<smorgan87> Gonna start saving up for a 1/2 drive battery impact if you have any suggestions.
<marek4792> Get the dewalt one Rawze recommends on his Amazon page, cheap and does a great job!
<cowboy17077> ???
<Squish099> Milwaukee 1/2 drive 18v 2767-20 it's broke loose everything I've thrown at it..
<dutton58> Oil temperature
<smorgan87> Anybody got a 150G KW fuel thank theyd like to sell or trade for a 125.
<smorgan87> Drivers side front fill***
<JimT> Anyone else having problems with quickserve? logged in fine but some of the tabs, such as Manuals and Service Bulletins are coming up blank
<Bamaprez> Uniliever
<Bamaprez> I need help anybody know of someone within reaching distance of Asheville North Carolina that can safely put a safe tune and a 2250
<Rawze> maybe give Mr. Hag a ring?
<Business School Dropout> Where can I find magnetic wheel bearing caps?
<PTSCummins> Is Unilevers no longer on here?
<tree98> No he isn't
<PTSCummins> Anyone know how to get ahold of him directly? I'm local to him I believe in Canada
<smorgan87> What part of Canada? Runningrough is up yander.
<PTSCummins> Okanagan, BC
<smorgan87> Hes in alberta
<kalsandhu> Davco filter
<PTSCummins> Yep I got ahold of him. Tentative play date with my ECM this week
<Class_8> n14's ? any experts out there that can educate me a little on the oil system ?? thanks!!
<tree98> Can we look up ram pickup truck engines on quickserve or is it only commercial engines?
<Rawze> u should be able to look it up, diagrams, parts, etc... however you will not be able to get ecm programs for it off quickserv.
<tree98> Is there somewhere we can get those?
<Rawze> yeah, by having your ECM updated by a dodge/chrysler dealer.
<Rawze> If i owned one of those pick-up trucks, i would rip the entire ecm and wiring harness off it and put a different one on from a commercial engine and go from there.
<tree98> Wow I didn't even know that was possible. Probably a monumental task though getting it set up correctly with the right programming.
<acrenvironmental> freightliner m2 def light flashing empty
<tree98> Put def in the tank
<tree98> What are you guys using to block off both sides of the turbo for pressure testing?
<Yauchout> i was able to block it with just what is provided in my otr cac pressure tester kit
<tree98> What about the exhaust side?
<JimT> tree98, i have a dodge/cummins... You can register it in quickserve, but no manuals, fault info or parts info available, refers you to truck OEM
<tree98> Thanks Jim that makes my mind up about that
<tree98> What program do we need to talk to the cab controller on a western star?
<HiabGuy> Mpg
<HiabGuy> Mpg fuel
<Sg3406> Dpf file
<Sg3406> Dpf file
<falcon> dd15
<Grizzly> Just curious, 2010 Pete 387, theres an airline marked T24, 3/8" line on firewall manifold goes to the inside? Know what it feeds?
<smorgan87> Anybody else getting enjoyment out of brokeronlys undercutting rates and then failing svc?
<Yauchout> Hey Rawze do you mind if I give you a call I'm trying to set vertical end play you could use just a little bit of insight
<Rawze> i dont mind.
<Mrkentee> a/c tensioner bolt stuck. Trying some heat from behind before taking the whole bracket off.
<Knuckles> Does anyone have info on getting a QSL9 offroad ready? Does the MM apply to this engine as well?
<Rawze> maybe contact forum member 'running rough'.
<tree98> Anyone talk to Waterloo lately? Hope everything's ok, haven't seen him on here in a while.
<Volvo8873> Was wondering the same.
<coleclif> Gear oil
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