Cm871 vibrating and tapping like noise at 1250 and up.
11-13-2018, (Subject: Cm871 vibrating and tapping like noise at 1250 and up. ) 
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RE: Cm871 vibrating and tapping like noise at 1250 and up.
Got motor mount replaced, it was in a really bad condition. Now I don't feel tapping or anything. But still the engine is shaking 1250 rpm and up. Feels like something is off. Maybe fuel delivery isn't enough. But I wonder what would happen if the previous owner put in a different cam or crank keyway key? What would that cause if I ran stock timing with the wrong key?

Engine shudders under 1350 rpm still like I'm trying to go up hill at 1000 rpm.
11-13-2018, (Subject: Cm871 vibrating and tapping like noise at 1250 and up. ) 
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RE: Cm871 vibrating and tapping like noise at 1250 and up.
Take a trip down to Mr. Hags and have him test drive it / go through it. If you text me letting me know when you will be around there, maybe I can test drive it for ya while its there. - You say you have an issue, yet you say your mechanic say you don't. You could be chasing a ghost issue for all you know, its a truck and they are nothing like a car. They vibrate, they grumble, they strain and they complain sometimes. -- Hell, Mine has a vibration in the tranny when idling across a parking lot that would make you think the gears are going to come out of the side of it -- it has been like that for million+ miles and no sign of anything could be found when the tranny was torn down/inspected. -- I figure, it has been like that for so long, it no longer matters. I have gotten my money's worth out of the thing and more. Maybe one day it will break and finally be found, it is a mystery that even good tranny re-builders have scratched their heads over and has been like that since the truck was new.

Get a second opinion on it from someone who knows the ISX well,.. VERY VERY well (like Mr. Hag or myself) and if they say it is nothing of concern,.. drive it!. Its a truck!. -- If there is something of concern that is found,.. then worry/have it found and fixed.

You had really bad programming in it when you first came on here. Who knows what damage or distortion that it may have caused, or perhaps you got lucky and nothing at all. Hopefully you got that terrible programming out of it and something at least reasonably well made for your engine. That was a good start towards solving your engine/truck issues. Now, perhaps a trip to Hags to see what else there might be.

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01-22-2019, (Subject: Cm871 vibrating and tapping like noise at 1250 and up. ) 
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RE: Cm871 vibrating and tapping like noise at 1250 and up.
Rawze, I have been trying to get down to Atlanta area, but all the high paying loads are going out east and also to Arkansas from MN.

Even if I come, one of you would need to drive it for at least a hour or 2 in various driving conditions like stop and go, go through all gears few times and go up hills few times to be able to see all the weird things the engine does with full load.

Overall the truck runs great, pulls very well, gets good MPG, does not burn oil. It's just all the little thing it does every day is driving me crazy when My old truck ran smoothly and it had over a million miles on it, only thing in the motor that was new were injectors and turbo and water pump, everything else was original. It was a tired motor with a very noisy 10 speed. and it never complained compared to my like new motor that complains like a little brat.

I am just hoping for some guidance where to start looking and what tests to run until I am able to bring it to you or mr hags. I swear it is fueling issue that something in the fuel system is dying and not functioning 100% which is causing the engine to do all that little weird things. At low rpm in lower gears It sometimes does cut out completely for a split second. This is not at full throttle, its at part throttle.

When it does all other weird stuffs, All I have to do is just lift off a tiny bit then apply, usually first attempt all the problem go away. It only happens when boost is building up fast.

I am home right now and when I wake up I am going to hook up insite and check fuel pressure, then move the front actuator to the back to see if the problem moves. Also going to order new fuel shutoff solenoid as it is not that too expensive to do.

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