<Evotrucker> insite
<gsain> boost
<smorgan87> Been fueling up with some clear diesel the past week. Any difference in it and green?
<marek4792> Depending where you fueled it might still be winter diesel?
<smorgan87> Louisiana. Its #2 guy in the shop said it was prolly biodiesel.
<snailexpress> Clear or sometime bluish is diesel from condensate
<snailexpress> Very dry
<snailexpress> Fresh HEINEKEN UMMMMMMMM
<tree98> i 2nd that heineken
<marek4792> Stella Artois for me
<alborz> I bolt
<Kid Rock> I 3rd that Heineken
<yamajason> Microsoft strikes again! https://youtu.be/FaoJErxYLtM
<Joaquin13789> engige brake
<Joaquin13789> engine brake
<tree98> No waterloo update today?
<marek4792> Probably working
<chrismds> ecfg
<delcortransport> cylinder head
<fargonaz> chrismds: that's proprietary info and not talked about "here"
<turisto> isx delete
<BobsYourUncle> regular expression
<Waterloo> Did someone say Heineken?
<snailexpress> I do it right now
<74bassman> After i get done at Rush. It will be time
<BobsYourUncle> Anyone care if I post about refurbishing an old ass diesel pusher motorhome on here?
<BobsYourUncle> Like, this thing is really rough, but I like it though, and figure some of you might enjoy seeing a guy fix up an old bus...
<Rawze> you can post it in the daily blog section if you like.
<smorgan87> Id be intetested in following it bobs.
<Thumper411> You still accepting new members Rawze?
<Rawze> eh? - I give out invite codes every day.
<Bryanluster1> Having issues with a 04 cummins isx rawze need help please?
<Bryanluster1> I go to start truck and takes 6-7 revelations. Once started it's rough idle then I can tap
<Bryanluster1> Peddle to go to 1000 rpm then hold it for 10 sec then it goes to 1100 on its own
<Bryanluster1> Get to a stop sign or light sometimes it'll rough idle. Light will turn green and I have
<Bryanluster1> Puffs of black smoke . What could this be ?
<smorgan87> Sounds like a fueling issue. Actuators, injector or maybe fuel psi issue
<hatchhero> unilevers
<BobsYourUncle> Yep, he's probably your best chance for a somewhat reliable engine. http://rawze.com/forums/member.php?actio...le&uid=264
<Spanky29ca> Overheating
<Spanky29ca> Sorry thought this was the search bar lol
<Joelbe> 2010 ISX 435 Loosing oil pressure at 12000 miles (warn engine)
<Rawze> sounds like excess soot problems!. Get it fixed ASAP or you will loose the engine!.
<Joelbe> Thank you Rawze! Oil sent for analysis!
<Joelbe> What causes excess soot?
<juicebox2524> I have a 2012 587 pete n the codes that pop up saying engine derated of egr leakage,could that be the turbo?
<juicebox2524> I wanted to see if u could take a look at it rawze,I live n Augusta ga
<Beaver> Rawze..wanted to say thanks, been coasting in neutral a lot lately and my mpg's definitely went up!
<ElDuke11> Egr plugged
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