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While i agree the w900 isnt the best suited truck for hauling gen freight, i drive a pornstar that is and i still refuse to haul for a buck or buck 50.
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(02-14-2020 )Rawze Wrote:  
(02-13-2020 )East Coast ISX Wrote:  
(02-13-2020 )smorgan87 Wrote:  I got set up with em but have yet to haul a load for em because every rate i see is absolute crap.

Same reason why i stopped hauling for amazon, theyre rates are GARBAGE, even though you will always be pulling light loads

their rates are not garbage. your truck is not designed to compete any more with that type of freight...

as per this post...
East Coast ISX Wrote:currently own a 13 W900 with a Cm2250

IF your hauling dry-box and reefer freight with that truck,.. then it should be starting to sink in by now (as per this post: , cuz people just like myself and about 200 other people on this forum who have high profit margin trucks will always come along and and cut your throat, steal your customers out from under you because of that fuel-sucking front end.

The dry/reefer market is absolutely the most competitive and cut-throat out there, and every last penny saved by higher than your competitors fuel mileage (becoming significantly more efficient than the mass of 10,000 truck mega-fleets) is the primary factor that makes it or breaks it for an O/O in this playing field. - I.E.> Someone with a truck set up correctly who drives for high fuel mileage, etc.. (hyper-miler like myself and others) can take those loads all day long and make some serious money off them while everyone else turns their nose up.

Unless you have a very specific need for that front end (hauling more than 180k lb loads up the mountains), then half of your profit margin is essentially being pissed away in that market. There will always be some difficulty getting and maintaining the rates you need to take home a decent paycheck. Even if you do find that perfect customer in the dry/reefer market,.. someone else will always step on your toes and under cut you,. and you will think they are loosing money on the deal, but in fact are literally taking home more money than you did after doing so.

Those non-aero trucks any more that you see on the roads hauling competitive market freight (80k or below), are mostly just essentially funding these guys..

just a silly analogy (the beer is takling heavily tonite) ...
just like in football.... The quarterback is good at throwing the ball down field (but usually can't take a hit worth a damn) ... the runningback is good at running it fast to the other end (but can;t keep up the pace through the whole game, burns up energy fast),.. and the heavy-hit linebacker is good at plowing through the toughness of it all, but sucks at running out to the other end, or throwing it past the goal post.

your truck is the linebacker (tough as nails W900, but can't stay away from the fuel pumps), mine is the quarterback. My prostar She can't take the heavy hits, she's a bit delicate, but by-god she can throw that ball to the other end with ease and grace, and make the goal with very little effort/costs like no tomorrow.

In today's economy,.. the quarterback (prostar #1, cascadia #1, T680/T700 #2, spec'd right and ISX would be the superstars of them all) always makes more money on the highways if you simply take care of her and don't beat em up.

(again, the beer talkin')..
Go do the math and profit margin on 8+ or (light weight stuff, 9+) mpg and a whole lot of low-rent freight starts to look real good, especially since the FSC is still based on only 6 mpg. .. This means that whenever fuel prices skyrocket / go UP,.. I actually literally take home more money than when fuel prices drop. - this is the place to always be, as it gaurentees you can compete with anyone you want to, still take home the bacon, and when fuel prices spike, it puts a smile on your face instead of a frown.

(the beer is takling heavily tonite) …
Have another cold one !!!
It's so good to hear the truth

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