<Mrkentee> Lol
<flatbed94kid> Mr. Haggi
<Volveezy70005> Is it normal for a pre emissions truck to run 130 temperature under a load? But when iddling it climbs to 180
<Spyro> Detroit 60, 07, 14l, can I use something to clean inside of engine any recommendations
<smorgan87> Volveezy. 130* coolant is too low. Snds like maybe u got a tstat sticking
<Volveezy70005> Thanks smorgan
<Bean161> Idc oil pressure
<smorgan87> Gotta replace these front leaf spring. Im dreading this project
<Breeze> Hey guys breeze here , any help on diag spn157 fmi18 stuck in moriority nm and hope not to get shafted out here
<Chamberpains> Steer springs aren't bad to do. Block the frame up high enough to get the tires a little off the ground. Unbolt everything slide it out, slide new back in and replace U bolts. Dont reuse them I usually torch my old ones off. Torque the new ubolts. Torque specs are very easily found thru google search or Dayton website
<Chamberpains> **direct download link to proper U Bolt torque spec's** https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=w...r2HqEw6jCu
<Steen> mid 128 sid 27 fmi 7 isx 08 dpf can u tell me whats this fault for
<Steen> mid 128 sid 27 fmi 7 isx 08 dpf can u tell me whats this fault for
<flatbed94kid> Alignment
<juicefromaus> X15
<Ronnie4447> how do I start a new thread on here
<Chamberpains> Read the rules, pick the appropriate category you wish to talk about, click on new topic.
<Ronnie4447> thanks I figured it out
<Papi4u> Black smoke
<Papi4u> Black smoke
<Papi4u> Black smoke
<Papi4u> Black smoke
<Papi4u> Black smoke
<Unilevers> blue smoke?
<Chamberpains> Black and blue steak? Mmmm mmmm!!
<marek4792> Egr gasket at exhaust manifold won't seal ughh it never ends...
<flatbed94kid> cummins insite
<boondocker> insite download
<boondocker> insite download
<Bikermike> Psoler
<Steen> Changed oil pump main and rods and oil pressure sensor isx still low pressure. What can be the reason?
<Evotrucker> I'm moving to atlanta to be just near rawz and haggis shop!!!! anyone else feel like this lol?
<marek4792> @evotrucker Well I'm stuck here until Monday could be a fun adventure
<Evotrucker> I used to deliver to Jefferson ga 2 a week. I could never get stuck on a weekend to party or to look around but it’s a big city for sure
<marek4792> Usually I always pass through here but I got a drop in the am, I wish I could meet Rawze himself and do something productive with the rig instead sitting around in the truck all day lol but I don't like asking or "inviting myself" out of respect.
<smorgan87> Slime for slow tire leaks?
<Diesel_Pusher> Evans coolant 6 years ago in Nissan pickup. Dissolved water NEW OEM water pump in 6K miles ! ! !
<Mrkentee> Rawze and Jerry be safe down there. Praying.
<Rawze> thanks.
<hhow55> Hope you are prepared for the storm rawze and Jerry
<Rawze> storm was not bad. Just a bit of wind and rain, we are all ok. Thanks for the concerns.
<Steen> Is a landstar good for ownet operator
<Hedley> Evening fellas, hope everyone is doing well
<marek4792> Going good here at Rawze's place fixing my truck and learning new things and having some mighty good cookin too!
<Volveezy70005> 2006 cummins isx I'm going to change the oil for the first time my mechanic is on vacation..what are the torque specs on the drain pan plug?
<Rawze> I believe it is 35 ft-lbs on oil pan drain plugs. Should be on Quickserv.
<Steen> How many hours of labor does a shop charges for overhauling isx ?
<Rawze> the standard is 40 hours book time.
<Steen> Thank you.
<Eamaya5> Regen light
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