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(05-24-2019 )Waterloo Wrote:  [quote='Skman' pid='39112' dateline='1
You have not seen anything yet $$$$ until you get that tune sorted out. Best to bite the bullet, sell your coach and TV if you have to and get a Cummins reader. Here is what you need, and this IS the one most all of us use here, including Rawze.

Thanks for the link Waterloo. That's way cheaper than I thougg it was going to cost. I had heard about 650 for the interface and then get the software and then a yearly fee of 600 to cummins.
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I'm glad you saw that post. You really need to get that tune sorted out, along with the rest of the motor. I have been through two in frames in the past two years, not due to my tune, I believe I had a fretted liner when I bought the truck in 2013... Hindsight.

Rawze saved my bacon with his original tune, and allowed me to figure out there was more going on than emissions, it was a blown head gasket that I was able to nurse with his tune for quite awhile. It was in frame time when coolant was shooting 6 feet in the air, call me stubborn, and stupid. I should have towed the truck to Mr Hagg's or Rawze's house. I'm in Detroit.

Now the fun begins, the first in frame... The licensed Cummins shop installed all of the wrong internal parts in my CM-871, said they cut the block for the liners and did not, along with dry starting the motor, my lower end was shot when I pulled it out of the shop. The gears on the cams were bad, and ready to grenade, just a trash job all the way around, I paid $38,000 and change.

And then the kicker... They installed 450 hp CM-2350 parts, including injectors, in my 600 hp CM-871. Rawze and Mr Hagg caught that when we tore the motor down in Rawze's driveway. Get that mess out of your ECM, because you do not want to go through what I have been through. A bad tune will grenade your motor quicker than CM-2350 parts in my CM-871 motor will, you do not want to be in framing the motor again. Don't be a victim.
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