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Isx cm871 rear structure and front oil leaks - jesse24spd - 10-25-2023

Truck is an auction purchase with a 132” sleeper.

2008 kw t600 with 18 speed. Recently purchased this truck and have some insight in to its history.

Preparing to put it in service and need to take care of a couple of oil leaks first. What needs to be replaced when doing these repairs? Rear structure is leaking at gasket. Planning to do clutch while transmission is out to do the gasket and rear main.

Front gear structure appears to be leaking at gasket as well. Are there any hard parts that have to be changed with the gaskets?

The history on the engine/truck I’ve been able to piece together is as follows
1,533,000 miles
Rebuilt at 800,000 at {garbage-can shop in PA} (demandated at or around this time) oil bypass filter added as well as fass lift pump installed.

RE: Isx cm871 rear structure and front oil leaks - Rawze - 10-25-2023

PP = crappy rebuild.

PP programming and delete = crappy, engine killing programming.

That would also explain the rear and front structure issues.,.. as when the engine is heavily abused, it makes the rear and front structure leak when the block and mounts get all twisted and abused by big torque ding-dong, abusive idiot, engine killing tuning!.

Sounds to me like you bought into a severely abused, garbage deal there of an engine and truck. Hope you got it damn near for free, because I would not have given 3 cents for that trashed up mess.

BTW: The oil bypass filter is completely useless on a delete CM871 engine, as it should not be making soot in the oil all the time any more.. and that fass garbage is going to do absolutely nothing for it at all vs a proper davco pre-filter.

Someone has been feeding you (or the previous owner) some real crap ideas, truck stop gimmiks, and bad things there it seems so far. - PPL need to STOP drinkin' the cool-aide and start down the path of getting it back right, get those garbage can things and ideas off of it, . and some day that truck might actually start to make a profit again. I don't tolerate engine abuse and trash that does no damn good but to empty your damn wallet at the end of the day around here, so I am quick to call it out for what it is.

RE: Isx cm871 rear structure and front oil leaks - jesse24spd - 10-25-2023

As stated this was all done and added by previous owners. I’m on the forum to learn the right way for these engines. I’m coming out of a vnl 780 d13. Looking forward to putting the isx back to what it should be for reliability.

I have yet to have a chance to hook up with laptop to see what tuning is on the truck. Not sure if it pp tuning or someone else’s. Planned to remove the extra oil crap when taking care of said leaks.

Will it be ok with the fass pump for the time being?

Truck has a 132” Ari sleeper on it. Me and the wife are on the road about 300 days out of the year so the added amenities were a factor in the purchase, but we did get it quite on the cheap side.

RE: Isx cm871 rear structure and front oil leaks - tree98 - 10-25-2023

Honestly your better off to make an appointment at Mr Haggs for an inframe. They can straighten out the programming (you can bet its terrible) at the same time. Otherwise your at high risk of putting a rod through the block.

What rear end gear ratio does it have?

RE: Isx cm871 rear structure and front oil leaks - Rawze - 10-25-2023

Start by copying the program out of the ecm and e-mail it to me for a proper review of what someone did in there.
ref: http://rawze.com/forums/showthread.php?tid=8425&pid=72945#pid72945

As far as the fss goes,.. might as well yank it off there when the other major work is done to it. In the mean time, it will not hurt anything (unless there is something wrong with it), except costing a few tenths lower fuel mileage due to its electric power consumption.

And I hope that you got the moneys for an inframe for set aside,... as 640k miles on bad, abusive programming and mods, is a whole lot unnecessary internal of wear. - Likely the reason it got sold to begin with. Trucks in good shape and making moneys don't typically get sold.

RE: Isx cm871 rear structure and front oil leaks - jesse24spd - 10-27-2023

I’m on the road till thanksgiving. When I get back there to the truck I’ll do the copy and email.
Truck is in pretty good shape. Previous owner got cancer so was forced to sell

RE: Isx cm871 rear structure and front oil leaks - 68shifter - 11-09-2023

No real hard parts with the gasket change. Some of it you wont know until you get into it. I've found chipped gears and broken front covers before.

You're biggest grief will be main seals. Either buy the tooling or if you know someone who will let you borrow it.

Looking at motor mounts, fan assembly, belts etc are all things easily done before you tear into the job. Here in the Michigan a lot of the time they do end up needing new oil pans as it seems anything older than 5 yrs starts rusting to hell half way up on passenger side causing leaks as well.