<Bengy88> A loose bolt is a useless bolt
<marek4792> C-term isn't letting me override turbo/egr position to diagnose an air/exhaust leak. any thoughts?
<Rawze> u might have to put the ecm into engineering mode first. Some ecm's you need to do this.
<Flatbed> Isx to x15 conversion
<ATAAN> running rough
<marek4792> Found the parameter I was looking for, it was in C_user section.
<trucklogger2> watch those motor mount bolts-if loose for long enough it will cost you a bell housing
<Bengy88> Yea it will also beat the rubber out of the mount and the only thing that will catch your engine is the turbo. Seen it a lot on kw’s
<tree98> Ouch !!!!!
<walterk> bdr
<Rawze> bdr = Cm2350 x-101 ISX engines.
<Tberg> hey everybody, can anyone tell me what fuel state 47 means exactly? is it a limiter
<Allen21> Anyone have contact info for gearhead's shop?
<Rawze> state 47 is simply max output has been reached for a particular operating mode. it is not necessarily a derate.
<Tberg> yea, i just cant figure this thing out, suppose to be a 2050 but only getting 1850-1900 and fuel state will say 47 when full throttle
<Tberg> replaced 3 injectors, relief-holds fuel pressure really good. pressure tested intake-all good, replaced intake and exhaust sensors.. some days i miss my cat
<tree98> Will it pass a leakdown test ?
<Tberg> yes, will hold pressure for hours now as opposed to when i picked it up, would dump in seconds
<tree98> What is telling you your only getting to 1900 instead of 2050 ?
<Tberg> net_engine_torque wont ever hit 2779. only 2500-2600 and fuel state always sits on 47. boost for this 2250 only hits 30 aswell, maybe i should start a thread. Pressure tested entire engine and not a single boost leak either
<tree98> Is it demandated? Have you taken the actuator off the turbo and verified full travel of the VG ring ?
<Tberg> it is yes, I have sent my file to rawze for inspection. I havent -pulled the actuator off no. it seems to follow the commanded vs measured while running and jaking.. should i take that with a grain of salt i suppose.
<tree98> Your likely fighting against a bad tune at this point. I wouldn't do anything else until Rawze straightens it out. Your just pissing in the wind.
<Imprnc07> cummins isite 8.9
<Angrybeavers> Runningrough
<Redland1> Air tank pressure went from 120 to 130 this morning and dryer is purging frequently now
<Rawze> unloader valve sticking?.
<Titan313> Gear oil
<Titan313> Gear oil
<JaAdam> insite 8.9
<JaAdam> injector rebuild
<JaAdam> injector
<JaAdam> six injector
<same101us> Erg tuneup
<same101us> Egr tune up
<Roshea> DD15 unloader valve
<Nhramember> Does the fuel pump on a 2350 have a filter on the high pressure inlet at pump?
<Rawze> a sceen i think, inside one of the banjo fittings. register your engine on quickserv and get all the drawings
<amermextrucker> Truck been sitting for 6 Mos, davco filter looks good , should I change it ?
<Rawze> no, but you might want to turn the enigne by hand aout once a month to keep things from siezing up.
<Nhegel45> Would anybody have the torque spec/sequence for ISX 12 flexplate?
<Rawze> registert the engne ser# on quickserv.com and get all drawings, procedures, torque specs, etc.. all for free.
<walterk> Can I drive with a radiator cup loose? I need to get home with a leaking radiator. The leak is small.
<tree98> Yes you can Walterk
<Nhramember> Hey rawze did the leak down test again twice. The results are in my post. Thanks
<Mrkentee> I’m thankful for this forum!! It’s been very valuable to me the last nine years.
<Rawze> Happy thanksgiving everyone. I bow my head in prayer and thanks for the generosity that everyone on the forum has shown this year, especially in this tight economy .. thanks again.
<Bengy88> We thank you for all of your help and guidance and for keeping the forum open for everyone to help each other all with no personal benefit to yourself
<Dream Big> code 559 going up hill
<tree98> CHANGE YOUR FUEL FILTER!!! When was the last time you rebuilt the high pressure fuel pump ?
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