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Diagnostics Software - GreenBean - 11-15-2019

Has anyone ever used the NexIQ/ESA software and programming? If so, can you share the PROS/CONS?

RE: Diagnostics Software - Rawze - 11-15-2019

Maybe you should be a bit more specific on what your intended goals are?.

RE: Diagnostics Software - GreenBean - 11-16-2019

I want to be able to diagnose, repair, set up parameters myself rather than trusting a shop to do it the way I need it to be done. IE: Bought this truck (2014 Pete 386), brought it home, put it to work. 2 of the gauges were not working. I checked to make sure it wasn't fuse related, ran a couple of checks with wiring, found that they were never "turned on" from the factory... Because of the warranty (expensive roll of charmin), I ran it by the Pete store and had them turn the gauges on...took all of about 15 minutes. The mechanic hooked up an ESA program through a NexIQ and laptop, like I said, 15 minutes later and the gauges are fully operational! Walked out of the shop's office with an invoice for $185.00....
Longer story short, I want to be able to do as much of the work as I can myself.
Thus far I have purchased the Insite program, have had nothing but trouble with it...installed it, hooked it up and it was a READ ONLY version, even with the product codes, etc. So, I scrapped it after much debating with the seller. Bought another and am waiting on it to arrive right now.

RE: Diagnostics Software - tree98 - 11-16-2019

your gonna need to get insite working, it's a must if you own a cummins. You can use other software as well if you like but you really need insite.

RE: Diagnostics Software - MageRoyal - 11-16-2019

insite 7.6 works great.

kyegn is on internet in many places. works just fine. jus make key and put it in.

inline 5 i have works for esa and jpro and insite, everyhtin else.

u can waste ur money but if u cant figure out how to get insite going properly then u not going to get anythin else going any better.

RE: Diagnostics Software - GreenBean - 11-17-2019

Thank you, can you tell me what kyegn is? And how it works?

RE: Diagnostics Software - MageRoyal - 11-17-2019

(11-17-2019 )GreenBean Wrote:  what kyegn is?


RE: Diagnostics Software - Rawze - 11-17-2019

WARNING: Public Software trading is NOT ALLOWED on this forum!.

RE: Diagnostics Software - Nostalgic - 11-17-2019

My inline 6 wouldn't work with ESA. I wasted money on a knockoff Nexiq before finally just picking up a legit one. All just to turn on some gauges. There's a nice chime in the cab controller I wanted to enable for my dump valve, but I struck out trying to find a telltale lead to activate it. No clue why it's there if you can't use it, but I never really dug deep enough to see what it would take to get inside of the cab controller.