and the windows open for a couple of months until I found out.    So this all has to be a common issue or a common situation linked together??
<Mrt800> Horse power
<tree98> I watched "2000 mules" last night, it shows exactly how they stole the election. Everyone needs to see that!!
<Rawze> i am not into polotics but this is worth the watch: https://www.bitchute.com/video/TizNoVq1qcwb/
<Mrkentee> Got 4 gallons of Super Tech 80/90 at walmart.com free shipping
<Scuderia> Gearhead
<Konstantin> excess cam wear
<Rawze> excess cam wear is almost always caused by neglect and/or not changing the crank case filter often enough.
<Rawze> excess can wear is also caused by some moron who uses bypass oil filtration + synthetic, and never changes their oil often enough.
<Konstantin> Thanks!!!
<S_Premo06> delayed shutdown
<S_Premo06> run on
<tree98> usually a leaky metering actuator if you have a cm870/871
<Rawze> causes of delayed enigne shutdown ref: http://rawze.com/forums/showthread.php?t...4#pid55244
<Streachy> X15 starts then stalls
<Streachy> X15 starts then stalls
<Rawze> Maybe intake throttle device butterfly is closed?.. or it is loosing fuel pressure?
<tree98> Local gas station in ohio ran out of gas yesterday, when fuel delivery guy showed up he said it's starting to happen everywhere
<Sandman_69> I want to nerd out on some oil/oil filter threads, but im having trouble finding any threads with good discussions
<Rawze> maybe this helps: http://rawze.com/forums/showthread.php?t...617#pid617
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