<smorgan87> You don't wanna cheap out on that fuel pump.
<snailexpress> ???????
<Philroy> Spn 102 fmi 3 is this going to start with the imap sensor? Isx15 2350
<Rawze> yup. its likely not plugged in all the way.. or the sensor is going bad.
<Philroy> Thanks Rawze I went to pull it to check it and it came out in two pieces.
<FnG92> 2015 isx15
<Yauchout> Anyone that knows anything about liner heights have time to talk
<Lweuve9> Anyone familiar with the fuel system on cm2350, please take a look at my thread 'odd fuel pressure issue' thank you
<Poundtowne> Yauchout, what do you need to know?
<LLT> Oil thermostat
<Rawze> Happy Haloween Everybody!... From rawze.com
<Smiling lemon> What pressure does a 2350 fuel bypass valve open up?
<Rawze> somewhere around at 43k-psi? - I believe. Not 100% on that. Its above the pumps max pressure settings any ways.
<Smiling lemon> Okay, appreciate it
<Ironsled> Long time no talk waving from good ole west texas
<Rawze> _+Rawze Waves back+=
<Mbacon51> Looking for cm871 exhaust manifold bolt torque specs...
<Mbacon51> Dealer just did the exhaust manifold & when i asked what they torqued them to they said 3/8 gun... 3 months later 4 broken bolts
<Mbacon51> Clowns good help doesn't exist i don't know why i bother sending anything out 90% of the time its a take back
<Rawze> isin't it 41 ft.lbs? (off the top of my head)... you need to go to quickserv and find out according to your ser#.
<tree98> That's truly a shame, I'm sure you paid them good money to fuck it up too
<tlandrum> ism tuning
<GhostHauling> Vibration damper
<tree98> Rawze, do you think the pitting on your liners was caused by the Evans coolant or by running zero pressure?
<Rawze> far as I remember, it was not pitting.. it was crud buildup from the evans garbage.
<tree98> Around 1:20 https://youtu.be/PMr_gr08iPY
<Yauchout> Has to be the evans I ran zero pressure water almost 2years on fleet charge antifreeze no pitting or buildup with my recent inframe
<tree98> Ok thanks yauchout, what was your reason for going with a zero pressure system?
<Rtrevino381> Egr delete vent tube
<Rtrevino381> Egr vent tube
<Yauchout> My injectors cups were leaking coolant into my fuel and it slowed the leak rate down
<Khalsa> Wiring problem on peterbilt on 386
<Volvo1975> Is the imap sensor,delta p and exhaust back pressure sensors the same on a cm2250 as 2350?
<Shokar92> Bitcoin
<tree98> Waterloo, did you get covid ?
<Waterloo> No, other issues...
<Waterloo> I did find a Front Line doctor though, they are patching me up. Not covid related.
<tree98> well glad to see you back Loo and i hope they get you squared away
<Waterloo> Feeling good, just went out and shoveled the drive, now going to go clean out the garage... Yep, feeling good.
<skydog> Exhaust leak sound and soot staining around EGR any ideas
<skydog> Wondering if my stainless steel thin plate burned out or gasket blew out of EGR
<tree98> Where's the soot coming from? Take it apart there.
<Andrey> Running rough
<Yauchout> Just talk to a guy he was complaining about having to in frame his x-15 at 360k turns out he's been driving it around at 55 1,000 RPMs all day long
<tree98> He probably says cummins are junk now
<Yauchout> No he didn't actually say that we talked about it a little while and he said he actually thought he was doing the engine good by running it at lower RPMs
<Yauchout> There's an old fleet truck 10 speed overdrive transmission with like a 292 rear something like that
<jmuniz> 171702
<jmuniz> 171702 turbo
<Class_8> anyone know about how many labor hours it might take to do a front structure gasket replacement on a 2015 isx15 cm2350?
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