<Mbacon51> Thanks again
<flatbed94kid> idling cold weather
<SotoLogisticsLLC> Can the Magic plug sensor cause my engine fan to run continuously?
<SotoLogisticsLLC> My engine light and fan came on at the same time
<SotoLogisticsLLC> I unplugged the Magic plug, but my fan keeps running
<Rawze> I would not hink the engine fan is associated with the 'magic plug'. Seen lots of guys unbplug it and engine fan did not come on.
<SotoLogisticsLLC> I pulled the Magic plug because the light was reading height temp intake manifold
<SotoLogisticsLLC> Plus egr differential pressure, the light was blinking red to stop
<SotoLogisticsLLC> But the engine fan came on at the exact same time as the lights, so it must have been a coincidence?
<Rawze> http://rawze.com/forums/showthread.php?t...51#pid1751
<SotoLogisticsLLC> Thanks, I'll be doing a full egr tune up tomorrow!!
<Slavic S> Is anyone familiar with problem that coolant is in water/fuel separator?
<Slavic S> Cm 2350. Some coolant on the bottom of the bowl.
<Slavic S> Liquid color is red. I think its coolant... Suggestions?
<smorgan87> Is it a heated separator? If it is thats the only place i know of where coolant would contact ur fuel.
<Slavic S> it is heated by electric coil with switch in cab, no coolant line to the bowl.
<SotoLogisticsLLC> I was very impressed with my egr system after 650k miles, very little spot, easy clean!
<snailexpress> Slavic what is the brand water separator
<Slavic S> Its the one that I see trough with filter cartridge changeble.
<snailexpress> Could be rusty water from fuel supplier tank
<multitask> Hey guys do you recommend blowing out dirty air filters using pneumatic air? Even though Donaldson doesn’t recommend. I’m off road a lot so filters get dirty quick and don’t want to replace them too often
<multitask> smorgan87 thanks for the reply earlier
<Rawze> pack some grease in inside the pipe past the turbo.... see how much dirt accumlates on it after doing it a couple times.
<Rawze> most likely you will stop and buy new instead.
<Rawze> some of the concrete guys around here put damp towels over their air cans and wash em out daily. Makes the filters last longer.
<sstrong1> I’m thinking of heading to the oil fields with my 2013 Volvo. Can anyone tell me about this kind of work and the rates. Thank you
<multitask> Rawzeeee thanks for the info! I’ll stick to changing them every second service interval ????????
<smorgan87> Get ya a washable prefilter.
<multitask> Yeah got one on the Freightliner it’s awesome, but on the western stars Donaldson/fleet gaurd don’t have any inner filters to suit
<smorgan87> Should he able to find a slip over pre filter online somewhere
<dhirocz> Double up some pantyhose. Works for me.
<Bialy88> Oil pressurre incre
<Bialy88> Oil pressurre increase
<Bryanluster1> What kind of gear lube does rawze add to motor oil? Anything with Gl5 in it or specific brand? Willing to try
<Grizzly> Bryan my .02 worth. I've tried different ones, but I still get best results out of STP 85/140 for mine
<Beaver> Tried climbing a hill at 10lbs of boost today 8mph wtf
<Beaver> My 2013 isx idles at 5lbs of boost
<smorgan87> Snds like ur truck derated
<Beaver> Nothing in the ecm. Only 10k on rebuild
<tree98> parking brake on?? LOL
<smorgan87> Bad turbo? Really had charge air leak? Is ur throttle posotion sensor reading properly?
<Vlad> Coolent leak
<castillon11011> Any threads on isx fault code 559
<Jabaltazar> Injector
<KDub9> Shim oil pump results
<Goldlocks> Hi what would be the best truck for 1st time buyers hauling regular fright from ny to ohio
<Rawze> very competitive low-rent market like that .. prostar, t700, or ascadia w ISX, 3.79's, 3.90's certianly nothing taller than 3.55's
<Rawze> fuel mileage +aero as possible + low roll resistance + good gearing instead of more hp is everything in that market.
<Rawze> a good buisness strategy would be to be able to compete with guys like myself in that market.
<sstrong1> Been waiting since 7 for the Guy at Prices to come in.
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