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2015 CM2350 Water Pump - Hermjeji - 09-15-2022

Hi Folks. My water pump is leaking coolant when the truck has cooled down, it's leaking from the connection highlighted below. Once the truck has warmed up, it does not leak anymore. Is it possible that it's just that O-ring?

2015 CM2350, approx 12000 hours.

RE: 2015 CM2350 Water Pump - SquareOne - 09-15-2022

I'd imagine it would be possible, but I believe you would have to pull the entire manifold to get to it. Just replaced my water pump last week (the pump itself, not the manifold), and it looks like the manifold is def a time consuming job depending on the truck application.

- It would be a good idea to have a new pump just incase there is an issue with your original. You can always return if not used. Definitely get every O-ring associated with the removal of that pump. Hate to do all that work only to have another leak which would require the process be repeated.