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RE: My Pete rebuild - Nostalgic - 03-16-2019

(03-16-2019 )Lonestar10 Wrote:  Yep should RIP and roar if rest of program is all setup

My excitement was short lived. It won’t let me change it live so I’ll pull a copy off and see what I can mess up offline haha.

RE: My Pete rebuild - Lonestar10 - 03-16-2019

Mine worked but maybe I changed a 1 to 0 not sure off top of my head. But hopefully an upload gets it right.

RE: My Pete rebuild - Nostalgic - 03-28-2019

While I had a hard time patiently waiting for the title to show up, I did manage to be half productive and got around to filling and grading a parking pad.

Yesterday, the title finally showed up. With my goofy temp apportioned plate to match my goofy smile, I finally got to run around the countryside fully legal. Stopped to pick up my inspection sticker and picked up my trailer...

Pulled the side kit off at the house and sorted through the "free" securement left on the trailer. The chains were all rusted and junk, but at least won't have to buy any binders and I can finish up my Mytee shopping list. Headed to the company's shop with it for them to go over for me. As much as I'd prefer to do 100% of my own work, until I get some major earth moved, I can't get it close enough to my garage to use air tools or get off the gravel. Since it's been sitting for a few years, it's not surprising that by the time I got there, 3 wheel seals started leaking and got added to my list. I'm hoping at the least to be able to pour a concrete pad to work on. I'll do a lot of things, but for some reason, dragging myself around under equipment on gravel just pisses me off lol.

RE: My Pete rebuild - Lonestar10 - 03-28-2019

did the LBSC - off get rid of your power issue or was it in another portion of the programming?

RE: My Pete rebuild - Nostalgic - 03-28-2019

I disabled it and it will spin 2100 now, but still needs some work. Max boost is 28-29 (didn't have insite hooked up to monitor load), but it's still sluggish. Not sure if I can point at closing limits, or to torque (or lack thereof). Comparing it to the small sample of what I have run, it feels pretty close to a 435 N14. Running Route 66 from Kittanning to 80 is a pretty good test ground, and I'm pretty confident in expectations for the stretch. I'm sure I wouldn't be too impressed with 50k on the deck, but I've had less than 300 miles play time so far. I lucked into some local work to get my feet wet again, so if I have to get out and push up hills, at least it'll only be a day at a time haha.

RE: My Pete rebuild - Nostalgic - 04-01-2019

As someone that already suffers from anxiety, seeing a new puddle and tracing it up to this:

Was not a pleasant experience... At least it was a simple issue, as I just needed to tighten the turbo coolant line.

RE: My Pete rebuild - Chamberpains - 04-01-2019

Nice built in suspense. I shook my head in disbelief at the 1st pic and then smiled on the 2nd.

RE: My Pete rebuild - Nostalgic - 04-06-2019

Made up some pipe stakes last night...

And today I replaced the rusted up winches with some new galvanized sliders. Really bummed that Kinedyne quit making the Kaptive Hook straps, but since the WLL ratings are not visible on them anymore, I'll have to use the flat style I guess.

Box for the side kit is off, and I'm only keeping the kit in case I use the trailer to store hay in the future, otherwise it's just too much like work breaking it down - I'd rather throw tarps (I think?).

Acid wash, install my quarter fenders and a few odds n ends and we'll be ready to get heavy?

RE: My Pete rebuild - Lonestar10 - 04-06-2019

Looking good tarping isn't to bad only thing I hate to tarp is eye to sky coils haven't figoured out a way to make it look good without creating blimp mode down the road