<smorgan87> Thanks rawze
<SotoLogisticsLLC> Thanks smorgan87!
<smorgan87> Yw soto. Ive been needing to call them myself. I was buying fuel from mom n pops when i ran local but its not an option now.
<navjitsandhu> Hello
<navjitsandhu> Somebody please help , I got my international Prostar with cummins isx washed last night and now when I started the truck my coolant temperature gauge is not working and it shows an error temperature on display keeps showing coolant temperature at 0
<snailexpress> Check coolant temperature sensor plug first
<smorgan87> Prolly got some water on the sensor plug. Disconject, clean, thin coqt of dielectric grease and back on
<smorgan87> Any of u prostar guys ever had ur dome lights randomly come on? Open the door and close it they go off and stay off.
<smorgan87> Who was it that had condensate in their oil fill tube? This 2350 i just bought has the same issue
<Waterloo> Got me a new mattress for the truck... Minimizer, "organic" latex... You can eat it. ;-)
<smorgan87> sales guy gave me a new fleet rite foam one when i bought this truck but it was a top bunk size Sad
<Waterloo> This thing is heavy, around 80 lbs, 10" thick... Can't wait to try it out.
<smorgan87> Nice
<harry26> Code 3258
<harry26> Code 3258 and 3712
<multitask> Hi, CM871 does anyone know the oil consumption rate? Cheers
<alborz> blog
<Jmac0586> Cm570
<Jmac0586> Cm570
<Jmac0586> Cm570
<snailexpress> Happy Beerday
<Jmac0586> Cm570
<terrycrockett> ISM 11
<Makmak> Smorgan87 it sounds like you have ghost in your Prostar...if it was me I would perform an exorcism. Just having fun with ya
<smorgan87> Lol.
<Beaver> So on a cm2250, is the egr valve open or closed at idle? What about with the idle up a little?
<smorgan87> From my understanding tye egr valve should he closed if engine isnt under load
<Rawze> you can monitor it in insite i think.
<TBEV> Anyone know what type of coolant to run in a 2008 Pete isx15? Just bought ony has water in it
<Beaver> Don't have insight unfortunately. Anyone that has it, can you check and confirm??
<Unilevers> it is open at idle
<smorgan87> Uni, whats the purpose in open egr at idle????
<SotoLogisticsLLC> Does anyone have any clue as to why 1 steer tire would be badly warped??
<SotoLogisticsLLC> I took my truck in to balance my steers, he said the other side was just fine
<Unilevers> engines are rated 30g nox or less per hour at idle. Only way they reach that is by to run heavy EGR and heavy urea injection. Its the EPA limits put on engine manufacturers.
<Unilevers> certified clean idle!
<Diablo386> Question guys, I have a cm871. The top of the actuator where it says Holset around that circle where the two screws are is leaking coolant when truck is up to temp. Is actuator bad?
<Beaver> Uni- thanks! Sometimes I have to idle and was just curious. I'll up the idle to help burn off as much as possible.
<Jmac0586> Updated camshaft
<Steen> Does anyone have an idea, why my fan wont turn on sometimes on idle when outside is 34f below (doesnt do it all the time fan clutch is oem brand new
<Steen> It turns on when coolant temp go to 210f
<ETITRANSPORT> Need help wish 2350 wants regen every 200 miles
<Chamberpains> Steen, your fan may not need to cycle cuz it's that cold outside. but it also could be a sign that your air conditioning refrigerant is low.
<Steen> Thank you Chamber
<Steen> How can pull out ecm files , so i can send em for proper tuning/calibration? Thanks
<Magard> Thanks for all you do Rawze.... I was just thinking about all the people this sight helps.
<flatbed94kid> sup
<rtayl328> When it doubt.... Drive it to Rawze's house for repair!
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