Black smoke from Exhaust on 2015 Freight Cascadia
04-24-2019, (Subject: Black smoke from Exhaust on 2015 Freight Cascadia ) 
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Hey Guys, need a serious advise.

Im the owner of a small company having 2 trucks in fleet. In January this year I bypassed the DEF on my Freightliner Cascadia DD15. Once the job was done, the day driver took the truck out while driving he noticed White smoke coming out from the exhaust (the exhaust is located at the bottom of the truck) white Idling & pushing gas, the driver noticed that it wouldnt always do, which means the smoke would come every now & then. Luckily I was still at the workshop getting done with payment & paperwork, I told the mechanic & he asked the driver to come back so they can have a look at it. The mechanic was like there might be a possibility that the DEF pump was not disconnected in the entire bypass process. Well, he disconnected it & said that you would still see the white smoke until the DEF is all gone from the tank.

Later that week, the day the DEF bar was blinking red (DEF tank being empty) the truck started throwing BLACK smoke instead of the white smoke. Now this was even more scarier, so i called the Mechanic & he was not to sure why was it doing that. He was like it could be the Injectors, engine or anything so he asked me to bring the truck back in. I have already spent $3000 n the bypass & GOD knows how much more would i have to spend. Prior the bypass we didn't have any problem. Im assuming would it be the programming that must have been wrong after doing the bypass? Please help me, things like these are scarry.
04-24-2019, (Subject: Black smoke from Exhaust on 2015 Freight Cascadia ) 
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RE: Black smoke from Exhaust on 2015 Freight Cascadia
so you got tired of the DPF headache,.. only to replace it with engine destroying headaches. - does not sound like you went in a positive direction with it.

I see it all the time with every brand of engine out there. At least with the ISX, people can get on top of these problems easily enough (because the means and info are out there to fix the bad programming yourself or with the help of others),.. but with detroit, you are completely at the mercy of the idiot who made the hack-job half-arssed program that they most likely got from some Internet Rambo who could not even tell you what the proper injection timing should be.

sounds like the victim of the typical hack-job detroit delete.

maybe this info will help...

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04-24-2019, (Subject: Black smoke from Exhaust on 2015 Freight Cascadia ) 
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RE: Black smoke from Exhaust on 2015 Freight Cascadia
The def light blinking red is pretty typical because of the system being disabled. only way to make it read is turn it back on or override it.

If it makes you feel any better, 9 times out of 10 people usually don't change a single map or parameter in the ecm's operating section (kinda tough to explain without saying exactly), and this is real bad without egr gas . They'll only change/block codes/things you can see in the diagnostic software so you can;t see ecu is screaming alarms any more.

Unfortunately, to make you feel worse...the few times I've seen people change the operating software (one file for free on the internet). The engine goes boom after a while from excess detonation problems.

If you want to see if the file is jacked up pm me or unilevers or call prices diesel (gearhead) to see if it is safe. Could be the file, something truck related, or something they didn't do correctly on physical section.
 Thanks given by: Unilevers

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