Tesla Semi Truck
12-20-2017, (Subject: Tesla Semi Truck ) 
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RE: Tesla Semi Truck
(12-20-2017 )redbeard Wrote:  Maybe if we purchase one of these super duper trucks our customers will let us plug in and recharge while we’re loading and unloading, like the stores do for there hybrid customers
For sure they will put charge posts all around. But after they can afford to install restrooms for drivers.
Probably it's time to start new type of business mobile truck charging service. Summer time in Arizona - Mexico fresh produce rush you can make a ton of monny.
02-02-2018, (Subject: Tesla Semi Truck ) 
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RE: Tesla Semi Truck
Saw this today. Found it humorous and surprising that it wpyld have actually made it public. I can only imagine the chit storm if it had been an automated rig that this happened too..

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