Another oil pressure thread
12-30-2018, (Subject: Another oil pressure thread ) 
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RE: Another oil pressure thread
(12-30-2018 )Peashooter67 Wrote:  Wrong rod and main bearings were used in the original rebuild

Oh man... Another victim, that sucks.
01-12-2019, (Subject: Another oil pressure thread ) 
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RE: Another oil pressure thread
A few thousand miles into my first week with the Pete and my troublesome 870/871

I’m happy to report although I think the gearbox “see air compressor “ is a bit noisy, I can’t realy say it’s worse than my 570/571 ISX?

Back to my purpose of this “probably last post to this thread” I’m glad to report that the motor runs smooth at 65-70mph loaded and empty with good power.
My best guess till I get a chance to hook up a laptop to the ecm is its set at 1850 torque.
Fuel mileage seem really good especially for a 379 Peterbuilt.

Now to the meat and bones.

I’m about to pull out of Baytown headed back to the DFW area and even at 200* on the water and 210 to 215* on the oil “these have been max temps according to the gauges on the dash” my oil pressure has yet to drop below 40 psi on the highway period ! above 1300 rpm.

This is great news after putting about 17k into a supposedly rebuilt motor from a certified dealer/repair center for the Cummins engine. My oil pressure woes seem to be cured.

I will occasionally post a comment to this thread with updates as to how my Oil pressure is holding up.

If you have looked at and think you have covered every reasonable cause to low oil pressure and can’t find a reason plastigauge your main and rod bearings even if they LOOK OK.

User's Signature: Have you checked your muffler bearings today?
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