Why I do NOT Use Lucas (Opinion)...
03-18-2019, (Subject: Why I do NOT Use Lucas (Opinion)... ) 
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RE: Why I do NOT Use Lucas (Opinion)...
(03-18-2019 )ChicagoDiesel Wrote:  My only concern was yellow metal wear. Seems like it's somewhat of a myth. I'm going to to go ahead and use it and report back after 2k miles.

I checked every brass component in my engine aftr 950,000 miles and saw absolutely no "yellow metal" etching whatsoever.... so yeah,.. it is mostly an internet-rambo type of myth as far as I am concerned. If I start to see an actual problem because of what I do to my own truck,.. I will be quick to let everyone know about it. Here is a fine example of me once using waterless coolant and then letting others know what a night-mere that became...

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