<Smiling lemon> If yoy want insite pro it is 750 a year
<Smiling lemon> Regular is like 700
<TSmith> Cm870
<vasyok8585> X15 efficiency
<Rawze> Merry Christmas to everyone.
<Geared_Cortex> Merry Christmas
<smorgan87> Is it possible to remove an esn from qserv limited?
<tree98> Yes you have to send them an inquiry, your allowed to remove 2 or 3 per year.
<smorgan87> Thanks tree. I mistyped 1 and then had an engine change on another truck.
<num1enloe> 272
<Dr_Dirt> Hard start
<Rawze> Hapy New Years To Everyone.
<snailexpress> Happy New Year Rawze.com
<ISXfeller> Thanks for allowing my involvement, hopefully y'all can help educate me . Wishing everyone a profitable new year!!!
<DieselKid> Happy new year to everyone!
<Jburks765> Need a person with knowledge of wiring international with Cummins IXS please contact me @ {number removed)
<BigRigTrux1125> Hello to all !!
<Mrkentee> Hole that needs a plug on 871 head before installing. ??
<Rawze> Yup... take it off of the old head. ref: http://rawze.com/forums/showthread.php?t...6#pid53356
<Mrkentee> Thanks
<smorgan87> Buy a CAT they said... itll be great they said...
<Rawze> would not want to own one myself.
<tree98> The cat's I've owned were really great engine's as long as you didn't care to much about fuel efficiency.
<Bridge_Boy08> Cm 870 rods and main bearings
<smorgan87> Im just tired if stupid shit breaking. Easy to work on but damn...
<Truck242> Maxxforce
<Mrkentee> Thanks
<stevesparts> wind in WY for the 13/14th 70+ MPH..
<BJMcKay> How do I test my delta p sensor PLUG. to see if its not deleted. TIA
<Yauchout> Anyone have time to help with a ecm backup I'm having trouble
<ArTrucking> 2764 isx15 fault code
<smorgan87> Quick update on the c15. #4 was dead. Pulled the inject, bottom seal was gone and fixing to blow by the fuel seal. New injector, still dead. Bolt on ecm was loose.
<Rawze> sounds like a mess to me.
<smorgan87> As irritating as it is id expect the same issues with any motor of this age and mileage. Its easy to work on so far.
<Kenworth509> Cm2250sn
<TeamInvictus> Hey guys quick question. So I’m planning to get some injectors switched out. Do I have to get all of them changed out at once?
<tree98> No you don't have to but if they all have a lot of Miles on them it might be a good idea
<TeamInvictus> I’m in 750k club so uhhh....I don’t have 7 grand to spend on brand new ones
<Rawze> will they no longer pass a leak-test? or is somone just guesing with thousands of dollars of someone's hard earned money? - that is my thoughts.
<Truck242> Maxxforce dog
<tietz96> 2350
<Adem> 06 Volvo not starting. Help plz
<Kingman11> Are the Cummins Genuine Reman motors plagued with problems like a in frame done at a dealer?
<Rawze> not typically... but don't expect every one of them to always be perfect.
<Rawze> u would think dealers are properly trained for a quality inframe but this is not the case most of the time. Stealers#its are the worst place you can take a truck for engine work like that.
<Kingman11> Understood. I think dealers mainly go for people who can keep their
<Kingman11> shoes tied
<Kenworth509> Cm2250sn
<MPDiagnostics> running rough
<smorgan87> Just placed the order for a new proride
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