<smorgan87> Hey hhow. U do know this aint a political forum right? We work on trucks here.
<hhow55> Mr smorgan u know this is the gossip box don’t you?
<smorgan87> Gossip about trucks. I dont disagree with what ur saying. It just gets old.
<Nilao> I'm getting old...and tired of all this whinning...lol
<Channo> Cm870
<cummins379> 07 isx cummins rough idle after getting fuel
<flatbed94kid> Happy Valentine’s Day, love to Rawze and the other family!
<Barrte> New member just saying Hi, and glad to be part of the board!!!!!
<BeardedMechanic> a injector spill #3 valve code? Can I clean injector #3 with basic tools and work area?
<BeardedMechanic> cummins379- Could be bad fuel or gelled, check fuel filters for any signs of issue
<Unilevers> no
<Unilevers> spill valves are internal to the injector and you must replace the injector
<BeardedMechanic> thank You
<Roteck> coolant in fuel water separator
<Yauchout> could be tank heaters if you have them
<LLT> Day lights
<hhow55> Bernie or none of the democrats will carry 10 states against Trump. KAG!
<hhow55> God used Bernie to destroy Hillary in 2016. Now he is using Bernie to destroy the democrat party.
<hhow55> Can't wait for their disintegration! Been a long time comin'......
<hhow55> Best gossip box, BY FAR!!!! LOL
<Rawze> https://youtu.be/hBy94aW8FnY
<Chamberpains> Spot on Rawze. There should be a channel on the tube that is just called Facts. Not news. Just what the hell happened.
<Ironsled> big shout out to every one long time no talk hope every one is have a great day and first coupole months of 2020 . big wave from texas
<Haulingrass> Tuning isx15 to factory
<Waterloo> Fran Lebowitz, speaking truth... https://youtu.be/hBy94aW8FnY Good find Rawze!
<Waterloo> Fran Lebotiz is going to vote for Trump
<JGServices> injector cups
<tree98> Actually Waterloo she is Very anti Trump. https://www.theguardian.com/culture/2018...nald-trump
<Waterloo> Si am sure she is, but sounds very conservative.
<tree98> Yeah fooled me too
<Shokar92> mpg
<Mrkentee> Checking back on old Oil reports. Started getting zero ferrous when I began using the gear oil again. Actually all wear metals.
<Ironhead> I like the gear oil over Lucas seems to do the same and is way cheapee
<Mrkentee> Can coolant get in oil through air compressor?
<tree98> it's possible but not likely
<Mrkentee> New air compressor or reman?
<smorgan87> Depends on price difference
<Evotrucker> Just replaced my ac compressor how many cans of ac does a cm870 need? Its for a Volvo vnl670
<Brock> Finally got my Pete running!! Been a long time in the works....
<Baldmann81> Huge shout out to Mr. Hagg on the great work. Thank you sir!
<tree98> Evo there should be a sticker under the hood somewhere that tells you how much refrigerant it takes, if it's worn off you'll have to call the stealer.
<marek4792> 3.75lbs if I'm not mistaken.
<Kenworth t660> Cm2350
<Palensky24x> De mandate
<Register> what do I need to connect to ECM on 2014 ISX15. Tired of repair shops.
<Evotrucker> Yeah you are right 3.75 marek, a Volvo tech told me in a previous convo I had with him. Boy does it feel good to have good cold ac
<Rawze> Register, you need an inline adapter and a laptop. Adapetr can be had for about $300 or so off e-bay/chineese inline-6 adapter.
<smorgan87> Any online stores that have prostar ac components that dont charge an arm and a leg and first born?
<smorgan87> But have quality parts***
<Chamberpains> Waterloo has recommended this site a lot https://truckerac.com/
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