Cm2250 Ecm help
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(08-05-2022 )Stantheman Wrote:  2013 cm2250 was de mandated for off road use. Straight pipes. Truck ran good for 4 months or so. All of sudden it started over boosting like high 40’s no power no smoke. Mechanic cleared codes ran fine until it started idling like it has some hot rod cam in it. Like it was loping and turbo was boosting 1-2 pounds. Once in a pull it would over boast. All sensors have been replaced turbo swapped out fuel pump rebuilt engine rebuilt same time of de mandate. I finally have my mechanic in agreement that it’s a bad tune. So if someone would please reach out and let me email my tune to them and fix it I will compensate the work. I’ve dumped over 10k in this thing and wish I would have just replaced the scr can. Thanks in advance

bad programming is an absolute plague in the trucking world.

copy the file out of the ecm and e-mail it to me for a proper review of what someone had done to it... good, bad, and downright ugly.

There are more than 12 different operating modes in that CM2250.. and most of those clown who claim to make delete programs don't even know that.. or how to keep it from trying to passaive regen, or warm up a set of exhaust cans that no longer exist.

Most of them just unplug bunch of s$it and block all the screaming fault codes.. and then assume that there is some kind of magic fairy-sauce inside the ecm to make it all better.. that is how bad more than 90% of all the programs that i see really are.

It is a daily occurrence around here.

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