best J1939/1708 adapter
05-01-2018, (Subject: best J1939/1708 adapter ) 
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best J1939/1708 adapter
I'm on a market to buy some real J1939/1708 adapter to be able to use Diamond Logic Builder.
Two first things which I see on the software compatibility are:
NOREGON DLA+ wireless.
Both are about the same price but reliability seems different.
Some techs said that NEXIQ is not reliable even it genuine made,
the others said different.
I see I can order NOREGON directly from manufacturer unlike NEXIQ (does not sell directly, using distributors, which on my opinion could increase the risk to buy fake adapter)..

Anyway, did anyone use both of these, and could share the thoughts about difference in them??
05-16-2018, (Subject: best J1939/1708 adapter ) 
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RE: best J1939/1708 adapter
this would really be of interest to me
I have an Inline 6, which does not like every program it meets
and, yes, its genny cummins
if these all use the same comm protocols
what could be the difference
I have been warned to stay away from the chink NextNoQ
05-17-2018, (Subject: best J1939/1708 adapter ) 
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RE: best J1939/1708 adapter
I have genuine Cummins Inline, chineese Inline, Genuine Nexiq, Fake Nexiq, and a genuine Noregon. Here is what I say,...

The noregon --- THE ADAPTER ITSELF IT IS TOTAL AND COMPLETE GARBAGE!!! -- You can;t flash an ECM with the noregon, most software hates it, and even NAvistar junk hates it. --
Use a Nexiq. -- I PAID $3800 FOR THE DAMN NOREGON WITH JPRO!. -- I had to take alternative steps with my jpro software I PAID FOR because the LEGIT VERSION would not stay running -- Every couple months, it complained about my computer and UN-LISCENCED ITSELF and the goddamn tech support kept arguing with me and saying I could would have to pay for another year of support for them to do anything about it, and even during that first year,.. they gave me a hard time over re-licensing it all the time because their crap IS TOO SENSITIVE to the laptop.

cINEESE/Legit nEXIQ--- i GOT IT FROM amazon AND ITY WAS SUPPOSED TO BE legit BUT IT WAS a fake that got into the mix. -- I went to my local fleet-pride and got a legit one. The fake Nexiq died adfter a while but I am happy with the legit one 100%.

Chineese/Legit Inline adapter -- Can't tell the difference in performance AT ALL with them. All of them are rock solid that I have used, Chinese or otherwise.

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05-17-2018, (Subject: best J1939/1708 adapter ) 
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RE: best J1939/1708 adapter
I use an Inline 6, Inline 7 (Rebranded USB Link 2) and a Nexiq USB Link. I've had the least trouble with the original USB Link and it works with most software, probably everything you'd use for a US built truck.

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