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(11-22-2022 )Waterloo Wrote:  The front blower under the dash is turning on with the key off? That is weird. Does anything else turn on that is on the ignition circuit? The stereo or CB Radio? Could be a bad ignition switch? Maybe the HVAC control head is failing for some reason, but that should be on the ignition circuit. Hmm.

Have you looked in the dash behind the heater control to inspect the wiring?

The only reason I ask, is that in my ProStar, I was the second owner, when I got into the dash to chase down some electrical issues I found a complete rats nest of wiring, splices, lots of electrical tape, jenkie connections and so on.

Worst case, you will need Diamond Logic to chase down the issue.
I will have to dig into it. It is very annoying Thank you sir.

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