<GoodWork> Hey guys I’m suffering from the famous relay flaw that clicks when try starting my 2014 Prostar any tips?
<Rawze> maybe this helps: http://rawze.com/forums/showthread.php?t...1#pid12861
<djlvstk> Series 60 vibration
<djlvstk> Series 60 vibration
<Highdog> Backfire thru intake cm2350 with new turbo n actuator
<Redland1> EGR block plate leaking around gasket and clamp.Have changed the gasket and clamp and same thing.What else can I do?
<marek4792> Flat plane both surfaces with sanding stone. Antiseize the clamping surface inside the clamp, lightly Antiseize gasket surface with copper based. Tap the clamp as you're tightening said clamp.
<cumminscider97> calterm tuning
<Rawze> my mumble server is for tuning discussions.: http://rawze.com/forums/showthread.php?t...63#pid2163
<Redland1> @Marek4792. Thank You!
<Mrkentee> accidentally got a little coolant down the turbo drain line when replacing turbo. Planning on draining the oil and replacing with new. Should be sufficient, right??
<Mrkentee> Have not started engine.
<Rawze> replacing oil should do the trick.
<kalsandhu> Boost leak kit
<marek4792> 4" adapter on Amazon, it goes onto the turbo compressor inlet.
<ian2021> Stop engine
<ignaciotorresjr> Oil
<Mrkentee> Thought: Might poly motor mounts contribute to early ECM failure?
<Hyliard15> Power 1 low voltage
<porkchopinacan> Black fuel
<Rawze> black fuel can be asphaltine issues, algea issues, oil-in-fuel issues.. take your pick.
<Redland1> Still have a leak around EGR blocker plate after cleaning up the surfaces with a wire brush on the grinder.Can I
<Redland1> Put high temp silicone on top of the gasket?
<Bigpete215> 2017 Peterbilt windshield washer pump not getting power
<tree98> Check the fuse
<Bigpete215> Spn 6780 FMI 3
<lesvraissavent> Can anyone help me with some codes on a DD15
<Porkchopexpress> 3751
<Sandman_69> Anyone know how to test the wiring to the exhaust pressure sensor? Replaced the sensor due to corrosion and also the tube but still getting CE light
<marek4792> Quickserve has manuals on this to measure resistance and voltage all free
<GoodWork> Hey what’s up guys what’s the best after market water pump I can buy for cm2350? Are the fleet pride OTR any good?
<Dale9200> Template
<StrateW9s> Non Vogt turbo cm871
<Rawze> you are on the wrong forum if your looking to butcher your engne with that engine killing no-vgt turbo crap!>
<Mk5Spnd10> Mm2 tables
<Mk5Spnd10> Mm2 maps
<Rawze> that is a subject for my mumble server... http://rawze.com/forums/showthread.php?t...63#pid2163
<ricstar> Have a Cummins diagnostic in line mini Any suggestion on a code reader that can clear codes without having Insight?
<Dakotakid> probe
<Mrkentee> Anybody still adding 85/140 to oil in summer?
<Cowmooover69> Looking at a 2016 Pete 567 sleeper with isx and UltraShift plus 13. Any thoughts to a fair price, dealer is asking 60k
<Ninja> GM guys hope your all having a great day
<Scuderia> Ninja
<Garrett909> Volvo surge
<Green379> Unilevers
<Green379> running rough
<marek4792> Fuel rail pressure relief valve what is the approximate torque value of spec 20ftlbs + 90° forgot my 1/2 inch socket adapter for my 3/8s torque wrench.
<StrateW9s> Kenworth A/C
<twinturbo> oil temp
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