My Pete rebuild
04-19-2020, (Subject: My Pete rebuild ) 
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RE: My Pete rebuild
looks like your iron dropped way off vs. miles. -- that is a good sign.

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05-07-2020, (Subject: My Pete rebuild ) 
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RE: My Pete rebuild
If there was ever an argument about how much a poorly reading exhaust pressure sensor affects mileage....

Not apples to apples comparison, 4.3 was fighting North Dakota's wind while pulling a parachute, and I ran 950 of the 1300+ miles empty (yes, I bounced 1600 miles home from Denver), but I still was never able to do much better than high 7's empty before. I saw 9.8, but the closer I got to home, the more impatient I got and finished it out at 9.3. Oddly enough, my readout has been accurate to within .1 mpg lately compared to paper.

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