<Bookertsmithjr> yes tell me about it
<Bookertsmithjr> need help anyone that can point me in the right direction to get rid of the emission mess PM me I have computer
<Jlow8649> Driveline vibration
<Golfnut> 4518
<Diablo386> question, will a turbo or VGT Actuator make a loud whistling or hissing noise? I have checked every possible clamp and boot and I have no air leaks and I have absolutely no power loss.
<marek4792> Could be EGR piping what engine do you have?
<Diablo386> 09 Pete with 871 demandated. All piping to egr has been blocked off so no air running through egr.
<Hindshaulage> Oil pressure
<Diablo386> Um was that directed to me @Hindshaulage?
<EdgarLeyva> 157
<Ironhead> Ugh looks like my turbo vgt ring is sticking, new actuator bout 4 months ago but now get a vgt code and non complete regen
<Bordeuxt660> Scanner reader tools
<Evotrucker> how many miles is it possible to get out of a water pump?
<Evotrucker> on a cm870?
<Rawze> I have 1.3 million on mine.
<Volveezy 70005> Any advise on grease brand for components or which is best amsoil, lucas, mobil
<Rawze> I use red-line synthetic for my u-joints, tie-rods, kingpins... https://amzn.to/2qkwxIm - you get what u pay for when it comes to grease and critical components.
<Rawze> I use notrthern tool brand for everythign else that does not matter as much.
<Diablo386> What symptoms do you get when a VGT Actuator is failing?
<smorgan87> I use mystik (citgo) red high temp.
<Truck007> I'm looking for someone to tune my Detroit so it doesn't vibrate do much at idle
<smorgan87> Anybody know if a 15 and a 13 are the same length?
<Unilevers> engine?
<Bartnik_24> Best oil filter
<smorgan87> I think most everyone here will agree fleetguard is the best. They can also be purchased for a competitive price.
<smorgan87> I used to buy luberfiner from my go to part dealer but they get me a better price on fleetguards now using a larger fleets acct.
<smorgan87> Recently purchased oil filter, both fuel filters, 1 intake air filter for my truck, 2 for a friends truck and hvac filters for mine + shipping for right at 200$
<Mbacon51> Cm871 fuel pump rebuild kit. Where can i find 1? Part #?
<Chamberpains> I don't know if they make rebuild kits or parts for cm87x fuel pumps.
<JMBT> Any X15 guys out there running demandated?? What’s the scoop??
<Evotrucker> mbacon51 get the part numbers for the fuel pump and check with TRP prices.
<tree98> is this the right size for the fuel line compucheck fittings? https://amzn.to/37ZJto0
<Waterloo> Tree, do you have a Parker Store near you? They carry these fittings, normally a stock item for our trucks.
<Waterloo> https://www.parker.com/portal/site/PARKE...0c1dacRCRD
<tree98> probably 45 min from here and i don't need it right away. was hoping to find the right one on amazon but I don't think my link is the right one
<tree98> https://amzn.to/35UDfUp
<tree98> im thinking its that one
<Waterloo> It is hard to tell on the internet with these things unless you have the part number
<Waterloo> FleetPride carries some of these too
<Waterloo> Here is the cummins part # for the compucheck male fitting on my 871 3100290
<Waterloo> Trying to find the actual fitting measurements with that part number, no luck on my end
<tree98> i didnt have any luck that way either. I just ordered that one from amazon,if it's wrong i'll send it back.
<Waterloo> 10-4
<tree98> it was the right fitting that i ordered in case anyone cares ha ha
<svd2310> How to hide
<tree98> go inside your closet and shut the door
<Ljexile> Engine vibration
<tree98> Waterloo, you get your seal replaced?
<hongo88> Paccar
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