<Rawze> if you had showed up here and tried to put on your old oily pads after cleaning them, i would have run you off too! -- i will not stand for unsafe practices
<Rawze> you will loose that fight real fast around here! Wheel seal leak -- ON THE FRONT HUBS AND ANY HINT OF OIL ON BRAKE PADS === YOU DEEP-CLEAN + TORCH/HEAT/FLAME THE DRUMS AND REPLACE THE PADS!!!!
<Rawze> - Price,.. now that is a different matter. Depends on what they did.
<smorgan87> Then they should said that up front and not after it was quoted, signed and apart.
<smorgan87> Then try to charge 200 bucks for.1 set of shoes when 75% of the labor is already done.
<smorgan87> And what kinda truck stop service shop doesnt have brake shoes for one the most common trucks on the rd?
<JMBT> Hey guys Eng# 79271465, CPL# 2734, compatible with AV10269.12? Thanks http://rawze.com/forums/showthread.php?t...0#pid54960
<rick4755> X-15
<Waterloo> The brake shoes! I had my local TA do my front brakes, I bought the parts at FleetPride, ridiculous what TA wanted for parts!
<marek4792> Only real thing TA is good for is tires and pm maintenance otherwise run far away.
<Waterloo> I have had some good luck on a few things, but I know the guys in the shop, and they allow me in there to actually help.
<Nick11> cm871 turbo oil leak
<Nick11> turbo
<smorgan87> Broke down and bought a 55g drum of delo today. 1$ per gallon saving over walmart and the added benefit of not having to go to walmart
<smorgan87> Also picked up 10G of synthetic gear lube to change the dif oil.
<Diablo386> I need help....I have 2009 386. Diesel gushing out of passenger tank cap.
<Diablo386> Checked breathers they are good.
<Jatt94> Freightliner cascadia hard steering
<Rawze> wishing everyone a happy independence day
<smorgan87> Anybody ever used the amazon commercial pneumatic oil pump for an oil drum?
<tree98> I have one i bought from Northern, looks the same. Works good
<smorgan87> How much was the northern one?
<tree98> 179.99 but I see that it's no longer available, I just bought it last year.
<Kolczyk> Egr differential pressure sensor code
<smorgan87> Well damn. There went 2 more wheel seals.
<Rawze> regurlarly adjusting axle hub nuts as recommended to keep backlash out is the key to not blowing wheel seals (and prevent tire wear too).
<smorgan87> They will be from now on. The left rear axle wasnt even tight. Coulda broke loose by hand.
<motoxxx> 2288
<smorgan87> In case anyones curious how much aerodynamics make in MPG. I get 1 full MPG better pulling a hopper at 85k lbs than pulling a dry box at about 50k
<Paradoc23> Pulling file with Calterm
<JimE> Cummings insite
<Djmurria> How do I pm Unilever or gearhead, or mommaburt(don't think I spelled that correctly)can't find any threads with them in it
<Rawze> answer: http://rawze.com/forums/showthread.php?t...1#pid56101
<hhow55> Trump Administration ordered the shutdown of the consulate that was 'hub of spying'
<hhow55> Did they find Hunter Biden inside ?
<hhow55> ha , ha , ha , ha
<Evotrucker> Hey rawze family, how do I recommend someone to join this group?
<tree98> they have to email Rawze at [email protected] with a reason why they want to join, then Rawze sends them the magic button
<Beaver> What's a good shop along the I-5 (west coast) to smoke check my intake for leaks?
<hhow55> Trump was in the Great State of Texas this week and explained that the Radical Left Do Nothing Democrats, headed up by their great leader, Sleepy Joe Biden (who never leaves his basement), are strongly against “Oil, Gas, Guns, & God”. Must be tough to win Texas on that platform!
<smorgan87> I just wish the libs would quit using all products derived from oil and gas.
<Rawze> hope everyone is having a good day. -- Be safe out there, and I will say it is appreciated what you do during these crazy times. -
<IrishRobbie> First truck
<hhow55> ‘Haul less, charge more’: Owner-ops’ report renewed choosiness on loads
<Rawze> charge more, so that Rawze can cut you bid and steal your customers!-- YaaY!
<cat6nz> Vibration
<Cummins5555> Isx vs Mx 13
<cat6nz> Unilevers
<cat6nz> Cat tune
<cat6nz> Unilevers
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