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Cm2250 swap to cm2350 - Valley11 - 08-26-2020

Took out 6.7cm2250 And Installed QSB 6.7L cm2350 Made all requirements to fit engine in and then repined the ecm connector. Engine will be demandated did not connect any emissions pin into ecm connector. I installed it in a logging loader not a truck. I turn key on communicates to display but will not crank. Insite will not allow full connection say ecu connected calibration selection error once connected. This is a new crate engine no idea what for was going to get it programmed after installed. Any help in someone that has swapped 2250 for 2350 before.

RE: Cm2250 swap to cm2350 - Rawze - 08-26-2020

not sure about the smaller engines but an ISX cm2250 to 2350 is a matter of simply bolting up the ecm and wiring harness off the cm2250 onto the new 2350 block and connecting it all up, keeping to the older ecm. After that, a custom program must be made to make sure it runs correctly... emissions or not, because there is no 2250 ecm program from cummins that will properly run a 2350 block and injectors... but is it not that hard to make one if you know what your looking for.

basically, use the cm2250 ecm... the 2250 wiring harnesses, the 2250 emissions and all stuff will still be wired correctly.

On the programming side of things, the fuelling controller needs editing for the different injectors, injection timing, the calculator for the injector trim codes needs to be edited to read 2350 injectors, the cold ambient and cold weather settings needs adjusting,.. and if the emissions are kept, the emissions settings for the post2 injection cycle and a few other things needs tweaking a bit. -- i have had to do several of them this year alone, as the red engine maker OEM network of morons and nitwits seem to be abandoning ppl that have this type of engine swap done with no real solutions.

RE: Cm2250 swap to cm2350 - stevegrutz - 02-08-2021

this is the exact swap i am in middle of. Seems like such a hassle to repin the entire OEM plug to the cm2350 version, which would require probably a full day of cutting and recrimping the proper terminals for the ecm. I was told that the cm2250 cannot run a cm2350 engine even though I think it might work with proper tuning.

RE: Cm2250 swap to cm2350 - Rawze - 02-08-2021

(02-08-2021 )stevegrutz Wrote:  ...
I was told that the cm2250 cannot run a cm2350 engine ...

Not sure about an ISB, but ...

As far as the ISX is concerned, this would be incorrect information.

... might want to read thru the whole thread top to bottom...

RE: Cm2250 swap to cm2350 - Valley11 - 02-09-2021

Repinned ecu connector n out sure if it was just the machine it was going into or not had to add resistor in can bus. Machine is running good now