X15 Rear Bank Injector Short Circuit
01-08-2022, (Subject: X15 Rear Bank Injector Short Circuit ) 
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RE: X15 Rear Bank Injector Short Circuit
Those codes are injector solenoid circuit current below normal or open. All combined for the rear bank.

Anyways, I'm shocked anyone would take there truck to a stealer ship without the incentive of warranty. And I know that warranty is also of strong opinion here, but on all of my trucks they've paid for it - ECM, cams, egr coolers, etc. But not the point.

So the history is in the post above, now that this code came back, they're saying it's the injector pass through harness. Kenworth is adamant this is not covered by Warranty, and just wanted to know if anyone has any insight into this? The Protection Plan 1 coverage states "Wiring Harnesses" (plural) are covered. Seems weird to me that all other harnesses are covered except for the injector pass through one.

Also of note, funny that 1.5 months ago only one jake brake rocker was thought to be bad and replaced, and now the entire rear bank of jake brake rocker assemblys are "out of spec". Anyways that's under warranty, and who am I to complain of getting new ones.

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