<awcio87> Any suggestions???
<Lonestar10> Could be expansion valves one might be fuggered and it creates enough flow when driving to work but not at idle
<SquareOne> Weak compressor? What’s the mileage on it?
<SquareOne> Nvmd blows cold in rear
<SquareOne> I’m with lonestar
<Trucker Gene> Air leaks
<dusty> Does anyone know about code 973-2012 Kw 900L 870
<01377al> How to protect nuts and bolts from rust
<Lonestar10> Paint or always lubed. Can use antisieze to keep from getting stuck.
<smorgan87> Damn Recaps! Oughta be outlawed. New recaps on this trailer when i picked it up. 2nd blowout in under 30k miles.
<Khalid4747> What you guys think about turbo rebuild kits
<Rawze> rebuilding a turbo on a commercial vehicle is a no-go unless you have a $25,000 impeller balancer in your back pocket. the impellers turn up to 140,000 rpm.
<Rawze> cal YTS turbos and have them do it for you.
<Khalid4747> thanks rawze
<smorgan87> I was not prepared for that coolant shower i got when i popped off the lines to the scr. Didnt realize urea injectors have coolant jackets.
<SquareOne> Yep, feel ya pain lol
<SquareOne> Dealerships are proud of those BS plastic 90’s too
<smorgan87> Ended up and cut the 3/4 rubber lines and looped it with brass Home depot fitting.
<Knuckles> I have low fuel rail code, pump is good, not getting diesel to water separator any ideas before i tear fuel line out
<tree98> this just happen all the sudden?
<Knuckles> No i changed filters a week ago, thought it fixed it but now it'll shut off at low rpms
<tree98> maybe sucking air somewhere
<Knuckles> Yea possibly, I'm following the fuel line maybe I'll find something
<tree98> You could pressurize your tank with a few psi, don't go nuts
<Knuckles> Ok, Ill try that first once i get a chance, I went and got me a lift pump because I couldn't find anything
<Knuckles> I Changed Lift pump seems to have fixed the problem, taking for test run tomorrow
<Mrkentee> Started using Sta-Lube gear oil. Doesn’t smell much, and didn’t spike viscosity on first sample.
<Beaver> Knuckles...just sent you an email
<SquareOne> Rawze, wheres the thread you posted your cpm numbers recently?
<Rawze> this one?: http://rawze.com/forums/showthread.php?t...2#pid40182
<SquareOne> http://rawze.com/forums/showthread.php?t...7#pid40497
<SquareOne> That’s the one I was looking for, but it was on page 7 of the link you just gave lol
<SquareOne> Thanks man
<Knuckles> Beaver, I don't see your email, I sent one back to you, let me know if you received it
<Mattman> Bypass oil filter
<Mattman> Bypass oil filter
<RobertLandstar> Fuel actuator
<smorgan87> Injector
<smorgan87> Cam
<Waterloo> Mailbox is cleaned out... Didn’t realize it was full. LOL!
<OTR48> fuel pump
<OTR48> Fuel pump
<snailexpress> How to unlpck DEF plug to disconnect wires????? Mr Hug, Uni??????
<Roaddog> Can i get the name for the gear oil for the motor.Thank you
<Lonestar10> supertech walmart.
<tree98> Or sta-lube but supertech is cheaper and easier to find
<Ironsled> I have used super tech all year and my only issue was finding the gl-4 i tried the gl-5 once but didnt like it as much as gl-4
<Ironsled> and my cam looks great in my eyes be anxious to see my bearings
<SIDE_SHOW> What wieght are y'all using I just used supertech 85-140 for the first time the other day
<tree98> I use 85/90 sta-lube
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