<Jose9640> Gear head
<Jose9640> Gear head
<Chamberpains> Google search Price diesel oxford, pa if your searching for Gearhead.
<walterk> x15
<walterk> univelier
<Unilevers> wasup?
<Bump> Cm871 demandate
<Bump> I've been reading the threads about it and need help getting it tuned
<Bump> There is a guy near .e that does and I've heard good things but it worries me
<HappyTrucking> PM Unilevers
<Bump> I tried to but maybe it didnt work or something, I'll send another message, thanks.
<alejandrodelacruz> manual
<masseyman30> Can somebody help me with a Demandate on a CM871...driving me nuts
<Mrkentee> Been hearing about 10 lb rad caps. Sounds good to me. What about it?
<Milo22> gearhead
<Volveezy 70005> How complex is it to convert a 9 speed into a 13speed? Is it a lot involved or transmission modifications or just switch out the stick?
<bazdan902> Definitely more then a stick
<SIDE_SHOW> If it's convertible there will be a C at the end of the model number and it's the rear section that has to be messed with
<Chamberpains> You'll need to get the appropriate shift knob, airlines and swap out the auxiliary gearbox on the back of the transmission if it's compatible to swap to a 13.
<smorgan87> https://www.eaton.com/us/en-us/catalog/t...to-13.html
<smorgan87> Should be a link to the kit at the above eaton page. Its a prty easy change. The aux box and od/direct gears are already there. Just gotta plumb it up.
<smorgan87> Side show, the c at the very end the model number identifies the ratio. Rtoc-xxxx is a 9/13
<smorgan87> K3501 is the part # for the kit $160 bucks
<Milo22> want help getting rid of the Mandate Portland OR.
<SIDE_SHOW> i was taught the c meant whether it was convertable from a 9 to 13 or vise versa... the 2 i have done myself both had c numbers
<SIDE_SHOW> anybody else having trouble with quickserve ?
<Rawze> works for me.
<Waterloo> No issues here, been on it today and yesterday
<Diablo386> Hey guys it’s been a while since I been on the site. Been hella busy with work. Ran into some weird noise on my truck. Hope you guys can help out.
<Diablo386> I’m hearing a loud whistling noise near turbo area. Like an exhaust leak but i have gotten rid of all leaks. I have full boost just got that weird noise. Only when accelerating and after a mile it goes away.
<Diablo386> Never comes back until I park the truck for more than 5-10 minutes and get back on the road accelerating it starts whining/whistling and then goes away after a mile of driving.
<Volveezy 70005> Guys I need help converting 20,000 hours of idle time or what is that equivalent to miles.CUMMINS POWA!! What it do babie
<Beaver> Good shop in southern California? Near Fontana?? Thanks in advance
<smorgan87> Volveezy. Im not sure what ur trying to convert those hrs to but thats 833 days of run time.
<smorgan87> Or 1.1m miles if itnwas traveling an average of 55mph.
<Rawze> 43 - 46 mph average is typical of a highway truck. 20,000 hrs = roughly 860,000 - 920,000 miles.
<Ljexile> Oil additives
<hhow55> Where’s Hunter?
<Bama Boy> Rawze how can I make an appt for possible check and advise on my KW T680
<The Brethren> Ultrashift
<Rawze> there is no appointments. i am not a shop, just a guy who owns a truck and likes to help people about once a month or so when I am not busy.
<Roaddog> Good oil for the isx rite now I’m using mobil15-40 and what the name for the gear oil and where to get it thank you
<Roaddog> Is this gear lube good for my 13cascadia isx Sta-Lube SL2473 API/GL-5 Plus New Generation Limited Slip Gear Oil - 1 Gallon Thank you
<SotoLogisticsLLC> At 735k miles, my egr valve actuator is acting faulty. I tried to find one but the parts places are telling me they dont sell them separately...
<SotoLogisticsLLC> They want me to buy a whole new egr valve too. Is this true or are they trying to get me?
<SotoLogisticsLLC> I have an 09 Cummins 871
<tree98> with that many miles on an 871 i would bet you have bigger problems than the actuator with that system
<SotoLogisticsLLC> The computer points to the egr valve sticking, I cleaned it out but the engine light...
<SotoLogisticsLLC> Keeps going on and off and on and off
<tree98> Eventually the egr valve must be replaced, they don't last forever. I would look into a more permanent solution if I were you
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