<Redland1> *fan kicks on
<Bengy88> If the fan doesn’t kick in till 210 then that’s why it’s reaching 210
<Redland1> What temp is it supposed to kick on
<Bengy88> It depends how it’s programmed to kick in. 210 is a lil more than I would like on an 870
<Redland1> Can I adjust it? Also why is it climbing at idle? This is something new
<Bengy88> C_FCC_FanOnCoolantTemp And C_FCC_FanoffCoolantTemp should be the settings…. I think
<Bengy88> What was the fan kicking on at before?
<Bengy88> If you can’t find those then let me know. There was a table you can edit in some Cummins I can’t remember if it was an 870 or not. Or what it was but I’ll find it
<Redland1> 210 has always been were it kicked on since I purchased it.Just the climb in temp while idling is new
<Redland1> It would normally be at 180 idling
<Bengy88> Hmmmmm it would make no sense for those settings to just change. I would still hook up and see if the fan is set to 210. If you need help shoot me a text. If you don’t have my number pm me yours
<Redland1> Where would be the best place for me to check the coolant temp to verify ecm is reading it correctly
<Rawze> thermostat housing
<Bengy88> Yup
<Gariuks82> New manifold and turbo, turbo still make noise and oil leak, mechanic said new turbo blow the pistons rings
<Gariuks82> Mechanic said I need a rebuild, I have prostar 2011 with 825000 miles a lot of blow y and oil consumption, what would be my best option ?
<tree98> Your mechanic told you that a new turbo caused a problem with your piston rings? Wow definitely DON'T go back to that guy!!
<Bengy88> Lol @tree…. If you have a lot of blow by you probably do need an overhaul. Is it demandated
<Bengy88> @garuiks82 let’s make a thread on this. What kinda noise is your turbo making and where is the oil coming from on the turbo. Sounds like multiple issues here
<Gariuks82> @Bengy88. turbo noise is during hard acceleration only. Noise is not like siren or whistle, sounds like is working really hard rough, oil leak looks like is coming from Compressor outlet.
<Gariuks82> @Bengy88 mechanic said turbo is fine, problem comes from engine and he said engine needs a rebuild
<Bengy88> The engine couldn’t cause the compressor outlet to leak oil…. If it was on the exhaust side I would say very possible but not on the charge air side
<Bengy88> it really sounds like your mechanic may just be trying to rack you up a nice bill, or he’s clueless. If your truck is demandated you should have your tune looked at
<Gariuks82> @Bengy88 thanks for your time, tomorrow I have the diagnostic from other mechanic.
<ckhauler> Cummins oil pressure dime trick
<Toolguy> Pyro and boost gages
<jrbmechanical> power
<jrbmechanical> ef100392
<Hemiterry> Insite
<Tinytink72> 4796
<barf> I have to wonder how many of these Gossip posts are someone mistakenly typing here instead of the search box
<Volvo8873> @barf I know! Lol I see it happen quite often
<Mrkentee> Is resetting trip info in INSITE, the same as doing it on the dash?
<Rawze> not sure.. never checked to see if it was.
<Redland1> vacuumed and charge my A/C to specs.When I turned on the ac the fan was running even when going down th road like it was overcharged
<Redland1> Shut the AC off and waited a few minutes for the fan to shut off but it has not turned off even with AC off for an hour
<Redland1> Looked in insite and it’s showing fan control switch off,fan command 100 percent
<Rawze> could be the main pressure sensor reading below 50 psi... or above the max pressure allowed.
<Redland1> The one that goes on the expansion valve?
<Jake751> Injector spill valve
<Manjot12dosanjh> black smoke
<La polla 1> Isx 15 fan clutch
<emancan> White smoke
<Imprnc077> Cummins
<Satch> High pressure switch
<Narrow901> Cummins isx871 surging at 10/40 mph out of gear
<marek4792> Normal thing for them, unless you're stopped and it still surges.
<Satch> Egr stuck
<Bengy88> Tried cleaning it?
<indian_richard> ISX cm2250. Replace air comp or rebuild? If replace, is there an optimum replacement?
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