<Rawze> JimT -== http://rawze.com/forums/showthread.php?t...1#pid10391
<tree98> Is the default temp for compressor intake 77 deg. ?? I got code 693 on my X15 demandated by Uni a year ago. Insite shows 77 deg currently and also as lowest and highest recorded. I'm thinking maybe just a bad temp sensor?
<Mrkentee> Jim T – thanks. I have used that in the past in a pinch. With no problems. Good idea.
<Mrkentee> they have CRC sta-lube on Amazon, but it’s over $50 a gallon.
<Rawze> tree98 .. he may have disabled it. - I am not a particular fan of doing so but some guys do so that it can be unplugged without giving a faul.
<Rawze> unplug the sensor and see if it gives a fault for it.
<tree98> Ok, I'll do that Rawze. If it is disabled why would I get a fault for inaccurate temperature?
<lobo2944> Tripac issues
<windowrattler> Tree, I think a person could keep the sensor enabled but do a user override to default it to whatever you want all the time. That would allow an error but also keep the reading constant.
<Cutchen19> Ox’s Cummins deleted but it runs like is suffering from fuel anywhere to start
<tree98> Yea pull the program and have Rawze look at it. No sense doing anything else until the tune is squared away.
<Redland1> What’s the proper name for L bracket that goes on the chassis for wiring?
<tree98> What's the best brand of starter? 870
<Bengy88> We have great service out of delco remy 39mt starters... Not sayint they are the best but they hold their ground
<Bengy88> And i call them "the L bracket that goes on the chassis for wiring"
<trucklogger2> 79321648 ESN too old for Quickserve? From 2009 kw
<tree98> No not to old
<trucklogger2> found it -migrated to cummins parts.com through QSOL
<Owen17> ISM
<trucklogger2> https://www.cummins.com/support/digital-...ds-support
<trucklogger2> Found this in my search EDS(expert Diagnostic System) Shortens the Fault tree more or less
<tree98> We're supposed to engage the lockers before pulling out the axle shafts right?
<871T389> 6/6 timing
<lesvraissavent> Can anyone give me some tips on what to do, if you can dm me it’s nox conversion problem on dd15
<white999> Cm2350 isl
<solo_shooter_> Cm2250 chuffing
<Nhramember> Hey tree do u know how to bleed the air out of the system? My firs time opening the fuel system
<tree98> Is your priming pump working? You should hear it run for 2 minutes if you turn the key to the on position
<Sandman_69> anyone done the oil pump/PRS mod on an M11 style pump? the M11 pump/PRS is quite a bit different from the "isx" style that the mod is done on....
<marek4792> looking for the thread of a turbo spooling up and down on low idle.
<BrandonOlsen> marek4792 I made that post about turbo!
<marek4792> Yeah not that one, mine is a cold start boost fluctuation that only happens at startup. I recall Rawze figuring this one out for someone after a through investigation few years back.
<TXpenguin> Outlet temp
<TXpenguin> Outlet
<TXpenguin> I thought this was a search bar, lol
<Rawze> the search bar is above.
<marek4792> found the thread I was looking for, but it maybe unrelated. Ill make a thread for it.
<Bengy88> Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Stay safe and enjoy your time with your families!
<Rawze> gobble gobble gobble mother f$%^##er
<snailexpress> Happy Turkey Day
<Adotcruz24> Smoking light blue
<Adotcruz24> Reset trip econ
<Redland1> Pressing clutch in to shut off truck.Good or bad?
<tree98> Why would you need to do that Redland?
<Redland1> Was shown by a friend how much better the engine sounds shutting off with clutch pressed.Just wondering though
<tree98> Can't hurt anything so go for it if it makes you happy
<cheneygl> 871
<cheneygl> milk
<cheneygl> milk money
<cheneygl> milk money
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