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Fuel shut off solenoid issue - JM05 - 11-24-2022

Hello Rawze. I am having an issue with my cm870. I have owned my truck since 2015. About a month ago I ran into an issue where the truck went into a "derate" mode. I have Insite, I'm just not real sure what I am doing with it. The active fault that was there was 259. "Fuel shut off solenoid stuck open". I replaced the solenoid with a new OEM part. Problem persisted so I replaced it again with another new one. I was told that the "run on" situation could also be caused by a bad injector. The truck has 1.1 million miles on the original injectors. It was overhauled at 638,XXX and the injectors were all tested and reinstalled. So I felt like the injectors were probably due for replacement regardless so the injectors are new. "Run on" problem is still an issue. Found out the truck had the 5th wheel base changed out and when the base was welded on the battery wasn't unhooked. Long story short it has a new ECM. We also replaced the fuel pressure sensor and new timing/metering actuators in the last 18 months ( could be an actuator I have not checked them). I have been told that the fuel housing can crack and cause issues on 870's but I have not checked into that yet. I'm working in the yard here due to no shed big enough to get the truck inside. It has been "de-mandated" and tuned by another forum member and he has been helping me with ideas to check but he is very busy and lives in a different state. Basically been off work for a month and I would definitely appreciate some help getting it figured out so I can get back at it.

RE: Fuel shut off solenoid issue - hhow55 - 11-24-2022


This info is available on quickserve.cummins.com