Ultracapacitors, Are they worth it?,...
05-16-2020, (Subject: Ultracapacitors, Are they worth it?,... ) 
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RE: Ultracapacitors, Are they worth it?,...
I haven't been on the forum for long, but reading about the AGM battery upgrade, and Ultra capacitors make good business sense.
I started using the newer technology of AGM over 7 years ago. Communication equipment in the oilfield at the remote well locations is how I was introduced to them.
Since then I have replaced all my mobile units wet lead acid batteries with AGM. figure at the 3 year point the batteries have made me money now. Have never missed a start, even after a long night of lights on by accident. Or brutal cold of 7 or 8 days at minus 40c sitting in camp remote locations of Northern Alberta.
Capacitors are the next change, as now I am starting to see them in use for the industrial systems of (power van)potable genset units .
The use and application of newer technology needs to be discussed and shared more.

Thanks you Rawze for this forum.
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05-17-2020, (Subject: Ultracapacitors, Are they worth it?,... ) 
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RE: Ultracapacitors, Are they worth it?,...
I have had Maxwell ESM in my last two trucks . It has been a real game changer for me. I had agm in the first and regular batteries in the present truck. I my opinion the maxwell is a bigger plus for the way I run than the agm. I spend every other night in truck but only for ten hour break and turn for home on relay. Regular batteries run espar and coolant heater just fine so far. I screwed up once on new truck changing fuel filter but even then in ten minutes it cranked and started. I only made that mistake once. It is always nice to know you always have a start in the maxwell no matter if the batteries get pulled down or not.
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