<smorgan87> All together.
<smorgan87> All plumbed up and done. Headed to see how she pulls 85k.
<djh86> cm870 motor sometimes boosting correcly but most times under 200kpa and very hard on fuel, and doesnt pull very well.
<Rawze> 870's will only boost to 29-32 psi when there is a derate. Find out what the derate is. Is it de-mandated?
<marek4792> Under silent derate my cm870 would spike to 30ish psi but only sustain 20ish psi
<freddy> @Cummings a part
<freddy> @Cummings a part I feel the same my Jake feels weak compared the cm870 that I used to have
<freddy> Thanks Rawze for the quick response hope to meet you in person someday have a good one.
<Streachy> Boost is 5lbs low on my buddies 870. Any thoughts
<Streachy> Other than the obvious
<Volveezy70005> 07 Cummins isx 400 has very minor oil leak from blow-by tube any suggestions??? What might be causing it??
<Rawze> when is the last time the crank case filter was replaced?
<Volveezy70005> I've looked everywhere and I don't think this motor came equipped with a crankcase filter for that year?? Is the 400 isx Cummins 8520 cpl
<Rawze> If it has a DPF filter then it has a crank case filter. -- https://youtu.be/ee5rBXa8nzQ
<Volveezy70005> https://youtu.be/iX9lY0EHXQ0 heres my actual truck made a video.. truck year does not have neither dpf or def
<smorgan87> Is there a way to turn off the beep when interaxle is locked on a prostar
<shadowhunter> clyinder performance test on incite im getting 345 cly failed then pass a few seconds latter, it a isx 871 any ideas, a little miss at load
<Rawze> do an injector leak test ... https://youtu.be/Wu_WN8BA-LA
<Chamberpains> Volveezy your looking @ a cm870. There is no crank case filter. The breather tube vents straight to atmosphere. Pull the tube and clean maybe replace. No big deal.
<recap483> cummins insite
<gemarsim> regen
<Volveezy70005> Thanks much Chamberpains
<Pete1990> How long should a regen take? I'm looking at buying a truck but the regen time was about 78 mins...
<Rawze> a CM871 takes exactly 40 minutes when it is a healthy system.
<marek4792> Anyone have a picture of a metering actuator "set screw"
<seldomseen> Cummins recalls 500k emission engines LOL
<Natekayla> Is a blow by filter the same as a crank case filter? Was told it’s a good idea to run a blow by filter is it another system ?
<Rawze> Stop listening to Bullshit!. A blo-by filter is an EU regulation. Does nothing for the engine except to shorten turbocharger lifespan. Cummins makes a bypass for them... http://rawze.com/forums/showthread.php?t...50#pid8950
<Natekayla> Thanks rawze
<Steen> Hello everyone. I have Isx 425 and on 1500rmp my oil pressure is 30~32psi at 210f no lucas or gear lube any advice thank u
<Volveezy70005> Whats a good site to buy oem semi truck parts such as a driveshaft?
<smorgan87> I personally would have a drive shaft built at a good machine shop thwt does drivelines.
<smorgan87> Anybody got a link where i can order proride setup for this prostar. Southern us
<Chamberpains> Vovleezy, If you in the MD area, Fleetpride Hagerstown or Frederick reman drive shafts. Descent price quick turnaround time
<Rawze> I only ever been to 2 driveline shops. Atlanta driveline(GA), who was totally dissapointing no-give-a-damn arsseholes, and with Chatanooga driveline(TN) who were very good and had OEM Dana driveshafts for my prostar sitting on the shelf. I will drive the 3 hours to chatt next time I need driveline components.
<Chamberpains> Harrisburg PA is definitely a no go sh#t show when it comes to driveline repair and replacement.
<slowpoke> is it fine to use 80/90 gear oil in rears, non synthetic
<smorgan87> If u use non synthetic u gotta change it more frequent.
<smorgan87> I would also use a bit heavier in my truck but my truck sees heavier service than the avg otr truck.
<slowpoke> i'm going to change every year now, thanks for getting back to me
<Diablo386> I need help, do I need to make a thread about my truck not getting boost PSI. Or can I explain it on here?
<marek4792> Pulled air compressor found collapsed braided coolant line, overheating issue smoking gun?
<smorgan87> Diablo, start a thread.
<Chamberpains> Marek4792 was your coolant line collapsed or just pinched from being misinstalled?
<marek4792> Just collapsed not pinched
<izmail0513> Volvo
<Volveezy70005> I want nice chrome bumper and custom grill for my 2007 Volvo day cab what site offers ?
<Ragindirt> Spend you money on a deer thumper, looks and serves a purpose
<maximum> Kendall
<Ragindirt> Lol Kendall crib bumper???
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