I found these really cool on/off remote switches.
07-11-2019, (Subject: I found these really cool on/off remote switches. ) 
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I found these really cool on/off remote switches.
I installed two yacht fans in the sleeper, they really move some air. https://amzn.to/2xTcMrH

They move too much air when it starts to get cooler out, and there is no way for me to just jump in the back and hit the wall switch I installed in the sleeper. So I needed something to turn these two fans off, individually if need be, going down the road...

I found this, https://amzn.to/2SdV9fh

I bought two, just wired them up in line, 3 amp fuse, both remotes work independently of each other, so no conflicts there, and they were programed right out of the box. Work flawlessly. I don't even have to turn around, I can just hit the on or off button and it is done. The key fobs, two per unit, are solid, actually nicer than the ones that came with my Silverado. The unit itself is just a tad bigger than a Zippo lighter, around 1.5 inches thick.

Hope this helps someone, they have these for 12 volt and 120 volt. The 12 volt unit is rated up to 40 amps, so you can use with quite a few 12 volt devices.
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07-13-2019, (Subject: I found these really cool on/off remote switches. ) 
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RE: I found these really cool on/off remote switches.
I got to try these new remotes and fans out yesterday when I went to grab a trailer, oh man... It was hot here, as it has been, air was working good in the truck. I was running into some intense sunlight and thought it was getting a bit warm behind this glass... I grabbed those remotes, cranked up the sleeper AC and turned those fans on. The temp up front had to have dropped another 10*. Nothing but cool air blowing up front from the back of the sleeper, you could feel it.

If any of you are still not happy with the cooling in the truck, two of these fans and remotes may just be the final cure to keeping the cab ice cold. These are staying, they really took all of my endeavors to keep the cab cool over the top. I have one mounted up front too, it has operated flawlessly for a few years, these are nice fans, made in Canada. They take a 3 amp fuse.


That is the fan on the passenger side of the sleeper, it is mounted to the outside wall, to a sheet of 3/4" plywood. It is right in front of the AC vent near the ceiling, and aimed up front to the cab. There is an identical fan on the driver side of the sleeper pointed in the same direction. Turn both on, and we are moving some air. COLD AIR. The iron pipe is 1/2", I found in plumbing section at Home Depot, wire is ran through the pipe through the panel and off to a fuse panel on the opposite wall. I made the wooden mount between the fan base and pipe flange with a 3" hole saw and a piece of scrap 1" x 8" pine. The pipe also makes a great hangar for my shirts, seeing as there is little storage in these ProStar sleepers.

If you are having AC cooling issues, and have done the ball valve shutoff at the heater core and moved the ambient air temp sensor out from under the radiator, and are still not happy, two of these fans may just be the answer. They made an incredible difference in the cab, well worth the time and effort of installing.

Oh, too add... You can aim these fans in any direction, the pipe is snug, but can still be repositioned along with the fan base being able to rotate and the fan to be positioned up or down. Endless ways to position for the best air flow.
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07-13-2019, (Subject: I found these really cool on/off remote switches. ) 
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RE: I found these really cool on/off remote switches.
I like the look of the pipe mount. lol

that is one mean looking fan.

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