Getting on Mumble
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Getting on Mumble
Here's some pictures showing and describing how to get on mumble also known as Mumble (formerly was called plumble) on Android and iphone.

This is for Android I haven't used it on iPhone in over a year, and I didn't work that great on iPhone but the process should be close, and hopefully it's gotten better with updates.

So here's the main screen of Mumble from here you just hit the big plus sign in the top right corner, if its the first time your starting it up it'll ask you right away if you want too add any servers.

Here's the add server screen you fill it out like pictured, using for the server and keep the default port of 64738, then add your user name, the user name CAN'T have any spaces! And there's no password so just hit add. It might ask for authentication after that so jist hit OK to get authenticated.

If all goes well you should end up with this

And from there just hit the push to talk button at the bottom to start shooting shi#t. That should get you guys started on some mumbling. I'll add more later on the different settings when I got a few more minutes

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RE: Getting on Plumble
This is the App from Playstore that you need.

RAWZE video:

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RE: Getting on Plumble
The program is called "Mumble" for the PC or smart phones.

On androids, it might be called 'plumble free' or something... as of 2023, it is now called 'Mumla free' or something.

It is free software, and it does not have spyware in it.

It works decent on smart-phones, however It works the best on a laptop or PC with a microphone.
mumble for the PC:

If you log on, don't run off right away. Give it about 10-15 minutes for me to see that you are there and jump on to say hello. sometimes I am not sitting right in front of the computer. Many times, someone logs on and leaves in 1 or 2 minutes and I try to answer them and they are gone before I can say anything.

The server name is ...

It is not listed among the public server lists. You need to connect by choosing 'add server' and connect to it manually by using the server name of '' ...

BE SURE to also set a proper user-name. Best to use your forum name or something unique. The server might not let you on if someone else is already talking on the server with the default mumble user-name.

on the android, the app used to be called 'Plumble' but the official 'Mumble' is now also available. Here is an old video that shows it being set up and used. ...


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