ISX 2250 Engine Life
03-11-2020, (Subject: ISX 2250 Engine Life ) 
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ISX 2250 Engine Life
We purchased the KW T700 with an ISX 2250 in Nov. of 2014 it had approx 400,000 miles on it.
The first 1.5 years we spent $14484.01 on emission problems.
Going Broke In A Hurry.
I discovered Rawze's forum & the success he had with the @m*m^2 tune up.
We were pulling a load back to Florida & emmisions problems again.
By this time we had Insite & Mr Haggai educated us on how to reset the code so we could make it to his shop.
The @m*m^2 was performed & we have not looked back.
With help of Rawze, Mr Haggai, & Unilevers we have done most of the repairs ourself.

There is more to it than just the @m*m^2. We adopted Rawze's driving methods so as not to
abuse the Tractor. Followed service intervals & common sense as not to abuse the tractor.

Remember it had 400,000 miles when purchased.
It now has 1,030,000 miles
The only time the valve cover has been off is to replace injectors, which with Cummins Quick Serve & suggestions from Rawze we did at the truck stop ourself.
The tractor had an APU from day one which we have maintained, so it has very little idle time.

We did not redo the bottom end at 800,000 miles.
If we would have Rawze said we may have pushed to 1mil 3 hundred thousand.

The tractor runs like it always has, but did not want to push out luck.

It is at Mr Haggai's this week for an Inframe.
Looks like we will get it back next week.

BTY it has the original turbo.

We are proof that even a 2250 engine will last if you follow the advice of this forum.

Again Big Thanks To Rawze, Mr Haggai, & Unilevers

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03-11-2020, (Subject: ISX 2250 Engine Life ) 
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RE: ISX 2250 Engine Life
Awesome!! It's nice to see you got your money's worth out of that motor.

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