EGR Delete Info -- Educate yourself
08-17-2020, (Subject: EGR Delete Info -- Educate yourself ) 
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RE: EGR Delete Info -- Educate yourself
(08-17-2020 )Waterloo Wrote:  
(08-17-2020 )Bhullargp Wrote:  That’s exactly whTs happening it spikes to 38-39 but then falls to 26-28 when going uphill. The program on my truck was done by someone in states using teamviewer. My mechanic doesn’t do programming but i can use his computer to have it looked by someone better. I will try to ask my mechanic if he can pull out that program and have it emailed to me so i can send you.

I have tried to contact unilevers on this forum but haven’t heard back anything from them.

As i live in canada i wont be able to visit these shops in the states. I can have it connected to computer and use teamviewer.

Chris at Price's Diesel will work remote, and I understand Mr Hagg will too. I would call them and see what they can do. One of them should be able to help you out.

I have had some serious complaints about Chris over at Prices diesell here lately ... I don't trust em very much these days. Just thought i would mention it.

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02-07-2021, (Subject: EGR Delete Info -- Educate yourself ) 
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RE: EGR Delete Info -- Educate yourself
(01-20-2020 )D_Y_F_B_A_E Wrote:  I've done a lot lot of reading today reading the @m*m^2 guide.
I've learned a lot too. It was a good interesting 92 pages of reading.

I have all the software needed, but I still don't have an Inline 5 adapter or proper ECFG.
I've PM'd a few guys that I was referred to, but still haven't gotten any response.

Could anyone recommend a trustworthy person that will be kind enough to help a poor person like myself keep my money for milk, exactly how it is outlined by Rawze in the guide?

I've got a ProStar ISX CM871
I can PM you my number.
I am willing to pay!

And I will also donate to Rawze for his GREAT work!

Ramping up from another thread. Engines being done up on an isx15 cm2250. In the next year will be looking towards a de mandate, unless the system continues to work okay. But where would I find this guide - been searching a while.

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