<emancan> Tps
<emancan> Throttle position sensor
<tree98> https://amzn.to/3NZU1be
<tree98> ^^^ nice funnels in the link above^^^ easy to clean and easy to store.
<Rawze> they do look pretty nice
<Mrkentee> Glowshift pyro reading low. Gauge or thermocouple?
<Mrkentee> It’s 6 years old.
<DaveCampbell> cpl2629
<CALM> Hello friends. I just joined the forum. I am sure I will learn a lot from this forum.
<Rawze> welcome aboard
<Bengy88> Hey guys I’m new here, I hope I can learn a lot and help as much as possible.
<Rawze> welcome aboard
<SWTr> Birmingham
<JCTL Jamie> Hey Everyone have a question on fuel rail pressure anyone know about it
<tree98> What do you want to know? What engine are you talking about?
<JCTL Jamie> its an ISX CM870 I have seen 275-300 is that correct at idle
<JCTL Jamie> Insite is saying mine is bouncing around 250-253
<Rawze> sounds fine to me.
<Pete365_Tampa> Question on Insite...I have an existing laptop, can I just get the software installed? Obviously i'll need the necessary cables. Would it be best to just buy a whole/complete system from Cummins?
<tree98> You can put insite on any computer but the wise thing to do is buy a cheap dedicated laptop that never goes online. Use it only for diagnostic purposes. This way it never gets corrupted with viruses from the naughty video's your watching.
<SwampFox> P040341
<Vero> Fuel shutoff valve
<dutton58> In-line 6
<Gravel6> Maintenance free crankcase filter holes
<Cheddar> Mama Burt
<Cheddar> MamaBurt
<BackhoeMN> Fuel pump relay
<Jot_7> isx 475 oil leak
<Scuderia> Oil temp
<Cumminsdrew> High soot
<Cumminsdrew> X15 black smoke
<tree98> Cumminsdrew..... start a thread about this X15
<solo_shooter_> cm2250 regen too frequently
<solo_shooter_> cm2250 regen too frequently
<tree98> Bake the cans and do an EGR tuneup
<tree98> Been a while waterloo...... how ya been?
<Redland1> Can a steer tire be plugged temporarily then patched?
<tree98> Yeah or just plug it and leave it plugged.
<Redland1> Thanks!
<solo_shooter_> 3232
<solo_shooter_> cm2250 3232 code
<Chickenhawk44> Running rough
<Fowjacob> Cm2250 help
<Fowjacob> Cm2250
<Mrkentee> 700k on my Gearhead overhaul
<tree98> What engine?
<Mrkentee> 871
<solo_shooter_> 3232
<dillmoses> Magic tuner
<dillmoses> Files
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