2010 ProStar Coolant Temp
01-16-2021, (Subject: 2010 ProStar Coolant Temp ) 
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RE: 2010 ProStar Coolant Temp
Hi Rawze,

Is your fan also pretty loud when it kicks on? Just want to make sure that doesn’t indicate a problem with the clutch or anything.

(01-12-2021 )Rawze Wrote:  just for reference...

It takes my truck a good 20 - 30 minutes of just idling if it has sat a few days in cooler weather (40's F) before it gets to its regulated 185 degrees.

this is not implying there is nothing wrong with yours... you need to replace the thermostat and the brass ring in the bottom of the housing if it is more then a few years old, simply for safety of the engine if there is any question or doubt. It is cheap insurance.

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