F/c 3232 SPN 3216 FMI 9
02-23-2021, (Subject: F/c 3232 SPN 3216 FMI 9 ) 
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F/c 3232 SPN 3216 FMI 9
Aftertreatment 1 Intake NOx Sensor - Abnormal Update Rate

Along with code 3714 SPN 1569 FMI 9

Long story short left truck on around 7-8hrs at night without dialing up the cruise in -30f weather. Came back to truck and got a Power reduced due to SCR on dash. Started driving and got a Engine derate warning, along with check engine light, and SCR system fault or detected.
Manually regened for an hour but that didnt fix anything.

Changed both inlet and outlet NOx sensor but still codes. Found the connecter to the Inlet NOx sensor is a little busted. Changing today to see if it’ll fix the issue.

If that doesnt clear then code - what am I looking at here?
Wiring issue?
Doser valve clogged?
DEF quality went bad - flush old def and put in fresh DEF? (DEF tank was almost full and havent driven truck for 2 weeks with below freezing weather when this started happening)
Blown fuse or battery issue? (day before this battery was shot due to cold so had to charge it to turn on) maybe caused a short or blown fuse there?
Filter or other components got clogged bad now time for a cleaning? (been around 175k since last cleaning)
Any other ideas?

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