<Emmanuel2620> cm871
<inmsa> Delete isx
<Team Barnes> front structure leak
<Ryder0817> just had DPF cleaned and forced regen done truck keeps saying to do parked regen every our since
<feltup> looking for 870 egr info
<Kid Rock> Anybody here in Tulsa/ OKC that can bench program a ECM? Please Message if so, thanks
<Kid Rock> Anybody here in Tulsa/ OKC that can bench program a ECM? Please Message if so, thanks
<Kid Rock> I got insight... teamviewer?
<Bahdan> What's best way to plug doser injector?
<snailexpress> Welding
<Jamescj212> Why plug doser?
<Bahdan> It's leaking and not needed anymore.
<Hedley> has anyone seen my Turkey Baster?
<smorgan87> Never understood the purpose of a baster. I just brine the turkey, inject and fry.
<LLT> abs
<JMBT> Turkey basters are for removing oil from the head before pulling injectors!!
<smorgan87> Oh i can see them being useful for that
<Fit Trucker> When rawze spoke about running gear lube in his oil, what specifically is put in?
<smorgan87> 1 gallon of gear oil per oil change. i use mystic 90weight.
<Rawze> here are my own thoughts.. http://rawze.com/forums/showthread.php?t...5#pid16465
<Fit Trucker> Got it, thanks guys. Headed to Walmart shortly.
<smorgan87> what yall rekon i could use to duct my bunk heat into the bunk? the outlet used to just go thru the sheet metal under the bunk but that space is now occupied.
<smorgan87> decided to swap my fueling actuators to see if my 3 cyl miss followed. took em apart and cleaned em while i was at it. now the little rubber oring has stretched out and wont fit.
<hhow55> Where is Mr Waterloo?
<hhow55> I bet he is a sniffing , for a new woman lol
<Twin Turbo> anyone a Tripac evolution expert?
<Razor> 2010 isx prostar loosing pulling power its hard to discribe it one min it work and the next min its not pulling any idea on what could be the problem
<Rawze> could be a whole lot of things.
<Razor> Gm yesterday i did change my crankcase filter and so far the truck feels better
<Razor> Ok problem is back can the EGR cause that problem
<smorgan87> Codes?
<smorgan87> Why dont u post a thread so we cwn discuss better
<Jamescj212> If you droo a tool on starter, will it seem like batts are dead and give you nothing on screen?
<Jamescj212> Nevermind fellas, i mista forgot to turn off kill switch and it drained all the batts over the last week. Nice mistake. I own it.
<workbot> Overlay
<JMBT> smorgan87: You must be working on a Volvo?
<smorgan87> International
<JMBT> oh, Volvo has the same crap. I just had one break coming from the therm housing going to the top tank. $30 for that little bastard. It just got brittle with age.
<smorgan87> I went to lowes and got brass fitting and hose barbs
<JMBT> Good idea! Maybe I’ll try that next time.
<madcash2> leak test
<Drybulktanker> fuel pressure issues
<smorgan87> Filter? Pump? Air?
<Motorwood> Cm570
<Towguy570> Cm871
<smorgan87> https://www.overdriveonline.com/eld-comp...-by-fmcsa/
<smorgan87> Ag/livestock haulers given 90 days to complynwith eld mandate
<stevesparts> most i know don't need eld they run older trucks
<Magard> I’m a bull hauler with a angry eld. It’s just red all the time. Lol.
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