<Rawze> the top of the old filter seal will look like it has craters and pot-holes in it if the flange was dirty when it was installed last.
<Rawze> neglected and half-arssed repairs and services... that is what ppl get then wonder later on why they have troubles. - No one at these shops cares any more.
<Rawze> everyone with bad habbits, lazy, in a hurry, and greedy for money over doing a good job.
<Andre_The_Giant> def fluid level
<Yairo2> full def
<hhow55> Wti crude 26.39
<smorgan87> Buddy shuts the truck off, walks inside, gets a burger comes out and the damn batteries have died and are losing power by .1 ever minute.
<smorgan87> You would know the freightshaker parts house closed 30 minutes prior. So i couldnt get some replacements over to him.
<smorgan87> Any idea what would cause 6- 6 month old batteries to drain that fast on a 15 pornstar
<Rawze> bad diodes in alternator?. ECM not fully shutting down?. Bad wiring?. Bad starter or other relay?. - could be anything.
<Rawze> hsut truck off, pull all battery cables, start checking amperage for each cable while truck is shut off.
<Rawze> btw: a qualcomm unit can also cause battery drain if it is acting up.
<smorgan87> No qualcom or anything like that. Ill have him bring the truck to the house so we can check each cable for amp draw.
<snailexpress> Bad grounding or relay
<snailexpress> Each battery 130 amp x hour
<snailexpress> 4 batteries 520 amp x hour
<snailexpress> To drain them in 30 min current should be 1000 amp
<smorgan87> Best we can tell one battery shorted internally and offed the rest of em. Got new ones on their way now.
<smorgan87> What i get for buying 50$ batteries i rekon. They dont always work.
<Evotrucker> lol parked my truck cuz of the shitty spot market rates and i went to turn it on for a little while. my batteries died out on me.... Fudge... any recommendation?
<smorgan87> Well i usually buy fleetrite brand at the international dealer parts house. These were alliance from freightshaker.
<tree98> Deka makes a good battery, they also sell them under the name federated. They have a 2 or maybe it's 3 year NON pro rated Warrenty
<Royva11> 1922
<smorgan87> New batteries, alternator was gone. Just got done replacing the alternator with a $130 170amp until i can rebuild the 320.
<smorgan87> Stabbed a tranny today! Woohoo! Now for hooking everything up and lubing it.
<Class_8> Cummins isx shutting down when put into 4th gear. Anyone know what could be causing this?? Thanks
<Rawze> maybe start a thread w that question. Could be a lot of things causes engine shutdowns.
<bactrucking> Hypermiling
<bactrucking> Sorry trying to search forum. Newbie here
<Rawze> maybe this? http://rawze.com/forums/showthread.php?tid=2855
<smorgan87> IT'S ALIVE! The old 11 model prostar is finally alive again. After over a year of being dead in the driveway it run and drives again!
<Rawze> congratz
<smorgan87> Thanks. I sold it to a friend for pay off awhile back and he fell on hard times recently so i been helping him get it out my yard and goin so hed have a running truck.
<Termite20> buying a brand new truck
<tree98> Cool congrats
<Evotrucker> hey rawze, im looking for a a old post about the mercedes diesel motors. some mechanic posted here to help others with motor since he says its a very good motor. i cant find it anywhere. thanks!
<Rawze> maybe this one? http://rawze.com/forums/showthread.php?t...8#pid24948 - unsure as to what ur looking for. there are about 50 or so posts that have the word 'mercedes' in them
<PierreCarl> Egr valve position
<PierreCarl> Isx egr valve position
<PierreCarl> Fmi13 spn27
<smorgan87> If you're getting a valve position code id suggest doin an egr cleanup to start with. May me carboned up and wont move to its commanded position.
<Harman> Spn 3251 fmi 2
<Gill411> Installing isx 871 lift pump
<PierreCarl> Egr valve test
<PierreCarl> Egr valve test
<MCRENT> coolant tank wirws
<Duninit> SXI boost presure
<Jose9640> Oil prime
<Geared_Cortex> average hammer-happy, air-gun-happy idiot LMAO So true man
<Rawze> cell phone zombie apacolipse cartoon: https://youtu.be/QugooaNRnsk
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