Cummins ISX engine oil?
01-14-2022, (Subject: Cummins ISX engine oil? ) 
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RE: Cummins ISX engine oil?
So just some F.Y.I. I let the Speedco check my boxes and grease truck and trailer. So when I was cashing out I asked the guy if they were having trouble getting T4. He said that they haven't had T4 in months and have been using T5 instead. I have a friend who uses them for oil changes and he has a 07 ISX. I told him and he called and asked because he was fixing to go there. So he ended up scrambling to get enough T4 for them to use his oil. Also check the small Walmart gas station in your area. I bought 22 gallons from just one place. But if you use any place ask what oil they have.
01-16-2022, (Subject: Cummins ISX engine oil? ) 
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RE: Cummins ISX engine oil?
(01-14-2022 )Rawze Wrote:  Welcome to the 1970's all over again!.

My dad said he hit it big one time (mid 1970's) buying a car for $200 and then turning around that same day and selling that same car for $800 when he was at the bar. He is not a gambling type but he said he felt like it he was hitting the jackpot that day. LoL

He also said they never really bought parts at the car part stores as they never had enough money.... instead they just bought a whole junk car if it was not given to them and used the parts off that car. The were PLENTIFUL back then as he said...

USD Inflation since 1913

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