<whiteline003> Is inside worth the $3000?
<whiteline003> Is insite worth the $3000?
<Cuya> Nope, not when you can get older version 7.6. off demonsaw file sharing netwrk 4 free
<JMBT> Thanks Rawze!!
<Roysbigtoys> Can someone put the thread up of how much to knock out of the DOC
<Brock> There is no such thread
<Brock> Pm sent
<Streachy> Is there a thread as to why the oil level rises
<Brock> The fuck you takking bout streachy? You need jesus cause your talking crazy talk!
<Brock> That's not normal
<Streachy> Now now. Obviously it's not normal. Just looking for possible causes
<Rawze> If your oil level is actually going UP, then some other liquid in the truck is going DOWN. Then you will know your culprit.
<Rawze> Oil sampling will usually reveal it. Could be coolant, power steering fluid, or even fuel.
<Streachy> Thanks Rawze. I think it could be fuel. All other levels are good. Wondering what how to diagnose.
<Streachy> Will start with the sampling
<Kiroisx> pressure in cooling
<Kiroisx> what is normal psi in coolant
<Jamescj212> Could anybody take a look at my post saying that a giard clean up turn today I could use some advice
<Rawze> coolant system is 15-psi on most trucks.
<Rawze> The pressure relief cap controls it and is one of those negelected things on a lot of trucks. just saying.
<Rawze> i have seen guys pop hoses, tranny coolers, heater cores, and even egr coolers because they forget to check/replace it regularly.
<Kiroisx> Tnx Rawze.
<Jamescj212> The voltage meter just went down to 12 and light came on she is driving is there something I can have her check or something she needs to be worried about right now
<Brock> Alternator belt snap?
<Jamescj212> Not that im aware of. Shes driving and just said it went down from abiut 14 to about 12
<Jamescj212> Im wondering if the alternator is now giving or if its batteries.
<dhirocz> Pull over and check the alternator belt...
<johnnydngrs> alternator might not be charging the batteries, or might be running to many accesories that are draning the batteries.
<Jamescj212> Belt still there. Told her to keep it running.
<Jamescj212> Belts are still there. She just called now and said she is down to 11.
<Betobusta> I took my dpf filter to get clean at the dealership they told me they found antifreeze residue on it
<Betobusta> That they recommend buying a new one that the old one was not worth cleaning any more
<Betobusta> I’m wondering if my egr cooler is leaking
<Jamescj212> Gy in augusta said it was klternator without even comong to look ar truck
<Jamescj212> This part is 1500 before markup and
<dhirocz> Ouch
<delltang> belts
<DonnyDumpTruck> How much does it cost to get 871 tune right
<Cuya> free if you do it yourself. about 2100? for a 871 mr hags if he go all out with gauges & eveerythin. ask em to be sure
<DonnyDumpTruck> Can a fine tune be done online .
<smorgan87> Depends on how fine of tuning u wanna do. The finest of tuning generally calls for hours with a dyno.
<ornerandsons> Rollers & Followers
<Brock> Cheese and crackers
<Brock> Beer and nachos
<dhirocz> Beans and grease
<Rawze> french fries and ice cream
<kryten> Bacon and ................bacon. Mmmmmmmmmmm
<snailexpress> Anybody girl and wine?
<Rawze> BB's and baked beans.... Then go scuirrel hunting the next day.
<JMBT> Squirrel is quite tastey fried up in bacon grease!!
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