<jared1751> 2016 isx
<PinneyKW> Mack
<Mrkentee> EGR gas video.......very helpful and informative.
<Rawze> thanks
<hypoxia> download service manual
<JCTL Jamie> 05 Cummins ISX Today I found oil in my coolant no coolant in my oil I changed the oil cooler a couple weeks back I have read that the EGR cooler would be the cause any thoughts
<Rawze> oil does not flow thru the egr cooler. can get into coolant at oil cooler, oil cooler housing, turbo, head, or possibly tranny.
<Rawze> if ya can't find it, check the tranny.. after that, pressurize the coolant system over night 20-psi w the engine cover and oil pan off it... find the leak that way.
<amermextrucker> how do i disable smart torque and rev limiter in insite>
<Rawze> rev limiter = turn off gear-down protection. Smart torque cannot be turned off in Insite. Program needs to be edited for that.
<amermextrucker> Program can be edited with a tune ?
<Rawze> yup
<amermextrucker> Thx
<Yauchout> Have a friend with an 871 gets burned a valve for the second time keep trying to tell him it's it's probably his tune but he won't listen
<Yauchout> He just had the motor build 8 months ago burnt valve again same hole he didn't do injectors and harness on the last rebuild
<tree98> Sounds like he's a glutton for punishment, what does he think the problem is?
<stevegrutz> how do i get ahold of someone in canadaland, i have questions about this mm2 please. private messages to a couple members don't seem to be working
<barf> I'm in WPG. I'm no guru about MM2 but run it in my CM871
<Rawze> maybe contact 'mommaburt',' mr.hag', or 'running rough'.
<Yauchout> his tuner told him its a problem in the cylinder and to put a new pack in that hole but i dont see that solving a burnt valve issue
<Rawze> only time you get broken, dropped, or burnt valve is someone's bad delete or head was slap worn out from million miles of use.
<Rawze> head worn out can be checked... http://rawze.com/forums/showthread.php?t...66#pid9466
<Rawze> 'his tuner' = red flag ... person needs their program checked likely too: http://rawze.com/forums/showthread.php?t...2#pid55312
<Koren> Charge air cooler
<Koren> Charge air cooler wash
<smorgan87> Well, my tranny let go yesterday.
<smorgan87> Got lucky and managed to make it to a friends shop to swap em.
<hhow55> All hurricanes are liberals. They always spin to the left. Their sole source of power is simply hot air. They leave a mess everywhere they go, and the rest of us always have to clean up after them. Sane people leave when one approaches. They cannot decide if they are male or female. They wander around with no real direction.
<Yauchout> You got better luck than I do my input shaft broke in January she had to be towed
<barf> hhow55 - I wish I could press a 'like' button
<hhow55> Michigan Supreme Court Strikes Down COVID Orders, Attorney Says 'Burn Your Masks'
<hhow55> Mr Waterloo, If you haven't already, it's ok to burn your mask
<hhow55> Mandatory masks, corrruption, waste, and money for illegal aliens, ridiculous salaries for bureaucrats and politicians, unlimited public corruption without any prosecutions, voter fraud, activist judges who discard the law… The Democrats want power without you back-talking or questioning them!
<Waterloo> What mask?
<Hedley> I remember when they use to burn bras
<Rawze> RE: "Best model year for a used ISX truck" <<-- anythign with a CM871 in it.. but the truck needs to match the application too.
<skydog> Thanks Rawze
<hhow55> Searching Rawze's amazon page, i dont see a good flashlight. Any suggestion's?
<Yauchout> I'm not sure what rawze would suggest but I have this it's rechargeable https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07FDM9GC2/ref...IFbNP69KM5
<smorgan87> I like streamlights. Kinda pricy but damn good lights with an unbeatable warranty.
<smorgan87> stinger LED or the compact Strion LED both offered in a standard or High Lumen. Both rechargable
<hhow55> thanks for flashlight tcommendations
<marek4792> Buddy's x15 dusted and overhauled under warranty oring for air compressor intake at turbo failed..
<Waterloo> Flashlight, get a NEBO, the darn things will light up your world. I bought two at FleetPride, not cheap, but they do the job
<Waterloo> I had a rechargeable Stinger, paid near $200 for it, it lasted a year, and they denied the warranty. Would not recommend
<Yauchout> Anyone know of a good place to get a fan for a carrier reefer
<smorgan87> Carrier dealer?
<Yauchout> It's a week away and I'm only changing it because the fans warped and rubs on the belt thought maybe I could find one cheaper
<Carlitoes17> What’s up everyone I was having a bit of a problem with an isb. The check engine light came on and it turned out to be the output box sensor replaced it cleared code and ran a regen. Towards the end of the regen the ppms dropped to 9 and check engine light came on. Anyone know what could be the cause of the ppms dropping like that?
<Carlitoes17> Nox
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