EGR Tune up for a Cummins
07-08-2019, (Subject: EGR Tune up for a Cummins ) 
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Shocked EGR Tune up for a Cummins
I watched a video of someone doing an EGR Tune up I'm in need of some help and I have very little mechanical inclination I've went to going through a half gallon of antifreeze a month to a gallon a week the only time I lose it is when I shut off the truck please help
07-08-2019, (Subject: EGR Tune up for a Cummins ) 
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RE: EGR Tune up for a Cummins
When you top off the coolant and start the truck for the day. Then run it all day. You go and check level at the end of that day, before you shut the truck down and let it cool, it's at the same level? But when you get up the next day after a long shutdown period. You once again check the coolant level and it has gone down, correct?

Sounds sort of like a "cold coolant leak". Usually caused by loose hose clamps somewhere in the coolant system or cab heating system.

I say "sort of" because a gallon a week leak when a truck is not running almost always leaves a gallon of coolant under the truck. Which is very large and noticeable.

Before you start the truck up that following day and you're doing your thorough pretrip inspection and see that puddle of coolant, don't ignore it this time. Crawl under the truck to the puddle and start tracking it back up to the truck. It will probably lead to a loose hose clamp or a lot of loose hose clamps. Start tightening the loose clamps.

Then you should invest in a coolant pressure tester. They can be had from multiple places, auto store, amazon, eBay and other websites for $50-$100 for the large assortment kits to do every vehicle on the planet. Pressure test your truck up to 20 psi for several hours and start looking for every leak and start sealing them off.

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