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Low coolant light - alborz - 11-24-2021

[attachment=8206][attachment=8206][attachment=8206]Yesterday the low coolant light came on
I stopped and check the coolant level, unplugged and replugged the sensor. Light turned off
Last night again low coolant light came on and started blinking and sounds bib. Bib. Bib….
I checked the sensor and again unplugged and cleaned it. Still no change except the engine light with a wrench came on. I bought a new sensor and plugged in still same problem. Coolant level in hot and cold engine has not been low at all.
Any input will be appropriate.
Peterbilt 579
Cummins ISX 2350
540k miles

RE: Low coolant light - Rawze - 11-24-2021

coolant level sensors are notorious for going bad on pete's. Most people have to end up changing out the whole coolant resivour to cure it.

here is similar threads...






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RE: Low coolant light - hookliftpete - 11-24-2021

Ill second that rawze, had similar issue two years ago, there was an updated sensor pete was making.

RE: Low coolant light - Chamberpains - 11-27-2021

Also, do not ever buy the cheap aftermarket sensor. Paccar has a lot of experience with this and will tell you the reason there is over a $100 difference in price between OEM and aftermarket is OEM works and aftermarket is cheap way to buy in to unexplained sensor faults.

RE: Low coolant light - SquareOne - 11-27-2021

Man, they don’t give the damn coolant reservoirs away from Freightliner(just changed mine week before last). I can only imagine what they want for a Paccar product if they’re specific for that truck...

RE: Low coolant light - Waterloo - 11-28-2021

last time I priced one for my ProStar at the Stealership, it was in that $600 range... And no cap, that was extra too... I bought the Dornan for around $150, it is still on there.

RE: Low coolant light - Lonestar10 - 11-28-2021

Can find tank on Amazon and cap.

Got new cap for my t680 for like 10 bucks vs 60 at dealer. Dorman 902-5403

RE: Low coolant light - Waterloo - 11-28-2021

(11-28-2021 )Lonestar10 Wrote:  Can find tank on Amazon and cap.

Got new cap for my t680 for like 10 bucks vs 60 at dealer. Dorman 902-5403

Outrageous what they are doing to us with these prices... My buddy has been down for weeks, in the shop to replace a bad manifold and gaskets on his 870. It took them a few weeks to get the parts, don't know what the real availability is for 870 engine parts, but who knows.

I was up at Speedco a few months back, the one in Perrysburg OH at the old T5. I stood there and watched two trucks pull in and leave as I was having the service done, they pulled in, popped the hood, lowered the hood and left. I asked what was up, the tech said they do not have filters for their trucks. They were newer Volvos or Freightliners, I don't recall for sure. Tech told me they are having issues with all brands, supply was short and hit and miss come delivery day on their orders.

I went home and bought three cases of filters, fuel, oil and Davco, LOL!