CM2350 factory file comparrisons...
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RE: CM2350 factory file comparrisons...
(05-07-2024 )Matrix2613 Wrote:  I do have to check on the rear ends, but this one is set up with an automatic. Drives like a car and my brother in law seems to like it better then the cascadia he was driving before.

You could add more power but it is not going to cure much of anything as long as it has those horribly spec'd rear ends and auto=-s$itter tranny that is h#ell bent on lugging it to death. Most of these auto-s$itter trannies are always trying to keep the engine lugging itself to an agonizing death below 1500 rpm's ... and this also makes starves the vehicle of power, as the engine cannot make full power below 1500RPM or so. A shortened engine life is the result.

So... if the truck owner does not like how it bogs down so easily on the hills and such.. then they should not have chosen such a horribly spec'd vehicle with exceedingly tall rears, and an auto-s$itter hell bent on using the lowest rpm possible for all situations.

Also more HP = more fuel consumption and lower fuel mileage if that power is used. Therefore you cannot expect to turn it up without sacrificing fuel mileage .. and in your case.. longevity too from poor truck specs.

The more power, also, the faster you will have emissions systems issues, as those mid-tier trucks often do not have DPF/DOC units installed on them designed to handle big-tier 500+HP power levels. just something else to consider as well.

Personally.. I would suggest re-gearing the rear ends to something decent for pulling (3.79's or 3.90's perhaps).

I would actually turn the torque DOWN (while keeping a decent HP level) to force that tranny to use higher rpm ranges when pulling hills too. That or somehow get that tranny reprogrammed so that it keeps the engine in the 1500-1900 rpm range all the time. To go with this, disable the gear-down protection, etc. so it can use those ranges in lower gears ... but that is just me.

All that being said... still.. the program HD10313 is absolutely a dog of a program even in this context ... as it is only set for 400HP.

The next step up that is 100% compatible is either going to be a 450HP program, .. or a mostly compatible 500HP program. I would have recommended a 475hp or 485 hp program before going all the way to 500hp on it. There is however no factory pre-made 475HP or 485 HP programs that are 100% compatible with the same vehicle and engine spec requirements as the HD10313.

The 450HP program is HD10317, and is 100% compatible (what I would recommend).

The 500HP program is HD10321, and is 100% compatible,.. but it does have slightly more strict DPF/DOC settings in it before a fault occurs, or a regen is required. Otherwise, even the emissions systems are set the same.

Many of the other programs in the CPL4342 group are far less compatible, as they have different vehicle requirements like different J1939 network expectations, and all kinds of other stuffs that is vehicle make/model/brand specific.

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RE: CM2350 factory file comparrisons...
I'm good with 450hp! Not wanting to win any races, but don't want to be the last one up either.

In my view, the more things change the more things stay the same. An N14 set at 460 is a million mile engine, at 525hp your lucky to get 600k.

I'll look into gearing at a later date, most of my flatbed trucks have 3.58s or 3.73s, with my heavy haulers at 3.90 or 4.10.

I prefer manual transmissions as well with everything else in my fleet being 13 or 18 speed, but old school truckers that can row their own (or should I say, can do it well) are getting harder to find.

Appreciate the info, will give the HD10317 program a shot.

Also have it on the to do list to do a decent overhead, egr cleanup, and fuel pump in the near future as it hits 400k
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RE: CM2350 factory file comparrisons...
Update, Truck has an hd10696 calibration loaded. It looks like the calibration is obsolete. It is I did update to HD10317. Will let you know of how the truck behaves after a few days!

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