<Brock> Need last 8 of a vin# for a pete 389 with a cm871 please anyone?
<Brock> Engine arrives Monday and I'll need a bunch of miscellaneous parts for the swap.
<GonTruckin> How do I check fo see compatibility of a ecm for a dd15 Detroit
<GreenBean> unilever
<snailexpress> windows7 support countdown https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=km5nlHkwluo
<Rawze> lol
<Rawze> what u mean.. i still have windows 3.11 <- works just fine for me.
<Waterloo> LOL!
<snailexpress> No more support from microsoft will be available.
<marek4792> What would cause an eaton 13speed manual to not catch the next gear when splitting half gears? Seems like I have to hold the accelerator slightly so it doesn't fall into the "black hole"
<Lonestar10> It's cold and there's a regulator on transmission prob needs a shot of atf inside it or replacement they tend to be touchy as they age
<Harrys> Abs
<walterk> I need Cummins NOX OUT sensor on 2015 Volvo, any leads on a good supplier would be appreciated.
<trucklogger2> Marek try splitting in neutral and return shifter to hole quickly
<marek4792> Thought it was between half gears but it happens when I move the stick like engine rpm falls too quickly
<Evotrucker> I’m looking to replace my ecm n engine harness on my cm870. Cummins currently only has 2 new ones in the u.s lol
<Evotrucker> New is around 2.7k and rebuilt is 2k. Are rebuilt ecm worth it?
<Rawze> i have not had a problem with an OE reman ecm before.
<Dj3608> Need help with isx 15 2015 model
<Dj3608> Poor mileage can I safely cap egr tube and gain mpg
<Dj3608> Anyone out there
<Evotrucker> Thanks rawze! Much appreciated as all ways!
<Waterloo> Reman ECM here, no issues, knock on wood.
<hhow55> Funny, the Dems are attempting to frame impeachment as a "stain", while Trump is wearing it as "a badge of courage"...I will go with the latter, and am very proud to join ranks of the "impeached"!...MAGA!...
<hhow55> Losers appointing losers. And liars. And the verdict is ? Not guilty! TRUMP2020
<marek4792> Went to his rally yesterday glad this man is our President!
<trucklogger2> Take your politics Somewhere else
<GreenBean> mommaburt
<hhow55> First question to Schiff...please point to the evidence of treason, a high crime and/or misdemeanor... Schiff...”uh, ummm, duh, gulp”
<hhow55> Trump ROCKS! 5 more years!
<Nostalgic> ^ ^ That ^ ^
<D_Y_F_B_A_E> Thank You Waterloo for all of you help!
<D_Y_F_B_A_E> Thank you Chamberpains for all of you help too!!!
<D_Y_F_B_A_E> Mr Hagg Thanks for reaching out to me and extending your assistance!!!
<D_Y_F_B_A_E> Rawze, thank you for the time, effort, and energy you have put in for us.
<D_Y_F_B_A_E> Just donated $100 to the site as a very small thank you :-)
<Rawze> Thanks .. every bit helps, as this place costs me $750/month to keep alive.
<D_Y_F_B_A_E> Rawze, the month of February will be covered by me! a $750 donation vs. a $2,500 part replacements.
<cowboycurtis> Big thanks to Running rough for helping with my Inline 6 and Insite. Great communication and very helpful!
<Paccardude> How do you crank up idle speed? My truck is currently at 600. Runs rough at that rpm
<Rawze> speed can be turned up with insite. mine is set for 800 to keep oil \pressure up. I never liked 600 myself.
<hhow55> Schiff for brains is done talking. Probably the best news I heard all day!
<hhow55> Just happy to hear the DimSH!TS opening lies are over ! After the WH lawyers are finished, Mitch needs to use 'The Kiill Switch' ! I might just listen to the White House side ! K A G 2020 or the corrupt swamp wins !
<Chamberpains> Oh come on, I can watch the owl from the "how many licks does it take to get to the center of the a tootsie roll tootsie pop" all day. 1...2...3...
<Chamberpains> It's fascinating to watch someone stand so surely behind what is obviously nothing.
<hhow55> the new standard for guilt in America.......the preponderance of accusations....
<hhow55> ""there is one thing that brings them all together...." Yes, it's called mental iIlness.
<hhow55> ""there is one thing that brings them all together...." Yes, it's called mental iIlness. But don't forget that Democrats are also united by their anger, rage, hatred, sore-losing bitterness, and an ever-growing treasonous revulsion of the USA.
<hhow55> KAG
<tree98> Well said
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