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RE: My Pete rebuild - Brock - 06-18-2018

Just curious.... what did you use to clean up the deck?

RE: My Pete rebuild - Nostalgic - 06-18-2018

(06-18-2018 )Brock Wrote:  Just curious.... what did you use to clean up the deck?

A mild scotch pad on a 6" orbital - something that should NEVER be done on an inframe. After the counterbores are cut I'm going to run a bore brush through all of the oil passages with a flood of kerosene. Really, I can't stress enough, if you're doing anything with the crank still in your block, the way Rawze cleaned his deck is pretty much the only safe way to do it.

RE: My Pete rebuild - Nostalgic - 06-18-2018

Have to admit, I was getting cold feet with the crank sitting on my bench, staring at me with it's indiscreet packaging. So I made a few calls and tracked it back through distributors. Turns out, it's not Chinese but unbranded oe surplus (which
the term still raised some questions and required yet another call) - which would explain why I didn't see the China stamp like my oe Cummins timing gears have proudly stamped in them. Justifiably some tight lips in the distribution industry as to sourcing - I'm sure competition is fierce, and trademark laws require some tiptoeing in marketing.

RE: My Pete rebuild - schISM - 06-18-2018

Might be a Sanz crank. I wouldn't be afraid to run one if push came to shove. I was looking into crankshafts for a caterpillar project and what information I could find on them was positive.

RE: My Pete rebuild - Nostalgic - 06-26-2018

Not a lot to update - have been busy with ac and cooling work in the day, and grading some property in the evenings. Been blasting and painting misc. parts and brackets at night. Machine shop matched local price for cutting counterbores, so I dropped the block off last week. Valve cam polished up good, but the frosting didn't come out of the injector cam. They said they wouldn't be afraid to run it, but I really don't feel like tearing into it again in 200-250k miles, so I'm pondering reground, aftermarket, or new Cummins. Not a huge price spread, but every $1k counts when you're 6-8 months away from a payday. I'll have to call Cummins for pricing on rollers once I get the rockers cleaned and on the bench.

On a side not, for anyone that questioned or cringed at my method of cleaning up the deck - I was offered a job when he saw my prep work. I may have considered if not for the 1:45 commute each way lol. Deck is good, and counterbores needed .002" to even up, which would have put my liners at about .009" I considered having the deck cut to bring the liners up, but decided to just order .020" shims from Apex - they're going to wait for them before doing final cuts tomorrow.

Ordered a ring compressor - I really don't feel like fighting 6 pistons in with my spring steel compressor. It would just be too easy to scratch a piston or break a ring. Only other tool I'm going to need soon is a liner press. If I find some spare time, I'll probably make my own. Have an extra piece of AR500 steel that fits the fire ring perfectly, just need to weld up a stand.

RE: My Pete rebuild - Nilao - 06-26-2018

If you're using the updated cummins kit with the anti carbon ring you will also need to tool that fits into the liner as the piston skirt is larger than the anti carbon ring is thus the ring has to be out when the piston is installed leaving a 1/4" gap from the top of the liner to the actual liner wall.

RE: My Pete rebuild - ZeroNthedark - 06-26-2018

Interesting post, I'm looking forward to keeping an eye on this build. These are always fascinating to me.

Nice to see someone from my neck o' the woods on here.

RE: My Pete rebuild - redtick - 06-27-2018

(06-18-2018 )Brock Wrote:  If I already had the block stripped down like you do..... it would go to a engine machine shop 100%. They can do a way more precise cut than you ever could, you can even get them to check the crankshaft to make sure it's not bent a bit as they can straighten them.

Talking about bending a crankshaft brings back memories.

Back in the 80's, I was picking up a new 855 crank from the Peterbilt dealer in OKC. I said something about bending the old crank as they were unloading it out of the pickup. The guy running the forklift made a show of it. He raised the crank as high as the forks would go and tilted them forward letting the crank drop to the pavement. It bounced like a spring and rang like a bell.

RE: My Pete rebuild - Nostalgic - 07-01-2018

Block is back from the machine shop. Had .020" shims shipped to them from Apex, and got 5-.020" and 1-.021" shim. I'm glad they wanted the shims and didn't listen to me when I suggested just cutting them all for the liners to sit -.006".

Wanted to build my liner press today, but a couple hot days brought a lot of ac work in. Did my (hopefully) final clean up of the block tonight followed with a hot sudsy bath and good rinse down.

All I want now is to hear it start for the first time, but we're a long ways to go doing this nights and weekend warrior style.

Brought home the new head. Now I just have an injector cam and all new rollers left on the shopping list. Really wish there was a cheaper way around them, and I haven't even inspected the rockers yet... Fingers crossed that I don't find any more surprises.