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That is honestly the best Salmon I ever ate! And Rawze and the crew have a good memory! I saw the salmon and went ugh... LOL! I worked up on the pipeline in Alaska years ago, back in the 80's, we lived on salmon... Not long before I left Rawze's house, on one of our last grocery shopping excursions, I grabbed a couple of huge salmon fillets for Rawze to grill up, it was that good. I tell ya, the man could make a pair of work boots taste good. LOL!

You should see the Rawze spice rack, if he is ever broken into, God forbid, but that would be the first place I would look to see if anything was taken. ;-)
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Damn Rawze,

My boss waited to long to approve my Atlanta Volvo Training and now the class is full. I guess I'll just have to have an all expense Rawze trip and not be able to come out on the dealerships dime lol. With all this cooking talk. Its making me hungry and sounds like a worthy trip!!
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(06-02-2019 )TruckDoctor Wrote:  Damn Rawze,

My boss waited to long to approve my Atlanta Volvo Training and now the class is full. I guess I'll just have to have an all expense Rawze trip and not be able to come out on the dealerships dime lol. With all this cooking talk. Its making me hungry and sounds like a worthy trip!!

I think you would enjoy a visit very much.

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It sure would nice if Mr Rawze would share the salmon recipe.

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(09-19-2019 )hhow55 Wrote:  It sure would nice if Mr Rawze would share the salmon recipe.

See Post #9 on previous page...

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RE: fuel catalyst
(back to original topic)...

You know this thread got de-railed a long time ago... I forgot all about it until someone else mentioned the origional topic again on the forum here ... so ... to rewind a bit... I did do some some digging/research into this so-called DPF liquid fuel additive miracle 'cure' they are pushing a few weeks after the initial discussion.

Here is what I found...

First and foremost, this is nothing new at all. Early DPF designs in fact were slated to use this type of product instead of the DPF needing as much of the rare elements in them like platinum (pelatuim, etc).. because of high costs + the need to keep the DPF clean. - The stuff is a cerium oxide liquid solution that is coated/mixed in with animal fats so that it can go thru the fuel system and not cause too much abrasion wear to the fuel system components.

-- THE TROUBLE .. Is that this stuff was not approved early on because it is known to be harmful to animals and the environment as a whole when the oxides start to accumulate near roadsides and highways. Here is what the old document says (quoting it here)...

Quote:tudy carried out in our laboratory demonstrated that exposure to cerium oxide nanoparticles (CeO2) by a single intratracheal instillation induced a sustained dose dependent pulmonary inflammatory response through 4 weeks post-exposure (Ma et al., 2011). At the end of 4 weeks, AM was transformed from the classic activated, inflammatory subset of M1 to the alternatively activated or fibrogenic subset M2, with a significant increase in arginase-1 expression (Ma et al., 2011). Pulmonary fibrosis was evident in the CeO2-exposed lungs at 28 days post-exposure and the presence of CeO2 in the lung tissue was demonstrated (Ma et al., 2011; Ma et al., 2012). These studies have also shown that the CeO2 exposure not only increased production of the fibrotic cytokine, transforming growth factor (TGF)-β 1 and osteopontin (OPN), by AM, but also induced a range of mediators such as matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs), i.e., proteolytic enzymes involved in the degradation of extracellular matrix (ECM) collagens, and tissue inhibitor for MMP (TIMP), involved in the lung tissue remodeling. The imbalance of MMP-9/TIMP-1 may play an important role in the development of fibrosis.

Both CeO2 and DEP caused severe lung injury.
ref: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4697450/

I.E.> It is quite nasty, cancer causing stuff.


It certainly does not reduce soot levels coming from the engine. DPF systems clog up because of the engine and its issues. That DPF DOES NOT MAKE SOOT... IT COLLECT IT, plain and simple.. it is engine issues that cause DPF clogging and cause the regen cycle to have to kick in.

Soot is directly effected by how well the engine is running and this product is not going to change the combustion cycle by any measurable amount towards any less overall soot. Also, the animal fats used have been know to cause coking of the cylinders and rings if used heavily, it has been seen in euro diesel cars and trucks that used this stuff during the early days of DPF's before it was banned.

-- Old documents (can't find them any more, wished i saved them) on this stuff show opacity comparison results that were only very slight. so ... technically, it is not completely false advertising.. but it certainly is nothing to put any faith in. It was not enough to call it any kind of solution, at best (engine running badly already and product used heavily).. showed maybe a 1.5 - 2% longevity improvement for DPf errors.. I.E.> instead of the CEL light screaming for a parked regen every 80,000 miles due to an unhealthy system, it would ask for it at 81,000~ miles ( about a day or so delay in the same errors while product was heavily sued to reduce/mask DPF and other issues)... all along, simply performing proper engine tune-up work more than trippled the time before these same errors happened. (240,000 miles vs. 80,000 miles).

-- SO... a few years pass... and some magic fairy dust get-rich a-hole decides to resurrect this harmful product (over in the U.K. in 2014) from the dead and sell it as something brand new and exciting. Someone over here finnally got wind of it, re-branded it (in 2018 I think) and viola!!! --> Mircle-cure, PeePee Wonder gel for your DPF and fuel and mpg is born!. Advert it all over the trucker sites and get places like PP and KR involved because... Those 2 especially are well known for pushing garbage snake-oils as long as they get a cut of the action .. and push the most garbage rip-off products these days that are seen. I think it is nothing but a shameful scam for the trucking public to scratch them out of their money. That is what this seems to be and is nothing new at all, but rather re-branded bulls#$it.

-- For every snake-oil salesman out there, there will be a thousand suckers to scam who will swear that it cured them of their ailments... Sell them bottled water re-labeled as hair growth tonic and 500 people will swear it made their hair grow back.. simply out of sheer belief and placebo effect. it is well established, and the oldest scam in the book.

-- How many genuine flat-eathers are there now? ... and then there are people like this that have plenty of followers too...

... and how many tens of thousands are rioting in the streets for causes that simply are not true this year so far??? ... simply because the news stations have pushed false narratives and they seen it on twitter? -- It truly is getting scary out there how gullible people are getting.

I used to have some other docs on this stuff and some tested results that were not from their bulls$it sales office and testing.. and it really did not improve squat compared to simply replacing sensors and cleaning the IMAP regularly and keeping after the engine so that it did not produce so much soot to begin with.

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RE: fuel catalyst
(05-30-2019 )Rawze Wrote:  
(05-30-2019 )Waterloo Wrote:  
(05-29-2019 )smorgan87 Wrote:  Lmao. One these days im driving to GA for the sole purpose of drinkin with rawze.

It is worth the trip! And the food... And yes, he should be a chef, hell he is! ;-)

I made salmon again last night... you name was mentioned there Waterloo about how you used to not like salmon so much until it was cooked right. LOL

Rawze's Secret/ideas to grilling salmon ...

* Use the skin of the fish on the one side as your foil for the grill. - You do this by getting the grill to like 500 degrees and spraying the hell out of the skin (+ grill grates) side with olive oil, drop it on the grill and let that skin sear a bit before turning grill down to 350 or so again.

* As it starts to cook, it will leach oil. KEEP THAT OIL WICKED/BRUSHED AWAY AS IT LEACHES while its cooking every few minutes. I use a grill paint brush. - It will leach several times while its coking.

* Replace the leached oil with a sauce. That sauce is --
** heavy amount of butter. Heavy amount of old-bay seasoning. heavy amount of blackened seasoning. libral amount of ground/crushed dill-weed. A tiny splash of teriyaki sauce. --- Mixture is Pre-Fried in a pan until the butter+seasonings darken a tiny bit, then add a half cup of water to give it all a wetness and easy to brush onto the fish as it cooks.

cook the fish slowly with low heat, until its nice and flaky .. 320~ish degrees or so once that one (skin) side got seared. Keep wicking away the oils that leach out,.. keep re-applying a bit of the butter mixture in its place as you go along. - Drink beer along the way, the beer drinking is part of the cooking process. LOL

-- Chef ramsey can kiss my ar##sse!. that S.O.B. ever comes over here, i'll show him how to cook some damn fish and ribs and such.. LOL (the beer is a flowin').

Trying this recipe tonight!
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RE: fuel catalyst
Aaaaaand topic derailed again. Damn truckers and their affinity to eating. Its the Achilles heel of the transport world. Just like long legs and a short skirt.... hahaha
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RE: fuel catalyst
(10-11-2020 )DieselKid Wrote:  Trying this recipe tonight!

That was the best damn salmon I had ever had, and I thought I had it every which way it could be cooked when I lived in Alaska!

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