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2006 international 9900I - jjoshthomas074 - 12-21-2021

quick question!!! Brake lights staying on when air is present in system. probably the brake light switch is bad, anybody know right where this might be. haven't had any time to check it yet truck is parked at shop not in service.

RE: 2006 international 9900I - Rawze - 12-22-2021

maybe the diagrams would help?

RE: 2006 international 9900I - jjoshthomas074 - 12-22-2021

Resolved Thankyou very much for the info

RE: 2006 international 9900I - Chamberpains - 12-24-2021

Was it the hand spike (trolly valve) slightly pulled down? You can tell us. We won't poke fun, I promise. It's slightly embarrassing but it's happened to many of us.