My Pete rebuild
02-14-2019, (Subject: My Pete rebuild ) 
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RE: My Pete rebuild
I won't go on too much of a tangent here, but I'm glad you got all fixed up. You'll have a better setup than 70% of what passes for truck drivers today. Most don't even seem to own a radio, let alone know how to turn it on! Ch. 6 is just a bunch of guys that sit a home with their over powered base stations and try to yell across the country at each other. Wouldn't be so bad except when the weather is right they bleed at least 10 channels in each direction.

You'll be fine that RK 56- for some reason Bob always try to tell guys that they aren't any good anymore. Still made the the same way, with the same parts. Only thing that changed is the parent company, who just happen to be based in PA. Take apart an Astatic and Road King- exactly the same.
02-15-2019, (Subject: My Pete rebuild ) 
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RE: My Pete rebuild
I bought an Astatic while in mourning over the loss of my RK, but never did get used to how it sounded. Not bad - it's a good mic, but just not the same, and it's not like I have a good radio voice to start with lol. The new RK is nothing like my old one - everything is thinner, cheaper feeling, and lighter. I haven't had the truck outside to tune the antenna and see how it sounds yet, so we'll see.

While waiting at the CB shop, I was actually really surprised to hear as much traffic as I did - on a Saturday nonetheless. It's going to be surreal hitting the road again after being away for so long.

Going to pick up my rebuilt diff. tomorrow and hopefully get my enhanced inspection, title, plates, and trailer before end of month and get ready to start wheels rolling.
02-15-2019, (Subject: My Pete rebuild ) 
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RE: My Pete rebuild
instead of putting so much effort into that cb (tonka-toy garbage illegal) crap,.. if you like radio and talking on them to help keep you occupied while driving, do it right...

that way you can talk to guys running the road trains in aussie in the evenings, people over in japan and western asia in the wee hours of the mornings, guys over in the middle east as daylight breaks, and anywhere you want to in the usa +europe during daylight hours.

That is what I did on a daily basis when I was driving anyways.

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Yesterday, (Subject: My Pete rebuild ) 
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RE: My Pete rebuild
Rebuilt rear is back in, along with a new yoke on the output shaft.

I picked up a 18" Merritt side box, and am trying to figure out the best way to secure it...

I refuse to drill any more holes in my frame, so I'm stuck with this pattern:

Of course, it misses the support areas, but I couldn't move it forward any more, or I wouldn't be able to remove the tank covers. Can't move it back any more, since limited real estate puts my spring mount in the way.

Working on a solution now.

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