<Evotrucker> How many gallons would one to properly paint the entire frame rail?
<Lonestar10> 1 gallon of paint should be more than enough for frame rails and have some left over.
<Evotrucker> good cuz 1 gal of it is $100 + lol
<Lonestar10> not horrible i think it was something like 175-200bucks per gallon for the jet black paint i bought for my 67.
<Evotrucker> Lonestar how would you apply it? with a brush or a paint gun? im sure i could do a better job of controlling how much i use vs a brush.
<Lonestar10> Paint gun cheap kit from somewhere like harbor freight for 30 or 40 bucks
<Mrkentee> Why is that Sta-lube so expensive? $30 a gallon!
<marek4792> Getting water diluted fuel from a major truck stop sucks major balls
<Diablo386> Hey guys. I have a 09 PETE 386. Just had an overhaul done on it and oil PSI is at 33 running. 25 at idle. Isn’t 33 a little low?
<Diablo386> Running FG filters.
<Lonestar10> Should be at 38ish at high idle 25 at idle sounds ok my 871 is 20-22 idle
<Diablo386> That’s what I was reading before. Oil pump I bought didn’t come with shims. Per Cummins it did not need shims due to it being a new style.
<Waterloo> At idle on my fresh in frame, Rawze in frame, mid 20's at idle, solid 40+ going down the road.
<Waterloo> I did not use the dimes in the oil pump, left it stock.
<Waterloo> Something not right.
<Mario664> 06 9400i isx cm870 parameters someone please
<atalialogistics> Leaf springs
<Diablo386> Truck runs solid. Did not do the dimes as well. Going to change oil at 5k and see what happens then. I’m going to be switching to Donaldson LF.
<Diablo386> Truck runs solid. Did not do the dimes as well. Going to change oil at 5k and see what happens then. I’m going to be switching to Donaldson LF.
<Swaid25> how can you tell if an ecm is going bad
<tree98> zez auto ironsled
<Swaid25> anyone in the Houston area that can help with insite
<Jmluke1> Olden diesel performance
<Waterloo> ECM going bad, how to test? Hit it with a hammer. Engine shuts down, it is time to replace.
<Waterloo> Normally good for 800,000 miles or there about, mine went 988,000, but was toast long before that.
<Waterloo> If you are over or around 800,000 miles, I would replace. Mine was robbing me of fuel, lots of fuel. REPLACE
<tree98> Hit it hard enough with hammer, you'll HAVE to replace lol
<smorgan87> Just hit the block real hard and get a complete motor.
<flatbed94kid> Anybody know if radiator stop leak is good?
<flatbed94kid> Also I see some crank dampeners painted gold. Why not just red paint. Does it really matter color?
<Rawze> radiator stop leak in wet liner engine = destroyed engine.
<ChicagoDiesel> {name deleted} any good at tunning ecms? no one else wants to touch my d12
<Rawze> garbage tuning!
<dhirocz> Stop leak is a no go!
<marek4792> So pisspoor apparently made a "fuel catalyst" in a jug. Stinks of snake oil..
<marek4792> I bet the benefits are "pisspoor" hahaha
<Papi4u> software
<Rawze> this is not a software trading forum. there are plenty of other sites for that kind of stuff.
<fishermen13> i have freon leaking from the back passenger side whats causing that
<fishermen13> i also have a king thermo apu
<smorgan87> Could be an evap with a hole in it. Could be an oring at the connection. Could be a hole in the rubber hose
<flatbed94kid> they also make like a dye coloring that some use, they put it in then use a special light for it to show the leak
<TruckerFamily2> RigMaster Power APU no compression
<marek4792> Get a Tripac much better unit all around.
<Cheddar> Anybody heard from Unilevers? Been trying to get in touch for a week.
<walterk> can someone point me to the article about new diesel engine compbustion theory please - I lost it and can't find it
<Rawze> http://rawze.com/forums/showthread.php?tid=1823
<Diablo386> Question guys, I have a 871, is there an oring on a pickup tube on oil pump?
<Rawze> yes there is. you should cover it in vasoline when installing it too.
<Diablo386> Got my engine rebuilt and oil pressure is at 30-35 running and 25 at idle at 700 rpms. Going to do the oil change soon and I’m going to replace that O-ring. Maybe mechanic didn’t replace it.
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