<Joaquin13789> Gearthead
<Joaquin13789> isx 15 egr def problems
<Joaquin13789> isx 15 egr def problemas pm
<smorgan87> I broke my sleeper window handle. Damn ice.
<norwoode> idle validation problem on T2000
<Road_Dog_SM> Anyone know the torque specs for valve cover of ISX CM871?
<Road_Dog_SM> Cummins won't tell me and I can't find it anywhere online. Thinking the metal sleeves around bolts will keep me from crushing it, so I'll go with good 'n tight. If anyone knows different, I'd appreciate a quick note or something. Gotta go get dirty now.
<Rawze> register your engine on quickserv.com to get all info about it.
<pearce trucking> Egr valve
<Leeter> Stuck on side of road doing forced regen. Truck says particulate trap 1 pressure have inline 5 not showing any faults on insite can anyone help?
<smorgan87> Let it finish its regen. rawze has a you tube vidyo on what to watch during thenregen process
<smorgan87> After thats done id go see one the guys to make sure ur not sitting any more waiting on a filter to bake itself.
<Leeter> CEL is still on Sad i plan to head to mr hagg ASAP
<smorgan87> Clear the codes. Run a regen thru insite. If theres a problem with the regen it should let ya know. Then go to GA
<Leeter> the fault isnt showing up on insite, shows on dash and CEL is on saying particulate trap 1 pressure
<smorgan87> Derate?
<Leeter> dont think so its just constantly in passive regen, i can smell it. eating up fuel
<Leeter> 1881 & 3134 coming up active now. Guessing I need to replace that sensor
<seldomseen> got in my truck tonight after loading and shut down code was flashing , check dash screen for code said turbo actuator
<seldomseen> i just had the turbo actuutor replaced in december 17
<seldomseen> i drove it back to yard and parked it loaded with a nebraska load wonder how to attack this issue
<seldomseen> i bought cummins insite last time i had problems just installed it waiting for the sellers to give me password Sad so i can see whats up with truck
<Beaver> What would make my turbo slowly lose boost going up a hill? 2012cm2250 mandated
<Chamberpains> seldomseen I sent you a PM. May have permanent fix for you for insite
<seldomseen> Does anyone live in the nashville Tn area who has cummins insight and is willing to come out calibrate a turbo actuator for me easy money $$ for a few minutes work
<Beaver> Fuck this truck! ......that is all
<Chamberpains> Beaver i imagine you don't mean this, right? https://youtu.be/Ngzjj8OfnuE
<seldomseen> up and running on my way to nebrska tomorrow woo hoo !! 3 days down !!
<Beaver> Chamberpains...haha I wish I felt that way about my truck right now
<Chamberpains> Anything we can help with, Beaver?
<Beaver> It's a bit of a story I'll post in isx help tonight...basically can't figure out if its a vgt turbo issue or an injector. ..weird
<hhow55> anybody know the temp setting should be, for the het light on a cm871?
<hhow55> anybody know the temp setting should be, for the het light on a cm871?
<madcash2> Rom boot
<Rawze> nice.
<Kbdiesel> Made the trip to haggai automotive! Nice to see ya again big rawze! Thanks for all you do
<Ramrunner> Is fuel metering actuators
<Jande> If I already have a pc what would I need to purchase in order to look inside my ecm?
<Waterloo> Inline reader and the software. eBay, Hong Kong model, around $300 complete.
<Waterloo> Everything you will need.
<Waterloo> Inline 5 or 6 reader...
<Jande> Thanks Waterloo
<Kbdiesel> It was the number 5 injector leaking rawze
<Kbdiesel> I don’t know now still runs like crap???
<Kbdiesel> Truck shakes running up hill
<Jande> i keep getting that amazon add and one saying im a winner from this other site
<Rawze> I do not control the ads at the bottom of the page. Google does. there should be an option to report the ad as spam.
<Steve R> Amazon add keeps hijacking my rawze page
<Pd6cas2> cm570
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